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The factory sells all kinds of non-standard cutting tools, double cylinder big mouth forming milling cutter, double cylinder big hole precision reamer

Material: hard alloy material, good wear resistance, high efficiency: a plurality of stepped hole composite one-time processing high precision in place: a clamping hole forming, the good concentricity of factory outlets. To undertake non scalar customization

discount 70% in 2018-10-21 to 2018-10-23
price: USD$ 70.00
freight :USD$18.00,(Express)
freight :USD$7.00,(Postal parcel)
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Brand: hanhang brand


Material: hard alloy material, good wear resistance

Suitable for non metal, cast iron, aluminum, abrasive tools, copper, stainless steel, A3 steel and other metal and quenching and tempering parts processing

Acceptance of non-standard!

Customized production project with non-standard cutting tools:
1. To order all kinds of welding alloy non-standard milling cutter, compound step drill, reamer angle milling cutter, angle reamer,
2, welding composite drilling reamer, welding spiral milling cutter, drill. Chamfering cutter. Dovetail cutter blade cutter, three
3, BT40BT50 hilt, powerful handle, common milling machine handle
4, corn milling cutter, indexable cutter head, cutter rod customized
5. production of various non-standard centers

Product features

High efficiency: multiple ladder composite hole one-time processing in place

High precision: one time clamping forming, concentricity of each hole is good

Welding alloy molding tool basically forming reamer in cast iron valve screw threads generally requires three steps: first drill a hole; and then use the minimum thread diameter drill reamer tapping before processing to the last tapping. In order to improve the machining efficiency of the step forming hole, the welding alloy forming cutter can be used to complete the multi process merging in one processing.


Order must read

1And because of the particularity of the mechanical processing industry, general machinery processing Tongren in order to save costs and start moving towards specialization, process centralized, efficient processing mode transformation process is simple, the product range of flow volume, so in determining the purchase, please contact with the customer service, to see if the spot. In general, we can be in stock24Hours issued, if out of stock I will inform you the goods, so as not to delay your emergency. Non standard customized delivery time: common simple tool delivery time is7-10 days, such as special specifications to order for10-20Around the sky.

2Before the product is sent outWe will carefully check and ensure the delivery time of the recipient was flawless and perfect, please carefully check the packaging, the product is in good condition, and when the carrier surface inspection receipt. If the quantity of the product is not paid or damaged before receipt, please sign the refund on the original surface of the carrier, and the buyer will negotiate with the carrier. If the above three cases are found after receipt, the seller and the transport party are not responsible for any loss, and all the losses are borne by the buyers themselves.

3Please,As soon as the customer receives the goods and accepts the goods without problems, as soon as possible1-2Confirm receipt within days, if there are problems in time to inform, or in time for your handling; in receipt of goods1-2No confirmation or contact with the owner is considered the goods received by the buyerError free. After asking the owner to replace or say that the goods have problems, I am not responsible for the department! Please buyers know! Thank You for Your Cooperation!

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