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CNC extrusion, no groove, no chip tapping thread cone price 70 percent off batch sale

MZG brand: professional machine tool turning, milling, threading holes and tool and machine tool configuration technology services, a large number of standard inventory of goods, can be customized OEM, quality guaranteed price.

discount 70% in 2018-09-25 to 2018-09-27
price: USD$ 21.00
freight :USD$18.00,(Express)
freight :USD$7.00,(Postal parcel)
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MZG brand screw die system product details

MZG brand real silk attack gaoqingtu products die system


 MZG brand product packaging die tapping system



MZG brand silk attack die system product technical parameters of parts information


MZG CNC cutting tools and machine accessories use notes!

AllCutting tool 


1. cause of the accidentBecause the blade is very sharp, it is possible to touch it directly with hand.

    Cleaning method▲  Use gloves and other protective appliances especially when you remove them from the casing or install them on the machine tool.

2.Cause of accidentImproper use of the method or use conditions, can lead to tool breakage flying, causing the risk of bumps.

   Cleaning method▲  Please use the safety cover to protect your eyes.▲  Please use the recommended cutting conditions, and please read the instructions and sample data carefully.

3.Cause of accidentBecause of the impact load and excessive wear of tools, the cutting force increases sharply, resulting in tool breakage and spatter, and the danger of damage to operators.

   Cleaning method▲  Please use the safety cover to protect your eyes.▲  Please replace worn tools in time.

4.Cause of accidentHigh temperature chip spatter and excessive chip discharge can cause injury and scald operator.

   Cleaning method▲  Please use protective gloves and other protective appliances

5.Cause of accidentThe cutting process produces high temperature, so don't touch the cutting tool or workpiece directly, so as to avoid the danger of scald.

   Cleaning method▲  Please use the safety cover to protect your eyes▲  When the chip is removed, the machine tool should be shut down, and gloves with pliers or clamps are used.

6.Cause of accidentThe sparks produced during cutting and the sharp cutting tools that produce high temperature and high temperature chips are likely to cause fire hazards.

   Cleaning method▲  The sparks produced during cutting and the sharp cutting tools that produce high temperature and high temperature chips are likely to cause fire hazards.

                          ▲  Fireproof measures should be adopted when using non aqueous cutting fluid.

7.Cause of accidentWhen rotating at high speed, such as machine tool fixture and poor balance performance, vibration and chatter will occur, so that the tool broken and dangerous situation.

   Cleaning method▲  Please use the safety cover to protect your eyes.▲  The machine tool must be tested, and it is confirmed that there is no vibration or flutter and other abnormal sound after the formal operation.

8.Cause of accidentBurr and other defects on the workpiece, the direct touch with the risk of injury.

   Cleaning method▲  Please do not touch the workpiece with bare hands.


Cutting toolIndexableClip blade

1.Cause of accidentIf the blade is not clamped with the relevant parts, the possibility of falling off or flying out in the cutting will cause injury accidents.

   Cleaning method▲  Installation of the blade of the positioning surface and fastening parts, do not allow debris adhesion, should be carefully examined and believed to be reliable, and then install the blade.

                          ▲  Please use the attached special wrench to clamp the blade and the parts, and the special wrench shall not be allowed to do other uses.

2.Cause of accidentWhen using the universal socket wrench and other auxiliary tools, if the clamping force is too large, it will cause micro cracks and other defects of the blade, resulting in hidden trouble.

   Cleaning method▲  Only allow the special wrench to clamp the blade and other parts.

3.Cause of accidentWhen the tool rotates at high speed, the centrifugal force may cause the blade to fly out of danger.

   Cleaning method▲  Please refer to the instructions and samples of the product and use it within the recommended range.

Various milling cuttersandOtherRotary tool

1.Cause of accidentMilling cutters can be hurt by hand touching directly with the blade.

   Cleaning method▲  Please use protective gloves and other protective equipment.

2.Cause of accidentDue to eccentric rotation, unbalance and other factors, the tool causes chatter, vibration and so on. It will cause damage accidents because of the tool breakage and spatter.

   Cleaning method▲  Rotation speed is selected according to the recommended conditions.

                          ▲  In order to prevent the eccentric rotary vibration caused by bearing wear, the accuracy and balance of the rotary parts should be regularly checked.


1.Cause of accidentThe rotation of the workpiece processing holes, when the drill cut left part will often fly out of the high-speed, fly out the shape of a disk and very dangerous.

                            Easy to cause accidents.

   Cleaning method▲  Please use the safety cover, protect the eye and other protective appliances, and install the cover in the clamping part.

2.Cause of accidentThe diameter of the drill bit is shaped at the top, sharp, hand contact, careless, easy to stab. Bit breakage will be difficult to remove in the workpiece,

There may be broken fly out, easy to cause injury accidents.

   Cleaning method▲  Operation must pay full attention to safety, please use protective gloves, protect the eyes.

Welding tool

1.Cause of accidentThere are razor blades falling off, crushing the risk of injury.

   Cleaning method▲  Before use, make sure that the welding is reliable.▲  Please do not use it under the condition of high temperature.

his he

1.Cause of accidentDamage to machine tools or tools is very dangerous when used except for specified use.

   Cleaning methodPlease follow the prescribed method of use.



MZG machinery tools (Dongguan Ze Ze Hardware Machinery Co., Ltd.) after-sales service instructions:

In order to guarantee the after-sale service quality and efficiency of the products sold. To this end, we formulate the following after-sales service measures, please give users supervision:
    1、Technical schemeBuyer: provided the product to our company or through the network to send a specific product drawings contact sales staff of our company, our technical staff will be on time for your treatment and show the proposal, before and after the whole project quotation process to provide timely product performance, features, design drawings and various parameters, actively cooperate with your good companies choose satisfactory products. Even if due to other factors, do not choose our products, our company is willing to provide technical advice on this project for your company, for your company to purchase advanced technology, reasonable price, reliable products, and we will strictly confidential related information provided by the customer.
    2、Non standardProducts: in our products and customers to reach a consensus, provided by the customer or our technical personnel of product drawings confirm the relevant product information (by fax or online communication tools, our chat records for a period of more than half a year, sales records, life saving) custom delivery and price in strict accordance with the implementation of the contract, in addition to the product the quality of our products have problems, not to return, all losses borne by the customer.
    3、Import brandThe volume of cutting tools such as: imported goods for our inventory standard, customers can be in 3 days on our return to the invoice (such as shipment date to express, to our goods to date, including Saturday Sunday), all non standard inventory do not return, return to know. Sixth.
    4、Quality goodsStatement: all the goods we sell the strictly guaranteed authentic, such as in the operation process of our customers find the sale of fake and shoddy products, ruled by the relevant brand operators and government agencies and relevant departments, online shopping goods and buy the next line of our will to make shipment of 10 times the amount of compensation, causing serious losses the identification by the relevant technical departments and government agencies after both parties negotiate.
    5、After sale of MZG brand goodsAll MZG brand goods (non standard products refer to second items) return cycle is adjusted to 10 days, the relevant exchange notice, please read sixth. MZG brand positioning in the high-end tool fixture quality, you can buy, such as product quality problems, no matter what time you buy, we will give you a replacement!
    6、Notice of return:  
(1) purchasingThe goods are wrongIn order to timely reflect your demand, we need to replace, for example, for the customer's own type selection, our company does not bear the freight, for example, for our company wrong
Goods, we are responsible for the relevant freight;
(2) returned goods are requested by customersShipping documentsOr when the invoice and shipping documents are lost, please communicate with our customer service;
        (3)product qualityThe problem requires customers to take photos of products, photographs of workpiece, processing parameters, photos, materials hardness and other related information, please cooperate with users;
(4) appropriatePackingIn order to prevent the logistics express damage, return goods require complete packaging, goods can not haveDamage traceIf these are caused by the customer
Our company has the right to deal with the goods without return; if you buy the product itself has these defects, please inform us at the time, if you can not use the need
Return change,We undertake the logistics cost.
    7、After sales service personnelNote: please take your order before the way to find you with the customer service staff, the corresponding customer service service by the customer service staff to your billing shipment to you, if you do not know who to deal with you, can call our customer service check shipping records inform.
    8、After sales response timeBecause Saturday Sunday holiday service, customers return on Monday to Friday, the completion of the general customer service within 3 days, the technology bottleneck and lack of inventory and other special circumstances require that communication.
9, the following reasons, the company will providePaid after saleMaintenance only charge material cost:
(1) damage due to man-made or irresistible natural phenomena;
(2) malfunction or damage caused by improper operation;
10. In addition, the State appliesLaws and regulationsOtherwise, the company will comply with the relevant laws and regulations. In short, we not only provide users with the process design of advanced equipment, but also to provide high quality services, and establish a good image in the same industry, to impress users.