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Panasonic battery LC-P1265ST lead acid battery free maintenance 12v65ah battery UPS special battery

1.UPS uninterruptible power supply communication system 2. 4. electric power system industry gas 3. 5. 6. emergency lighting system automation control system of 7. fire and security alarm system of 8. solar and wind power system 9. computer standby power supply 10. portable instruments, 11. medical equipment 12. 13. 14 electric vehicle navigation system, UPS power supply 15,

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1. discharge

(Table 1) discharge current and discharge termination voltage

Discharge current (A)

Discharge termination voltage


1.80V/ monomer


1.75V/ monomer


1.60V/ monomer


1.50V/ monomer


1.30V/ monomer





1) battery should not discharge to less than a predetermined termination voltage, otherwise it will lead to excessive discharge, and discharge repeatedly will result in capacity is difficult to restore, to achieve the best efficiency of discharge should be between 0.05-2C, the end of discharge voltage as shown in table 1.

2) please charge quickly after discharge, especially after deep discharge, it should be charged immediately, otherwise, the battery capacity will not be restored.

3) the battery temperature should be controlled at -15 ~ 50 centigrade during discharge.

 2. battery capacity retention

The following factors will affect the service life of the battery:

(1) repetitive deep discharges, especially after repeated shallow charges

(2) environmental temperature is too high

(3) charging, especially a float charge

(4) excessive charging current

(5) if the charged battery is not used for a long time, especially in the high temperature environment, it will lead to the acceleration of the self discharge and the reduction of capacity.

 3. battery storage

The battery should be stored in a cool, dry, ventilated, clean environment, avoid direct sunlight, heat, fire, adequate electricity storage, and every 3-6 months to add a power.

 4. installation and use

(1) please check the appearance of the battery before use

(2) the installation of batteries must be carried out by professionals.

(3) the battery can not be used in closed or high temperature environment (recommended cycle temperature is 5~35 degrees.)

(4) the battery should be evenly stressed when installing and transporting batteries, and the force should be the shell part of the battery, so as to avoid damaging the pole.

(5) the battery in parallel when in use, please press the battery identification "+" and "-" polarity sequence, the distance between the battery cannot be less than 15mm.

(6) in the course of the battery connection, please wear protective gloves, use a torque wrench and other metal tools, insert the metal insulation packaging tools, metal tools and absolutely avoid contact to the battery positive and negative terminals.

(7) if the batteries need to be used in parallel, there is no more than three groups (only) parallel

(8) and the external device before connecting the equipment in a disconnected state, then the battery (Group) of the cathode anode connection equipment, battery (Group) negative extreme negative connecting devices, and tighten the connecting line.

 5. matters needing attention

(1) non professionals do not open the battery, to avoid the danger, if the battery shell rupture, exposed to sulfate, please rinse with plenty of water and seek medical advice.

(2) when using multiple batteries, pay attention to the wiring between batteries is correct, pay attention to short-circuit.

(3) strong vibration or mechanical damage should be avoided during use

(4) use a battery container with upper and lower air vents to dissipate heat.

(5) please don't let the rainwater fall into the battery or immerse the battery in the water.

(6) battery cleaning please use the wet cloth to dry, do not use a dry cloth or brush, do not use the chemical cleaning agent battery.

(7) do not mix the same capacity in the same box, different from the old and new, different battery manufacturers