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Vaccination of pig farms8Key points

 Vaccination in pig farms is a means of producing biological products for pigs, producing specific resistance to susceptible animals and converting susceptible animals into susceptible animals. Organized and planned immunization is one of the important measures to prevent and control swine infectious diseases. In order to make a good vaccination in the pig farm, the editor of the pig price network collects relevant data from the Internet, sums up the problems that should be paid attention to in the pig farm immunization, and provides reference for the majority of pig farms.  

  1 Establishment of a scientific immunization program   

  Scientific immunization procedures must be established before immunization, and the following factors should be considered in the development of immunization procedures: the prevalence and severity of local swine epidemics;Epidemic characteristics of infectious diseases;Maternal antibody level in piglets;Residual antibody level after last vaccination;Immune response in pigs;Disease(bacterium)Characteristics of seedlings;Immunization methods;Effects of combined immunization with various vaccines on the health of pigs. It is not necessary to carry out immunization against the infectious disease, especially the virulent live vaccine, which can not be used rashly. At present, there is no domestic and international pig immunization program for the unified use of the whole country. We should sum up experience in practice, and formulate immunization procedures in line with the specific circumstances of this field.  

  2 Select good vaccine  

  The quality of vaccine is directly related to the effect of immunization, therefore, in the choice of vaccines, must choose to passGMPAn epidemic of certified products produced by certified manufacturers(bacterium)Miao, and in the local animal epidemic prevention department to buy vaccines, not in some illegal business units to buy head, so as not to buy fake vaccine. Before use, the quality of the vaccine should be checked. All the vaccines should be checked out, such as expired, discolored, contaminated, moldy, with no clots or foreign bodies, no labels or labels, cracks in vaccine bottles, tight closures, frozen liquid vaccines and vacuum vaccines.  

  3 Transport and preserve vaccines as required  

  Swine plague(bacterium)Seedlings are biological products with strict transportation and preservation conditions. When transporting freeze-dried seedlings, the vaccine must be placed in the special transport box containing ice. It is forbidden to direct sunlight and contact with high temperature,-15Keep under temperature. Such as classical swine fever vaccine-15Keep under the temperature, the longest period of validity is not exceeding18Months, at...0℃~8Keep at the temperature, the longest is not more than6Months. Inactivated vaccine2℃~8Refrigerated transport at temperature, keep away from light, do not freeze. Must be transported according to the requirements, preservation, only in this way to protect the quality of vaccine and immune effect.  

  4 Check live pigs inoculated  

  Disease(bacterium)Before vaccination, the breeder should ask the pig for the recent diet, defecation and other health conditions. If necessary, the temperature measurement and clinical examination of individual pigs can be carried out. Those who are not normal, sick and weak in body temperature, appetite, body temperature, physique, emaciated, young, frail and late pregnancy should not be vaccinated or postponed  

Immunization program of commercial swine

1Age: swine fever frequently occurred in the pig farm, hog cholera attenuated vaccine before immunization, that is, piglets born before colostrum, first intramuscular injection of a hog cholera attenuated vaccine, isolation1-2Let the piglets eat colostrum after an hour.  

  3Age: intranasal inoculation of pseudorabies attenuated vaccine.

   7-15Age: intramuscular injection of inactivated vaccine against asthma, attenuated vaccine of blue ear disease.    20Age: intramuscular injection of swine fever, swine erysipelas vaccine two(Or lung disease triple vaccine)    25-30Age: intramuscular injection of pseudorabies attenuated vaccine.    30Age: intramuscular or subcutaneous injection of infectious atrophic rhinitis vaccine.    30Age: intramuscular injection of edema pathogen vaccine in piglets.

   35-40Age: Piglet paratyphoid vaccine, oral or intramuscular injection(After the first immunization in the epidemic area, the septum3-4Week Zaier free)    60Age: swine fever, lung disease, erysipelas triple vaccine, with two times the amount of.


Attention should be paid to advanced immunization of hog cholera3spot


The advanced immunization of hog cholera refers to the vaccination of swine fever vaccine before the piglets are born without colostrum, so as to overcome the interference of maternal antibodies and improve the immune protection rate of vaccines, so as to achieve an effective immune control method for classical swine fever. For hog cholera swine farms, it is recommended that it be used as an advance vaccine for classical swine fever. In order to get a good result, the following points must be paid attention to in the actual production of hog cholera:  

  First, the choice of vaccine  

  The use of common cell vaccine in advance immunization of hog cholera,12head/A.  

  Two. The practical application of vaccine  

  1 The piglets were vaccinated before they were fed with colostrum.  

  This is mainly to avoid the immune failure associated with maternal antibody neutralization.  

  21.5 hours after the vaccination, let the piglets eat colostrum. If the milk is early after immunization, it will lead to the neutralization of vaccine antigen and maternal antibody;If the milk is late, it leads to the lack of physical strength of piglets, which is not conducive to the early acquisition of maternal antibodies to improve their immunity.  

  3In batches, milk was taken in batches. One shot, one shot, and the best one pig, one needle.  

  4Prevent vaccine failure. Because the delivery room temperature is relatively high, so in the vaccination process, the vaccine is best preserved in the foam box with ice, in order to ensure that the vaccine will not deteriorate. Dilute the vaccine with normal saline and dilute it4Preservation under the condition of temperature. A diluted vaccine that needs special attention4The hours will fail, so try to be as good as possible4Run out within an hour.

  Three. Sow aspect  

  For the delivery room staff, the evening work is not good, so should sow as possible as possible during the day delivery. The commonly used methods are: pregnancy in sows112-113In the early morning of the day, the intramuscular injection of prostaglandin was given to the sow1-2mlIn order to concentrate the sow during the day, so as to improve the work efficiency of the delivery room staff.  

  Advanced immune swinefever in the actual production of the effect is not ideal, not to play the immune effect of classical swine fever ahead of schedule, of course, this is a great relationship with the immune operation, the author thinks that more is some problems in the actual operation of the application. Therefore, the author summed up the above points on the advance immunization of classical swine fever, hoping to provide technical reference for the majority of farmers.

Ten points that vaccine immunology has to know"

First, according to the local actual situation. Understanding the local epidemic. An immune program suitable for the actual field is developed, which does not blindly inoculate or copy the immune program provided on other data.  

  Two, vaccination methods must be correct, must be guided by technicians.  

  Three, the quality of vaccine to be reliable, do not use expired vaccines, before use to check the expiration date, the vaccine bottle has no crack, or seal, liquid vaccine is precipitation, vaccine color is changed, there is no label and batch number.  

  Four, inoculation amount should be sufficient, but not excessive, if the amount is insufficient when not immune effect, excessive cause illness, must comply with the technical personnel of the inoculation dose. Power network of pig farm  

  Five, vaccination equipment to be disinfected, injection site should be disinfected, it is best to use multiple needles disinfection alternately use, so as to avoid cross infection.  

  Six, the antibody should be monitored before vaccination. When the antibody is reduced to a certain level, immunity should be carried out in time.  

  Seven. Before and after vaccination3-5Antibiotics and antiviral agents should not be used.  

  Eight, vaccination to observe whether the abnormal changes in the group, in order to take timely measures.  

  Nine, after vaccination to improve the level of feeding management, enhance the body's resistance.

  Ten, once the onset of disease, can be the corresponding high immunity serum or high immunity egg yolk for emergency injection, until the stability of the whole group can be immune.