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Original MC1391PMC1391 TV parallel processor, new original import

Because we have a large variety of electronic components, we can't upload them one by one. If you can't find the model you need in our shop, please contact us. We will quote the price for the first time.

discount 70% in 2018-09-24 to 2018-09-26
price: USD$ 1.75
freight :USD$18.00,(Express)
freight :USD$7.00,(Postal parcel)
Minimum Order Quantity:5
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The main original entity counter operation of Shenzhen Shenzhen spot in Futian District Huaqiang North, Beijing City, the new electronic market in Haidian District.


         Because we have so many kinds of electronic components, we can't upload them one by one,If you can't find the type you need in our shop, please contact usWe will quote for the first time.


     Professional matchingICHome applianceICCarsICCommunicationICFamous manufacturers in the worldICAnd other electronic components

  Package: SMTSOPStraight inDIPFour sides(QFP)Transistor, diode, module,PLCC

          This store supports all ordersPower IC, resistors, capacitors, inductors, switches,USB,JackTwo or three, transistor, copling series,ICElectronic components and so on


1. because buyers buy components, the time required to receive goods is different, together with the provinces and provinces to receive goodsWeight sumTime is different, different express delivery speed is also different, soSpecific freight price, please contact before buyersWePreferred hairTactExpress,Continued weight product excellenceChoose the courier and express pass DebonUrgent express adviceSF ExpressThe postage is charged according to the actual amount, and the timeliness is guaranteed,If the above express or less, or other circumstances need to be changedOther express, please contact us.


2Because the manufacturer of the same type of electronic component is sometimes more than one manufacturer, and sometimes the production date is also more than one, soPictures for reference onlyIn general, only to provide a manufacturer picture to buyers reference, sometimes small part of the model may not be shipped in accordance with the picture of the manufacturers shipped, of course, in time permitting, we will also promptly explain clearly with the customer, soIf the buyer is more strict with the components, if you want to buy components, there will be suffixes or manufacturers and other special requirements, please follow the customer service instructions, or note on the noteIn order to meet the needs of customers.


3. about buyers sign for parcelsI:Each package is packaged in a reliable and firm manner, but sometimes the courier company sends it violently, which results in loss or damage to the components. The loss caused by this is that the courier company can claim compensation. If you find the package damaged and exposed inside the electronic components, please be careful inspection. Buyers check whether the purchase of the model and quantity is wrong, and whether the package is damaged, if there is a problem, please reject on the spot, and then in accordance with the courier sent the phone to contact us, to us to deal with.


4. about paymentAlipay: please direct payment. Guangdong province can be cash on delivery, that is, express company collecting money. No Alipay friends can contact us through the trading platform or other direct payment to our bank account, we have the money as soon as possible a chat in, you can be assured! Please send your receipt address, name, telephone number and remittance amount as well as the baby model you want after remittance, so that we can send you the goods in time and without error.


5. after sales service: if you have any questions after receiving the goods, please contact the store firstAnd we will give you the best solution, not in this shop to buy components and have the machine welding, shear pin or components caused by burn and other buyers mistake human causes, and in return because of the way the packaging is not strong and damaged, the shop will not give change, replacement of non quality problems of freight will be the buyer is responsible for.

Dear, after receiving the goods, please don't forget to collect the store Oh, and give a high praise + shop full evaluation, oh, above the customer, [Glory creates the coreYour satisfaction, our pursuit.


One is welcome to buy our products, I wish you a happy shopping.