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Kindergarten special bunk bed, children's Scotch pine high and low paving students, environmental protection tasteless paint double bed discount

All solid wood thickening children's bed, factory outlets, quality assurance, suitable for kindergarten use, transportation convenience, smooth and smooth, save space, beautiful and durable. Need to order 10 Oh, MOQ, delivery confirmation with two oh! Custom phone: 15058703633

discount 70% in 2018-07-17 to 2018-07-19
price: USD$ 406.00
freight :USD$18.00,(Express)
freight :USD$7.00,(Postal parcel)
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Product name:Deluxe solid wood bunk bed

Product material:Pinus sylvestris var. mongolica imported from Russia

Product weight: about 50 kg

Product specification:138*63*130CM

Product features: good ventilation, suitable for large and medium sized kindergarten application

Product introduction: according to the medical knowledge, the imported Mongolian pine wood is used, and the bed board is Chinese fir,The wood grain is clear and beautiful, and the paint is made of children's toy paint. It is safe, environmental friendly and non-toxic,It has a good promoting effect on the spine development of children, especially suitable for children aged 2-9 years old. It is easy to transport, beautiful and durable. By kindergarten, early childhood education center, training center.

Customized products. Must be 10 set, a large quantity favorably


Special explanation:Express 50 only for Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Anhui provinces, the rest of the people close to the message, on duty customer service price change, the store suggested to send logistics, up to the city or county where the pro, pro own door-to-door delivery, logistics fees to pay oh! So as not to appear more retreat, less repair this link, thank you! If directly photographed, and courier / logistics fee is not enough stores have the right to not delivery.

 [about delivery]:In the pro purchase of goods, small two will receive the payment within 72 hours after the delivery of goods, so that the goods as soon as possible to the hands of the hands, reduce waiting time. Except for a few special cases, including but not limited to: uncontrollable holidays, shortage, special weather and other factors need to be postponed, I hope parents can understand. Except for custom-made baby!

[about logistics]Because the size and weight of our toys are different, the geographical position of buyers is different, so the freight can not be determined here. The nominal freight of the shop is not the actual freight, depending on the actual situation, the actual production amount is the standard. For direct payment, freight is not enough, can not be shipped out of our shop disclaimer. Before the baby, please be sure to ask the owner of the baby inventory and freight. Large baby will be shipped logistics! Please consult the owner of the specific freight! To the logistics company to pick up goods, please remember to check and confirm the goods in good condition to sign again, if it has been signed, the shop is not responsible.

Express delivery, door-to-door, but higher freight. Express company random refers to

For express delivery, please explain in advance.Logistics, must take their own delivery, but shipped

Cheap.Big baby and bulk goods, must take the logistics!

[about size]Because the shop toy is bigger, the size can not be accurate to the fine, mind close, please carefully pat. Because of the particularity of our baby, the packaging size is large, many babies need to be customized, custom-made, photographed and single order production, without accepting any refund returns, if the logistics process is damaged, you can replace the damaged parts, mind close, please carefully pat.

[about quality]Our baby is genuine, and before delivery, will be carefully checked, to ensure that no error shipped. However, the difference between imagination and imagination is too large to be beautiful, disliked, too big, too small, and the color is not suitable.

Payment methodStrongly recommend Alipay deal, also can choose online banking transfers, and inform the two Pro selected items of styles, types, and pro recipient address. 

After-sale serviceEvery couple is very important to the small two, regardless of whether the parents are the first to shop, small two will be warm and thoughtful service, do their best to make the parents happy shopping. Parents also give five-star praise, oh, small two will work harder!

Attention: because the size of our baby is different, some big baby is heavy, and the buyers are out of position, so the freight can not be marked. To take a direct payment by the freight is less than the store has the right to refuse delivery. Thank You for Your Cooperation!!!