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High quality epoxy board, glass fiber board, high temperature resistant FR4 resin board, 3240 glass fiber board, insulation board, electrical board

According to customer requirements and zero shear specifications) our company specializes in the supply of wood glue: POM, nylon, bakelite PET, PC, PEEK, PPS, PVDF, PTFE, PSU, PI, PAI, PPO, PBT, CPVC, UPE, PETP, PES, PEI and so on all kinds of plastic sheet / bar! Supply all kinds of imported high-grade brand of engineering plastics, the company is equipped with a large number of spot, welcome to inquire!

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 Application characteristics of epoxy board:
1, diverse forms. Various resins, curing agents and modifier systems can almost meet the requirements of various applications for the form, ranging from very low viscosity to high melting point solids.
2, easy curing. The epoxy resin system can be cured almost in the temperature range of 0~180 degrees with various curing agents.
3, strong adhesion. The inherent polar hydroxyl group and ether bond in the molecular chain of epoxy resin are stored in [1], which makes it have a high adhesion to various substances. When epoxy resin is cured, the shrinkage is low and the internal stress is small, which also helps to improve the adhesion strength.
4, low contractility. The reaction between epoxy resin and curing agent is carried out by direct addition reaction or ring opening polymerization of oxygen in the resin molecule. No water or other volatile by-products are released. Compared with unsaturated polyester resin and phenolic resin, they show very low shrinkage (less than 2%) during curing.
5. Mechanical properties. The cured epoxy resin system has excellent mechanical properties.
The industry generally referred to as: FR-4EpoxyGlassCloth, insulation board, epoxy plate, epoxy resin plate, brominated epoxy resin plate, FR-4 plate, glass fiber, glass fiber board, FR-4 reinforcement plate, FPC reinforcement plate, flexible circuit board reinforcing plate, FR-4 epoxy resin board, flame retardant insulation board, FR-4 laminated board, epoxy board FR-4, FR-4 plate, glass plate, glass board, epoxy glass cloth laminate, the main technical features and application of PCB drilling pad: electrical insulation performance stability, good flatness, smooth surface, no pits, thickness tolerances, suitable for application in high performance electronic insulation requirements of products, such as FPC reinforcing plate PCB drilling plate, glass fiber, carbon film potentiometer meson, printing glass fiber board, precision planetary gear (wafer), precision test sheet, electrical equipment (Electrical) insulation insulation plate, strip baffle, variable Voltage insulation board, motor insulation parts, grinding gear, electronic switch insulation board, etc..
Product Name: imported FR-4 board, electronic grade E-glass fiber cloth dipped in epoxy resin hot pressing molding
Main characteristics: high mechanical strength at 220 OC, good electrical properties in dry and wet state, flame retardant grade up to UL-94VO grade
Application: high and low voltage transformer accessories, electronic components, electrical insulation, water conservancy and hydropower insulation switchgear insulation, inverter insulation, industrial furnace insulation, insulation parts, semiconductor electric railway insulation parts, shipbuilding insulation, insulation parts, nuclear power parent line slot insulation partition gasket. It is one of the most widely used insulating materials.
Specification: thickness (0.3-40) * length 1020*1220mm
Color: Aqua Green
Industry terms: FR-4, FR-4 epoxy board, FR-4 insulation board, insulation board, epoxy board, epoxy resin board, glass fiber board, glass fiber board, FR-4 insulation board, resin board
Origin: Taiwan