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Rui brand battery, FC12-1712V17AH battery, UPS uninterruptible power supply, fire engine battery

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MCA battery - product characteristics:

Maintenance is simple

When charging, most of the oxygen produced in the battery is absorbed by the plate and reduced to electrolyte, and there is no electrolyte reduction.

Liquid retention high

The electrolyte is absorbed in a special separator to keep it in a state of no flow, so it can be used even if it falls. (not more than 90 degrees beyond)

Safety performance excellence

Too much gas can be released due to extreme overcharge operation errors to prevent battery rupture.

Self discharge electrode is small

Using special lead alloy to produce grid, the minimum self discharge is controlled.

It has long service life and good economy

The grid - battery adopts special lead calcium alloy corrosion resistance good, while using a special partition can keep the electrolyte, and also with strong compression positive plate active material -, prevent the loss, it is a kind of long service life, the battery.

Internal resistance is small

Because of the small internal resistance, the discharge characteristics of high current are good.

Good recovery ability after deep discharge

In case of long-term discharge, as long as the full charge, basically no capacity reduction, can quickly recover.

List of MCA batteries -12V products

Product features

1. Adopting tight assembly technology, it has excellent high rate discharge performance.
2, the special design, the battery in use process, the amount of liquid will almost no reduction, no need to add water during service life.
3, unique corrosion resistant grid alloy, long service life.
4, all use high-purity raw materials, the battery self discharge electrode is small.
5, using gas recombination technology, the battery has high sealing reaction efficiency, no acid precipitation, safety and environmental protection, no pollution.
6, the use of special design and high reliable sealing technology, to ensure that the battery sealed, safe and reliable use.

application area
1, communication: automobile telephone, mobile telephone system, portable radio transmitter, portable terminal.
2, power: electric tools, toys, portable vacuum cleaner, unmanned handling robot.
3. Signal system, emergency lighting system, security system.
4, EPS and UPS systems.
5. Other portable equipment or portable tools power supply

To choose our reasons,

Integrity, convenience, fast, so that our service concept, we only do powerRui Rui brand batterySystem, because of specialty, so excellent, only in UPSPower system, we can do anything...Professional sales, first-class service, for your units, companies, families to provide safe and reliable power solutions.

In addition, the company has long been the Beijing branch of Bank of ChinaChinese Acad Fishery Sci/Academy of Military Sciences/Jackie Chan international Studios/Miyun government/Beijing Hydrology Bureau/China Mobile/Industrial and Commercial Bank of Beijing/Shougang Hebei branch/China Telecom/Harbin Pharmaceutical Group/Datang Electric Power Group/Fangda special steel and other state-owned enterprises and institutions to provide excellent brand authentic goodsRui Rui brand batteryProfessional supply channels, price advantage obvious, customers reflect good...

We also set up offices around the country, regularly for the power supply of major unitsRui Rui brand batteryRoutine maintenance and maintenance to maximize the life of the battery power, won the praise of customers

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Rui Rui brand batteryProduct quality assurance commitment

1Pre sale technical consultation: it can help users design and provide technical consultation free of charge.
2Delivery date and delivery place: guaranteed to deliver to the designated place on time within the stipulated time.
3Installation supervisor: responsible for equipment installation, commissioning and technical guidance according to the requirements of the buyer.
4The product inspection, trial operation, and actively cooperate with the final inspection: the inspection of equipment, commissioning and final inspection work, and can be used for testing the performance of the product according to the user's requirements, to ensure the normal operation of equipment.