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Yue Yang |4.5*4.5*4.3mm4 foot patch reset switch, touch switch 4.5*4.5*4.3 button

The factory sells 1000 bags directly

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Yue Yang |4.5*4.5*4.3mm4 foot patch reset switch, touch switch 4.5*4.5*4.3 button

The factory sells 1000 bags directly

Model 1 specification

The main specifications of touch switch are: environmental protection, high temperature resistance, SMD plug-in, side insert type big / medium / small turtle type tact switch, 2*4 touch switch, 3*3 touch switch, 3.7*3.7*0.35 product touch

Switch 4*4*1.5/1.6/17mm touch switch, 3*6*4.3/5.0mm car touch switch, 4*6*2.6 touch switch, 4.5*4.5*3.8/4.8/5/0/6/7/8/9 paster, touch switch, plug-in type


Touch switch, three touch switch, 6*6*4.3/5.0/5.5/6/7/8/9/9.5/10/11/12/13/14/15/16/17/18/19/20/21/26mm tact switch, chip touch switch plug in

Tact switch, 6.2*6.2*2.5/2.7/3.1/3.4 touch switch, 12*12*4.3/5.0/5.5/6/7/8/9/10/11/12/13/14/15/16/17/18/19/20/21/22/23mm touch switch

6*6 series waterproof touch switch, 8*8 series waterproof touch switch, 10*10 series waterproof touch switch, 12*12 series waterproof light touch switch.

2 Structure

The touch switch is divided into two categories: the metal spring is used as the touch switch of the switch contact piece, and the contact resistance is small, and the cluster 20Mn is used as the switch. Feel good, with "tick" sound. Conductive rubber

A switch used as a contact path is called a conductive rubber switch. Switch handle is good, but contact resistance is large, generally in 100 300n. The structure of the touch switch is moved downward by the keys

The contact spring or conductive rubber block contacts the welding pad to form a passage.

The operating force of the touch switch is related to the condition of the reed. Start force and compression distance is the reed Reed was reduced to 5. The operating force suddenly decreases when% 1 70%, accompanied by "drip"Answer sound. Guide turtle rubber switch generally has two kinds of structures. The operating force curve varies greatly with the geometry of the rubber block.

Relative humidity: <95%

Rated voltage: 12V

Rated current: 50mA

Temperature: -25~70

3 use and main performance

Color TV sets, black and white TV sets, audio equipment, video recorders, camcorders, computers, games consoles, fax machines, walkie talkies, batons, machine tools, controls, photocopying, printers, electricitySub instruments, meters and other household appliances.

Mechanical properties:

Operating force: 1N, 1.6N, 2.5N;

Elasticity; (internal control);

Switching life: 300 thousand times, 500 thousand times, 1 million times.

Electrical performance:

Contact resistance: 100m (actual <20m);

Jitter time: 5ms (actual <1ms);

Electrical switch life: 300 thousand times, 500 thousand times, 1 million times.

4 basic parameters

The working temperature range is Operatingtemperaturerange:-30, to+85 centigrade

Rated current Rating:50mA.12VDC

Insulation resistance Insulationresistance:100M ohm min.100VDC

Dielectric strength Dielectricstrength:250VACfor1min

Contact resistance Contactresistance:100m ohm max.

The stroke is Travel:0.25 + 0.05mm (silica gel stroke >1.0)

Operation intensity Operatingfore:90gf/180gf/250gf/400gf

Service life Lifetime:1000000cycles (depending on the product)