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EAST battery 12v65, maintenance free 12v38ah DC screen, 12V battery, UPS room, industrial package

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EAST lean liquid valve controlled sealed lead-acid battery instructions

EAST battery products overview

EASTEASTValve controlled sealed lead-acid batteries are the latest technology in the United States, coupled with continuous scientific research, innovation crystallization, covering the two types7Series. Lean liquid type batteries are available3Series: NPSeries,GMSeries,CNFSeries; colloid type batteries have4Series:NPJSeries,GMJSeries,CNFJSeries,OPzVSeries. amongNPJSeries,GMJSeries are mainly suitable for backup use,CNFJThe series are mainly suitable for energy storage applications,OPzVThe series is suitable for both backup and energy storage. The rated voltage of the product is2V6V12VCapacity range1.2AH3000AHTotal.100Multiple models, annual output of about500000KVAH

Environmental protection concept: do environmental friendly enterprises, do not do blood lead enterprises.

Design idea: use standard orientation; orientation; do low volume high standard battery, the battery is not fraud.

Material concept: not only cost sampling, only design performance sampling.

Process control: process consistency regardless of the cost; multi-level, full range, leaving no corners of the details of management.

Inspection control: unqualified raw materials do not enter the workshop, unqualified semi-finished products do not flow into the post process, unqualified finished products can not be out of workshop; finished product battery is offline100%Final inspection (four function tester: open pressure, internal resistance, high current, tightness test); after stationary period100%Factory inspection≥38Ah)。

Service concept: follow up service before, during, after sale; customers select batteries (suitable for use)+Cost performance

Make good use of the battery (similar air conditioner, factory)Partially Prepared ProductsGuide the user to use correctly.                                                                                                              

 Sales mode: carrying all the power supply products and photovoltaic products in the company, leading the power; at the same time as an independent product share with the user.

Customer feedback bad rate verification:0.1‰(1/10000).

Composition and sealing principle of EAST lead-acid battery

Lead acid batteryIt consists of positive electrode, negative electrode, electrolyte, separator and battery cell5The main components. The positive active substance of lead acid battery is two lead oxidePbO2The negative active material is spongy leadPbThe electrolyte is dilute sulfuric acid, and the separator is made of superfine glass fiberAGMOr polyvinyl chloride (or PVC)PVCThe battery tank is made of engineering plasticsABSOr polypropylenePPCorrosion resistant materials.

prefix = "v" ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:vml" A storage battery is a kind of DC power source which converts electric energy into chemical energy and stores it, and then converts chemical energy into electric energy when it is used. Charge discharge reaction principle of lead-acid battery:PbO22H2SO4Pb       2PbSO42 H2O

The sealed maintenance free principle of sealed maintenance lead acid battery (cathode absorption type) is as follows:

    At the end of charging and over charging, the electric energy is mainly used to decompose the water, and the positive electrode reaches the charging amount70%Oxygen begins to pass out and oxygen passes throughAGMThe separator channel reaches the negative pole, reacts with the spongy lead and sulfuric acid of the negative electrode, and generates water again:
            2PbTenO2Ten2H2SO4 = 2PbSO4+2H2O
    The reaction results in the partial discharge of the negative electrode in the discharge state, which inhibits the hydrogen release (negative electrode charge must be reached)90%Only the oxygen released from the positive electrode can produce the lead sponge of lead sulfate, and the amount of spongy lead can be generated by charging with the negative electrode. The two can reach a balance, and the water is basically not lost.


1.3Main material characteristics of EAST lean liquid valve controlled sealed lead acid battery

1  Battery case

Use new engineering plastics that do not contain any recycled materialsABSorPP),V0Flame retardant (optional), high strength, not easy to damage, good sealing, and there is no due to the plastic shell itself contains recycled materials impurities caused by self discharge.

2  Grid and paste

The corrosion resistant design of thick plate is made of raw materials1Electrolytic lead with less impurities, corrosion resistance and self dischargePb-Ca-SnAlloy (high tin anode grid expansion agent and antioxidant formula); special paste containing active material, high temperature curing4BSPaste technology, ensure cycle durability.

3Safety valve

Using thick wall design, three EPDM rubber material, durable acid resistance, long term weight loss is small, can ensure the safety valve opening and closing valve constant pressure, safe and reliable.


Ultra fine glass fiber separator is adoptedAGMIt has excellent acid absorption property, and has hydrophobic fiber, and its natural oxygen cycle

The channel ensures that oxygen and hydrogen recombination efficiency exceeds that in the battery95%It is not easy to dehydrate.


Laboratory analytical purity (ARConcentration sulfuric acid and resistivity100ten thousandΩ·cmThe deionized water is sealed in an auto dilute acid system

The electrolyte with low density (slow corrosion) made in the system and adding three element special metal sulfate additive can prevent micro short circuit and early capacity decay.

6Output terminal

The copper core silver plating embedded cylinder terminal is used to change the pollution of the output connection of the lead terminal and the copper terminal is not deformed,

Resistance to oxidation, reliable connection, excellent electrical conductivity.

1.4Technical performance characteristics of EAST lean liquid valve controlled sealed lead acid battery

1) good safety performance

The electrolyte in the battery is absorbed by the polar plate and superfine glass fiber, and there is no free flowing electrolyte in the battery. There is no electrolyte leakage under normal use,Side90Degree installation can also be used normally.

Valve controlled sealed structure, when the gas pressure in the battery is occasionally high, can automatically open through the safety valve, release pressure, to ensure safety, the internal combustion of flammable gas accumulation is less, can not reach the explosion concentration, excellent explosion proof performance.

2Maintenance free performance

The sealing efficiency of the gas seal is higher than that of the cathodic absorption type seal95%Under normal conditions, the water loss is very little, and the battery does not need regular fluid maintenance.

3Green environmental protection

No mist under normal charging, no pollution, no corrosion of equipment room environment.

4Self discharge is small

High gas evolution potential is adoptedPb-Ca-SnAlloy in20Place in the dry environment for half a year without throwing electricity

Into normal use.

5Applicable environment temperature is wide

10℃~45Temperature can run smoothly.

6High resistance to large current

Tight assembly process, internal resistance is small, can be carried out3Discharge discharge with double capacity3Minutes or6Discharge discharge with double capacity5Seconds, the battery has no exception.

7Long life

Due to the use of high purity raw materials and long life formula, battery consistency control process, in20In the environment of temperature,NP

Series battery life of up to normal float design710(year38AhAbove),GMSeries battery life of up to normal float design1215Year.

8The battery pack has good consistency

Regardless of the cost, each battery in the battery pack has a relatively uniform characteristic to ensure long term performance after being put into use

The discharge uniformity and consistency does not appear to float, the individual behind the battery and drag down the whole group battery.

(1) control the weight and thickness of the grid and the paste quantity from the source;

(2) weighing and grading of plates before assembly≥38AhA battery) to ensure the relative consistency of the amount of active substance in each monomer;

(3) quantitative accurate acid injection, four charging and three discharging system, equalization of battery performance;

Before discharging, the battery is discharged, and the capacity and open circuit voltage are matched once;

≥100AhThe stationary period of the battery before shipment is detected715DayTime trialWhen it is out of the warehouse, again100%Inspection can effectively detect the suspicious batteries which are difficult to detect when the line is out of order;

The library is based on open circuit voltage and internal resistance of battery was two times with the group.

Application field of EAST battery products

   ●Alarm system                             ●Emergency lighting system

   ●Electronic instrument                             ●Railways and ships

   ●Posts and Telecommunications                             ●Electronic system

   ●Solar and wind power generation system                 ●largeUPSComputer standby power supply

   ●Standby power supply for fire fighting                         ●Peak load compensation energy storage device

1.6  EAST NP series technical parameters (12V)

Can not send, there is a need to please contact me directly, EMAIL hair

Note:≥24AHRated capacity of battery10Hour rate meter, <24AHRated capacity of battery20An hour rate meter; capacity is25The average value of the temperature and the specifications are subject to change without notice.

1.8Performance index of EAST battery(the same items in the national standard and the line mark, with the higher requirement of the index as the set qualified standard)

1.9Main characteristics of EAST batteriescurve

aDischarge curve

b)  Temperature and cell capacity curve

c)      Ambient temperature and charging voltage curve

The use function of EAST battery

1Supplementary electricity                             

1.1In the storage and transportation process, due to the normal self discharge, the battery will lose part of capacity, before use, please presssurface3”Supplementary electricity (if the factory date is within a month, and the first capacity output requirements are not high, can be directly put into use).

1.2If you install and use it for a period of time, pause, please presssurface3”Regular supplementary power.

surface3   Storage temperature and supplementary electric frequency of storage battery


Storage temperature

Supplementary time interval

Supplementary electrical methodabOptional; below5Election at centigradec


each9Once a month

a)2.232.27V/Constant voltage and current limit of a single cell0.20C10 (A),Charge2Day;

b)2.302.35V/Constant voltage and current limit of a single cell0.20C10 (A),Charge1224Hour;

c)Lower than5At centigrade,2.35V/Constant voltage and current limit of a single cell0.10C10 (A),Charge2Day.


each6Once a month


each3Once a month

41℃~50Temperature (avoid)

each2Once a month


Note:C10Refers to the battery10Rated capacity per hour. For example:12V100AhThe rated capacity of the battery is100AhThe best charging current is0.1C10AThat is, i. e.0.1×100=10ACharging voltage:12VBattery for2.35×6=13.80V


2.1The judgment criterion of battery discharge termination (one of three conditions):

2.1.1 Check discharge test: release rated capacity3040%;

2.1.2 Capacity discharge test: release rated capacity80%;

2.1.3 The determination of the discharge termination voltage, under normal conditionssurface4”Setting of related parameters.

surface4   Discharge parameter setting and capacity testing standard


Discharge rate

Discharge currentA

Discharge voltage of battery discharge monomerV

Capacity test standard(25)










0.25 C10




0.55 C10








2.2Don't make the battery discharge voltage lower than the prescribed value, over discharge will greatly shorten the battery life, serious when will cause the battery can not be used again.

2.3Don't store after discharge. Please charge immediately. The storage time should not exceed the maximum4It is difficult to recharge the battery after a long time, otherwise the battery can not be used.

2.4The maximum permissible discharge current should be controlled in the following range:

discharge current I≤1C10AThe discharge voltage of the battery monomer during intermittent discharge is equal to that of the battery1.90V);

discharge current I=3C10ADischarge time T≤3min

discharge current I=6C10ADischarge time T≤10s

  Long term high current (>1C10The discharge will have an adverse effect on the battery life.

2.5In order to ensure the battery life, each discharge depth can not be too large, the discharge capacity is best not to exceed80%. Especially in areas where electricity is frequently used, the battery after discharge should have surplus capacity to prevent damage to the battery due to long-term deep discharge.


3.1 Floating charge (floating charge)

3.1.1Suitable for long-term float use occasions, floating applications refers to the battery is always connected with the power supply,And in the charging state,When the external power is stopped or the input is abnormal,Power supply from battery to load.

3.1.2The charging parameters are as follows:

Charging voltage:2.232.27V/Monomer(25), proposal2.25V/Monomer;

           Maximum charging current:0.20C10

           Temperature compensation coefficient:-3mV/·Monomer(with25Temperature is the base point)

    3.1.3Battery battery float voltage value at the initial stage of use will have a certain deviation, after half a year will be the same.

3.1.4The float voltage is too high (charging) will seriously shorten the life; low (undercharging) will satisfy the load or the battery storage float voltage is not the same, so that the battery capacity decline, shorten the service life.

3.2Equalizing charging (charging)

3.2.1It is suitable for battery pack1The floating voltage or the above single battery below2.18V/Single or continuous float;36Battery charging or months; detection occasions float use battery capacity after the current (reference value to float charging is generally set to0.005C100.01C10In parallel, multiplied by the number of batteries.

3.2.2The charging parameters are as follows:

           Charging voltage:2.302.35V/Monomer(25)Suggestion2.35V/Monomer;

          Maximum charging current:0.20C10

Charging time:1224Hour;

           Temperature compensation coefficient:-3mV/·Monomer(with25Temperature is the base point)

3.3Cycle charging

3.3.1Suitable for recycling recycling occasions, usually refers to the battery connected to the power supply, when sufficient electricity after leaving the power supply from the battery to supply power to load.

3.3.2The charging parameters are as follows:

           Charging voltage:2.402.50V/Monomer(25)Suggestion2.45V/Monomer)

           Maximum charging current:0.20C10

         Temperature compensation coefficient:-4mV/·Monomer(with25Temperature is the base point)