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The whole house custom storage platform of solid wood furniture tatami Japanese tatami bed wardrobe bookcase Library in Beijing

Factory direct selling, reasonable price, plate environmental protection tasteless. Can customize all kinds of furniture, cabinets, tatami, wardrobe, cloakroom, balcony cabinet, shoe cabinet, lobby, staircase door cabinets, cabinet, bookcase, television cabinets, bedroom cabinet etc.. Decoration furniture can generally do, the materials are: Lushuihe E0, solid wood direct board, ecological multilayer board, density board pine, ecological board, camphor wood and so on. Pro, you need to take 100 yuan deposit, and then there is a professional designer contact you time.

discount 70% in 2018-07-17 to 2018-07-19
price: USD$ 70.00
freight :USD$18.00,(Express)
freight :USD$7.00,(Postal parcel)
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You are now shooting 100 yuan deposit, leaving your contact, we arrange professional designers to tailor to you, a variety of modeling [on-site measurement to bring a variety of models and design drawings

Commodity name: custom made solid wood platform

Origin: Beijing

Specifications: customizable

Material: imported Mongolian pine finger jointing board Matsuki Ki

Price: 500 yuan / square -600 yuan per square meter

Scope of service: free onsite measurement size and site installation in Beijing area

Custom madeplatformQuality assurance of above and room material products. Provide customized tatami. Bookcase. Cabinet. The computer table wardrobe closet, bookcase door free design and installation.

It is mainly used in hotels, hotels and public facilities for mats and mattresses, suitable for both young and old. Among them, the tatami on the growth and development of children and the elderly to spine maintenance wonders, children don't have to worry about falling.

Scope of use and characteristics: generally in the living room, bedroom, mattress, study, high-end places, floors, tiles can be used directly. Is a Japanese traditional tatami, the color is relatively small.


Friendly reminder: no matter what the tatami price per square meter is according to the table, and the thickness of the inner core material of different classification valuation, according to the laying of tatami objects, attached conditions, main function and the use of object classification and selection is preferred.

"Correct use of tatami and reference"

The new tatami is grass green, the straw mat mat core, is the real natural green tatami.

1, along the eye carefully cleaning the tatami;
2, good weather can be put out to dry for 3-5 hours the best tatami
3. For 20-30 sunny days, please open the window and let the fresh air blow into the room;
4, often set off the tatami erected a blow, the results will be better;
5, please don't wipe the tatami, with wet things because of damp, easy to moldy tatami. "Except the papyrus papyrus tatami, tatami with a damp cloth must be dry after 5 hours the best"
6, remember not excessive use of the humidifier, that will make the tatami damp;
7, if the indoor feeding dogs, cats and other pets, not only makes the tatami feel pain, at the same time, is also the root of the tick;
8, to prevent mildew, please don't throw any rice soup dishes to the tatami;
9, keep the tatami table dry, avoid damp, will extend the use of time
10, do not put the piano, table leg and other heavy objects placed directly on the tatami, it hurt the tatami, please put on the protective cover.

"Tatami" maintenance decontamination method

Moldy...... Wipe the cloth with disinfectant and alcohol, then wipe it with wring cloth, and finally dry it;
When produce tick...... Wipe the tatami and maintain good ventilation, find out before the tatami due to damp, and take the corresponding effective measures;
When leaving furniture dents...... Spray a little water into the concave, and then put on a wet towel and press it with an iron;
When you ink...... Wet it with milk and wipe it clean;
With soy sauce, oil at...... Wipe with detergent or detergent, and then wipe it repeatedly with a twist cloth until it is clean;
When you touch the universal refill...... The oily pen is cleaned with the light removing solution of the nail or the dilution of the natural paint, and the water pen can be wiped with detergent.
Scorch...... If it is a cigarette as small place, use sandpaper to remove the black medium. If the burning large, in addition to using sandpaper to remove black, can also fill the hole will drop wax.
When you want to extend daylight hours...... With a rag dipped vinegar mixed with a little water wring dry, and wipe the tatami. Will achieve unexpected ideal results.

The nature and function of the "tatami"
1, multi purpose use...... A whole sleep, or as a family reunion of the living room. Put a tea table is a living room or guest guest room, also can serve as a guest bedroom, can be used as a child learning to do homework or study the place to play, you can put a stove to everyone around the entertainment chat, can serve as a local flower tea painting calligraphy;
2. Purification...... Tatami absorb harmful effects of nitrogen dioxide. Unconsciously purifying indoor air creates a healthy environment for us;
3. Insulation effect of breaking heat...... In winter, indoor warm air is not allowed to run out; in summer, outdoor hot air is prevented from entering the room;
4. Moisture absorption and desorption...... During the rainy season, the excess moisture is absorbed; on the contrary, if the indoor air becomes dry, it can automatically release the appropriate amount of water from the savings and adjust the humidity. The role of tatami also has automatic air conditioner;
5, the effect of the effect of...... From the upstairs neighbor poor sound insulation floor walls came the sound of the tatami can effectively absorb, can soften the TV, tape recorders and other audio products sound;
6, elastic safety...... The elderly, children accidentally slipped because the tatami is elastic, do not worry about damage;
7, sedative effect...... Tatami room comes out of the rush natural fragrance, can cure physical and mental fatigue, let our mind calm down, give us a natural world, let us always enjoy the forest bath feeling good;
8, conducive to the healthy maintenance of vertebral bone...... The spring mattress overcomes the unbalanced stress shortcomings, not to lumbar spine rotation, the pressure caused by the bending, long-term use is not only for children and teenagers beneficial for the healthy development of the spine, but also can prevent bone growth, health maintenance for the elderly waist and spine up.