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Manufacturers custom-made high light furniture door brand ancient copper color metal trademark aluminum brand nameplate manufacturers customized direct selling

discount 70% in 2018-08-15 to 2018-08-17
price: USD$ 0.14
freight :USD$18.00,(Express)
freight :USD$7.00,(Postal parcel)
Minimum Order Quantity:63
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                             Inquiry notice                                      

Please provide the following information for us to make an accurate and efficient calculation of the price.

Material Science:Metal materials have copper, aluminum, iron, stainless steel, tin plate (Ma Koutie), galvanized sheet (Bai Tiepi), zinc alloy and so on;Metal materials have PVC, PMMA, PS, ABS, aluminum plasticPlate, gold foil, etc.

Thickness:Different materials have different common thickness. The common unit is mm.

Number:Because they are all customized products, so different quantities and prices are different. Some processes and special-shaped usually have to be mouldsAnd blanking.

Technology:Different products have different processes. If you do not know the process, please be sure to describe your sample in detail.

It is a photo or a sample. There is no real, also one.Look for a similar picture assistant description.
Color:The price is related to the number of colors.
Vector files:That is, the suffix is a vector file in CDR, AI format, and we receive corelDRW12 and the following version of the file. in addition

writingThe word must be converted to a curve, otherwise the font will be changed.Loss of information or part of information.
 For the custom made goods, please contact the customer service before shooting, and do not contact the customer service directly to pay the payment. We do not deliver the goods, thank you.
Our products are all customized products, the above price is not the actual transaction price.
The company product is not set MOQ, the amount can be produced. But the price has a great deal to do with the quantity.
If you need it, please contact the online salesman, communicate the practice, confirm the price and the delivery date. Thank you very much for your call and advice.Place an order。


                          Payment method                         

 There are two ways of payment in our company: one is to support the Taobao transaction. One is bank card transfer.

First, choose the bank card transfer, pre payment of 40-50% deposit before the production of big goods, pay the end payment before delivery. Bank transfer needs to be selected
Select real time to account Or arrange the payment in advance, financial confirmation of the payment of the goods to the account and arrange the delivery. Not only print memo delivery

Two, the current bank accounts have agricultural, industrial, medium, construction, and exchange. Customers in the field can handle mobile banking at the local bank counter.
Interbank remittances can be exempt from fees. Quick and save money! Must not If you look down on the fee, it's a lot of money.
                        Business scope                         
The company has been engaged in the label industry for more than ten years, and has accumulated a certain number of experience in the production of signs. Popular with good quality in the local.Have been in
There are numerous high quality customers all over the country. The nameplate is widely used. The products and packaging of all walks of life have a sign nameplate.
Shadow. With the increasing attention of packaging, signs are becoming more and more complex from a single material and process. With the development of new materials
Appear, lead Entering the brand nameplate production industry, we should always pay attention to the new materials. As long as the guest thinks
We will find a satisfactory solution to the guests as much as possible.

                         Other instructions                            

One, on Freight: the price is usually out of the factory, without tax and free freight. First take the express, Yuantong Express default, general
2 days can be arrived. Cargo freight can have the option of walking, Shenghui, Jiaji, Debon Logistics, range of arrival time.
   Two, about the complaint: if the guest has any questions after the receipt of the goods, please contact the customer service for the first time. The company will take it seriously. The quality of goods Photo proof, the company will arrange rework or refunds