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Maintenance of HD22020-2 power supply charger module and improvement of DC screen

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EmersonHD22020-2Seven matters to be paid special attention to when charging module is used

HD22020-2Using self cooling heat dissipation design, the efficiency reaches the world first-class level,HD22010-2Charging module in the actual use, we need to pay attention to the following points.

A,HD22020-2Module current sharing

HD22020-2Module factory has been strictly streaming debugging, in the module working in the automatic state, any module is set to the same output voltage, do not need to do any current sharing adjustment,HD22020-2The charging module does not provide external adjustment of the device. Current sharing refers to the load sharing of modules connected to the same bus.

When there is a control module in the system, the control module and the closing module are only connected by communication. In any case,HD22020-2The communication between the charging module and the monitoring module is only for communication!

If it is found that the module voltage is seriously uneven, the elimination of the module will cause uneven flow. Confirm EmersonHD22020-2Whether the module is equally damaged is as follows:

Completely disconnectHD22020-2Module of current sharing cable and communication cable, open a charging module separately.

2Module to be chargedHD22020-2After opening, the charging module is loaded, so that the module outputs at least1AAbove current.

Measuring the voltage on the current sharing bus.

HD22020-2The output current of the charging module is proportional to the voltage on the current sharing bus, and the corresponding relationship is as follows:

20AModule output current20AWhen the current sharing voltage is 02.6VAbout,10ACorresponding1.3VAnd so on.

10AModule output current10AWhen the current sharing voltage is 02.0VAbout,5ACorresponding1.0VAnd so on.

5AModule output current5A When the current sharing voltage is 02.0VAbout,2.5ACorresponding1.0VAnd so on.

In order to test accurately, can be givenHD22020-2If the module is loaded with a larger load (not exceeding the rated load), the difference between the calculated current sharing bus voltage and the measured current sharing bus voltage is greater than the output voltage calculated according to the module output current0.3VVoltage close to the current sharing bus0VIt can be judged as the current sharing chip damage.

Cases:20AModule output current is5AAccording to the above relation, the current sharing busbar voltage should be as follows0.65VThe voltage on the current sharing bus is measured by the multimeter, and the voltage is not less than normal0.35VOtherwise, it can be judged as current sharing damage.

Measure each one by oneHD22020-2If the voltage of the charging module is in the normal range, it is necessary to check whether the current sharing bus is reliably and correctly connected, and whether the charging module is working automatically. If the current sharing bus voltage is zero when the load state is measured, then the bus voltage is zeroHD22020-2The current sharing circuit of the charging module has been damaged.

Two, EmersonHD22020-2Module heat dissipation

HD22020-2The module adopts the natural cooling method, so when the design module is installed, the heat dissipation design of the module should be carried out, that is to say, when arranging the module position, it should be fully consideredHD22020-2The influence of charging module heating on the environment, such as monitoring module, power distribution monitoring, especially some other measurement circuit, can not be ignored. The DC sampling box, Holzer sensor, power distribution monitoring box and other components should be placed in the vicinity of the module when designing.

Modules should be kept between layers1520cmThe heat dissipation duct can effectively heat conduction and keep air circulation.

Three, EmersonHD22020-2Module hot swap

EmersonHD22020-2Module hot swap module output condition is connected to prevent isolation diode, charging capacitor voltage already exists on the bus without charging module in large capacity, caused by transient overload and instantaneous short circuit module circuit bus, or even destroy equipment.

In the worksHD22020-2When the module is plugged in, there must be a strict time interval, and the principle is that the output voltage of the module is completely reduced to the output0VOtherwise, the module will be damaged in the process of repeated insertion and removal.

In the case of system electrification, the time interval between the two adjacent pins must be greater than that of the other two1Minute!

Four, EmersonHD22020-2Voltage regulation

EmersonHD22020-2Under manual operation, the adjusting voltage is controlled by potentiometer on the panel. Adjust the potentiometer clockwise and increase the output voltage.

Under automatic mode,HD22020-2The module voltage is controlled by the monitor module instruction.

Five. Module power control

For convenienceHD22020-2Single charging module maintenance module, the AC input should be set up in the air switch alone, should not be directly connected to the AC bus, open selection is determined according to the size of the output power of the module, the specific can refer to the following table.

Module typeBreaker rated capacityHD22010-2---10A HD22005-2---6A HD11020-2—10A HD11010-2—6A

Six,HD22020-2Module and step-down silicon chain

When using3435Such as wiring, connection control step-down silicon chain between the module and the closing module must add a check to prevent the battery discharge diode, too empty, recoil control module of the battery and the switching module, some step-down silicon chain with this internal check diode, it may not be necessary to increase.

Seven,HD22020-2Transport package of module

becauseHD22020-2Module on the system is to rely on the pin to prevent module slippage, there is no fastening connection with the system. When the system is transported, the module must be removed and shipped individually. No module is installed on the system to transport, otherwise it will cause damage to the system and module.

That's EmersonHD22020-2Seven matters to be paid special attention to when charging module is used.