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SS7.5-12ALLWAYS12V7.5AH lead-acid battery UPS power standard machine special toy car

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This shop for business, sales of Santak, APC, Emerson, Delta, KSTAR and other brands of UPS power and Matsushita, Tang Qian, Santak, Germany, sunshine, Germany APD, Germany, hebeike Jin Bo and Chait, Xianfeng, leoch brand ups and brand power battery!

UPSPower supply maintenance free lead-acid battery according to <GB/TValve regulated lead acid battery standardDesign and manufacture, the product does not need to add water before use, the user only need to install correctly can use. Battery hasNo acid leakage, small resistance, vibration resistance, anti discharge recovery ability, self discharge is small, long lifeOther characteristics.

Baby characteristics:
Tight equipment,No leakage, no acid pollution;No need for specific environment, no water, no need to add electrolyte,Maintenance freeIt is easy to connect and not need to use in a specific direction; the internal resistance is small,High output powerLow impedance design, low self discharge, capacity retention and storage time20Issued12More than one month; adoptionC.C.D.SThe charge and discharge detection system ensures the consistency of the product;High strength engineering plastics are used as raw materials and high density ultra fine glass fiber separators to ensure the first class quality of the battery; and adapt to various temperature conditions-1545);No free electrolyte, explosion-proof, self discharge small.

Performance and advantage:
High safety and reliability
The automatic safety valve is adoptedVRLAIt can prevent the gas from being sucked into the battery and affect its performance, and also can prevent the damage of the accumulator due to the abnormal internal pressure caused by the gas generated by charging. The battery has not closed in normal float under discharged electrolyte and acid mist. At the same time, the use of independent patent technology battery tray and battery matching, to ensure the use of batteries more secure.

Long service life
stay20Under the environment,FMA series of small sealed battery life up to float35Year,FMFixed type sealed battery life up to float810Year,FMLBattery life up to float10Year,FMHBattery life up to float10Year,GFMBattery life up to float15Year.

Low self discharge rate
The special lead calcium multicomponent alloy is used to control impurities in separator, electrolyte and production process20In the environment, the battery is in6It can be used normally without adding electricity in a month.

Strong electrical conductivity
The copper plated silver terminal and special design ensure excellent electrical performance.

Strong ability to adapt to environment
In-20+50It is suitable for desert and plateau climate. Special power supply used in riot control area.

Strong directivity
Special diaphragmAGMFirmly adsorb the electrolyte so that it does not flow. The battery can not leak without standing or lying, which ensures the normal use.

Green pollution free
Mute, and no pollutant discharge. The battery room needs no acid and corrosion protection measures, and can be equipped with electronic instruments and other equipment in one room.

Rated voltage







Measured voltage







Battery charging:
First, cycle charging and discharging mode
If the device is connected to the power supply, the battery is powered by the battery after the charging is saturated, in this case, the cycle charging and discharging mode should be selected.
The voltage supplied by the charging machine should be limited when the cycle is charged25When,2VThe battery is charged and charged:2.35-2.45V4VThe charging voltage of the battery is:4.70-4.90V6VThe charging voltage of the battery is:7.05-7.35V;8VThe charging voltage of the battery is:9.40V-9.80V;10VThe charging voltage of the battery is:11.75-12.25V;12VThe charging voltage of the battery is:14.1-14.7V. Charging current is not greater than rated capacity value25%A
When charging saturation, the battery should be stopped immediately, otherwise the battery will be damaged or the overcharge will cause the outer drum of the battery easily.
When charging and discharging, the battery can not be inverted.
The cycle life depends on the depth of each discharge, the greater the discharge depth, the less the number of batteries can be recycled.
Two, the use of floating charge mode
If the equipment is connected with the power supply, and in a state of charge, just outside the power supply stops, powered by battery float charging mode should choose this case.
Battery, each battery float charging voltage setting range should be strictly controlled in the environment20When,2VThe floating voltage for battery:2.25-2.30V,Charging current is not greater than rated capacity value25%A
And life is mainly affected by the float float voltage and ambient temperature, the higher the float voltage, battery life is short.
Three, discharge
When discharging, the battery terminal voltage is lower than the prescribed terminal voltage or multiple times of discharge, and the over discharge will cause serious damage to the battery and lead to the premature termination of the battery lifeProduct performance: