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Shenzhen KSTAR KSTAR 12V65AH battery 6-FM-65UPS battery warranty for three years

Shenzhen KSTAR battery manufacturer promotions genuine original warranty contract sales hotline: 18310060144

discount 70% in 2018-10-21 to 2018-10-23
price: USD$ 266.00
freight :USD$18.00,(Express)
freight :USD$7.00,(Postal parcel)
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The manager stated: the shops as business entities in Beijing, Silicon Valley computer city has stores, sales of Santak, APC, Emerson, Delta, KSTAR and other brands of UPS power and Matsushita, Tang Qian, Santak, champion, Germany sunshine, Germany APD, Germany, hebeike Jin Bo, Shengyang, leoch, special game brands such as ups and power supply the brand of battery! Please contact with the manager before the shoot! Invoice sample: product features - free maintenance: adopting unique gas recombination technology (GASRECOMBINATION), do not have regular fluid maintenance, reduce the user's menace from the rear. - high safety: the safety valve automatically (VRLA), can prevent the gas is inhaled battery affects its performance, abnormal pressure and damage to the battery caused by gas can also prevent caused by charging. The battery has not closed in normal float under discharged electrolyte and acid mist. At the same time, use of batteries and battery tray supporting independent patent technology, ensure that the batteries use more safety. - long service life: 20 degrees in the environment, FM series of small floating sealed battery life of up to 3 to 5 years, FM stationary sealed batteries floating life can reach 8 to 10 years, FML series battery floating life up to 10 years, FMH series battery floating life up to 10 years, 15 years GFM series battery life up to float. - low self discharge rate: using special Pb Ca alloy, impurity of separator, electrolyte and the production process are strictly controlled, at 20 OC, KSTAR storage battery does not need to add electricity can be used normally within 6 months. - conductive ability by silver plated copper core and special design, ensure excellent electrical performance. - ability to adapt to the environment, and can be used in -20 to +50 DEG C under ambient temperature, suitable for desert and plateau climate. Can be used for special power riot zone. - strong direction: special diaphragm (AGM) solid electrolyte which does not flow adsorption. Cells either placed vertically or horizontally are not leaked, to ensure the normal use. - green pollution-free: quiet, and no pollutant discharge. Anticorrosion measures by acid and no battery room, and electronic instruments and other equipment in the room. In the new FML series battery has a longer service life and deep circulation characteristics, using multiple special tin anode alloy, than the traditional lead calcium alloy corrosion resistance is stronger, better cycle life. Optimization of radial grid design, with output power stronger. - unique lead paste formula and manufacturing process, fully conducive to the formation of 4BS, ensure that the battery has a longer service life of the float. The rational use of additives. The PCL (early capacity loss) to better solve. - top and side a new connection, convenient for the user to connect the battery in a variety of ways, silver plated copper core and special design, ensure excellent electrical performance. Technical parameters: rated voltage rated capacity (V) (Ah) size (mm) weight (Kg) type 20HR1.80C10HR1.80V/C5HR1.75V/C1HR1.60V/C long terminal (L) + 1 (W + 1) wide high (H) + 1 64.040617423823830.5M36-FM-1201212912010773.040617423823839.0M36-FM-1501216115013389.048517124124150.0M36-FM-2001221020017911952024022022465.0M3GFM10021101009060174802242407.5M5GFM1502166150135901701002062129.0M5GFM200222220018012017011032835014.2M3GFM300 233330027018117015032835021.5M3GFM50025545 + 26-FM-3812403834.224.019716517017013.8M16-FM-4012434035.725.819716517017015.0M16-FM-5012546044.832.422813820821217.5M26-FM-6512706558.042.035016717817821.0M26-FM-7012757062.045.035016717817825.0M26-FM-9012979080.558.233217521222030.0M26-FM-1001210610089.0 high 0044830217024433035033.0M3GFM800286080071648341017433035058.0M3GFM100021080100089460547517433035066.0M3GFM15002161215001342910400350340375110M3GMF200023150200017901231491350340375135M3GFM3000