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Genuine salt water softener salt water softener to soften the special offer for industrial salt ion exchange resin regeneration agent

The product is specially processed into granules and is suitable for various soft water machines. The product is advanced in technology, uniform in density, strong in regeneration ability of ion exchange resin, good in use effect and prolonged service life.

discount 70% in 2018-09-22 to 2018-09-24
price: USD$ 33.60
freight :USD$18.00,(Express)
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 The characteristics of salt water softener salt:

The purity of 1, salt water softener salt as high as 99.3%.
2, salt water softener salt without hard material, booty and sediment, to avoid fouling the water softener.
3, salt water softener salt shape consistency, not bypass, not a lump, ensure the quality and efficiency of soft water.
4, salt water softener salt add special additives, performance is better than any other water softener salt, it can double the removal of impurities in the water, the water softener capacity than other water softener salt is 2 times higher than the ability of removing ferric ion is 6 times the normal salt, to make soft water machine efficiency, reduce maintenance, prolong life, high-performance protective equipment.
5, salt water softener salt removal "hard" material than ordinary salt 5%.
Benefits of soft water:
1, boiling water will not scale, electric thermos bottle can be assured;
2, soft water bath, delicate skin smooth;
3, shower nozzle will never clog, high-grade bathroom luster forever;
4, soft water wash clothes, say goodbye softener, soft and fluffy;
5, independent heating without fouling, high thermal efficiency, and safe;
6, living with soft water, save a lot of washing supplies, save housework time.
The usage of soft water salt:
1, if you are the new machine, the first time after adding salt, add 1-2 liters of tap water into the salt tank, you can help salt melting.
2, the normal amount of a specific and depends on how much water softener salt bucket capacity: 55 cm high machine one can probably add 1-2 bags, 60-70 cm high machine can add 3-4 package, 70-120 cm high machine can add 5-12 package, one can split machine 5-12 package, 2/3-3/4 can be added to the general salt barrels. Of course, one fill up and one package a bag of salt, salt consumption is the same.
3, the consumption of soft water salt is proportional to water consumption and soft water index.
4, the use of soft water machine attention, soft water machine as long as the continuous salt, power will continue to work.
High salt water softener salt is suitable for various brands of soft water machine:EcoWater, Culligan, Emmett, grace Eriel, Pentair, canature (Ben Tai)Water softener.
The product has been specially processedEfficientThe removal of hardness (calcium, magnesium and other impurities in the water some water base), reduction of resin regeneration, makes your water moreClean and clearFor a long time to maintain the water supply pipeline unobstructed, no scale, no residue after use, no odor.

Different from other soft water salts:Pure white, no impurity,Sodium content is in line withNational standard