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Fuyuan Northeast specialty farmhouse backyard pig raising wild mountain soil pork Jilin stupid pork fine row of flesh

Authentic Black spiced pork meat without hormone free feed green smell mellow entrance soft waxy creamy ribs 5 pound free distribution, into the store, welcome to!

discount 70% in 2018-09-23 to 2018-09-25
price: USD$ 37.10
freight :USD$18.00,(Express)
freight :USD$7.00,(Postal parcel)
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Pro before buying, please read




1. is the backyard black pork is not authentic?

We are the black pork farmers autotrophic growth in the northeast, the unique climate and environment in Jilin Province Dongfeng County and air environment, our black pig is a wild, pure mountain mountain contracted home run, with vegetables, wild herbs, grain as the staple food, drink is high in quality spring water, water and air are level, large amount of exercise, the sunshine time is long, have killed more than 1 years, healthy and delicious meat, mellow delicious, high nutritional value. Very different from ordinary black pig meat, we need meat than ordinary black pork to cook for 10-20 minutes.Taobao seckill low prices on the false black pig. My black pig solemnly promise to you, without any hormone clenbuterol without water.



2. pork fat?

Our earth black pig is a long time so it is really a little fat, but fat but not greasy, delicious mellow quality, the birth of general 3 4 to feed pork slaughter some months, in order to improve the lean meat rate are additive or clenbuterol like food for a long time is certainly not healthy and no meat should be some fragrance. Warm reminder: there is not love the little friend please select fertilizer before and after leg or ribs!



3. how fresh, fresh?

We are booked in advance, the day of slaughter of fresh pork, kill a good segmentation frozen row of acid, then vacuum packaging bag and sealed in a foam thermostat, coupled with the outer box, ensure receipt is very fresh! Sometimes the cold heat will have water, not water, please rest assured that food!




4. about shipping and logistics?

In order to let parents are the first time to taste our pork, allJust send sf! , (northeast, Shandong, Hebei, Beijing Tianjin wing, with 5 pounds of SF air shipping) other areas under 6 pounds shipping or contact customer service delivery and freight price change,(except in remote areas)





1, northeast black pig, long growth cycle, fat pork is relatively thick, fat, fat ratio in 4:1 or even higher, less fat and more loveDon't buy too much Oh, of course, if the love Braised pork in brown sauce, pork is the best choice.
2, hind leg meat is lean a little more suitable for cooking.
3, is quick leg (because of the regular activities of pig foreleg), hindquarters slightly a little fertilizer than, more suitable for sausage, dumplings etc.
4, what position the meat Pro Wangwang tell me the location and weight, I reckon the shopkeeper
The price of your order to change the price of goods. Independent shopping with pork meat before and after general collocation etc..
The price of pork:
Pork 33 yuan / kg
Before and after the leg of 38/ pounds
Pork meat(bones)33/ Jin
Pure meat (lean legs) 43 yuan / kg
Ribs 43 yuan / kg
Black pig bones.
28 yuan / kg
Pig's trotters 33 yuan / kg 



The price is included in the freight, please after you eat pork
This value is not worth knowing.

This is my home in the county of the entity store


This is just finished killing black pig in cutting meat

Meat (not eat fat customers which is preferred)


When the farmers market stalls


Ham and lean meat

Meat (pork waist for Braised pork in brown sauce, mashed garlic, steamed Braised Pork etc.)

Black pig bone stew longer taste more delicious



Leg (front and back fat but relatively thick, fat but not greasy)


This is my mountain mountain black pig run


My pig dog plane, ha ha




Pure nature wild night left the mountains do not keep in captivity


This is the harvest season when Feng Shou harvest


Our winter black pig still foraging in the snow run