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Customization of double jacketed beaker 100ml jacketed glass beaker photocatalytic reactor

discount 70% in 2018-09-19 to 2018-09-21
price: USD$ 133.00
freight :USD$18.00,(Express)
freight :USD$7.00,(Postal parcel)
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Buyers must read before reading

Note: according to your requirements, different specifications, different models, customized products, 3-7 working days can be shipped, such as large volume can ask customer service.

[on materials]All cargo sizes are in millimeters (mm). Materials are: borosilicate glass GG-17 material.

[about customization]:Customization of special specifications instruments customers must communicate with customer service to confirm each other, to arrange payment processing, such as processing products are not in place, re processing and customer service negotiation, but not to return, the restaurant does not take other reasons to return or refund, please understand!

[about delivery]If there is no special requirement for the delivery address, we will send the goods according to the address registered by the buyers,Because the products belong to the particularity of glass products, so according to the different product delivery period is different, after the payment, the shopkeeper will tell you the delivery time according to the product you ordered. The logistics department will issue the goods for you at the first time in the workshop. Buyers who ask for immediate payment after delivery please be careful.

[on freight]Because products are glass products is fragile, so the warehouse before packaging will strengthen the packaging, so as not to cause the pro time loss, volume weight will be larger than the average, the freight is high corresponding to some Oh, this must be your understanding. (special product or extended products sent to remote areas we will require customized wooden boxes, shipment, if you cannot accept the kiss, please take, do not accept custom wooden losses are not responsible, oh) have special requirements, please contact the shopkeeper. The default freight is for reference only, the freight of all the products in the store is settled in the actual amount, in order to maximize your savings. The default express of small pieces is Zhong Tong Shen in turn. Bulk goods (more than 20kg, or orders over 800 yuan), the logistics company, you can specify, generally, Seoul ARIMA Kakichi, or logistics, choice of postal logistics can be part of the city.

[about acceptance]Please pay attention to check whether the goods are damaged or not, for the goods which need to sign first and then open the package to check. All the goods we sent are packed in cartons, and the integrity of the packages is noticed by the customers when they receive the goods!And be sure to open the inspection in front of the delivery personnel! If you can, please open a good inspection, confirm the signature and sign againIf the quality caused by the damage caused by the parcel transport, after receipt of the shop is not responsible for. If the delivery is not allowed, can look at your receipt and asked the deliveryman unpacking inspection, if found packaging carton is open or find the goods distribution error or serious damage to the goods, after receipt of the goods may refuse to sign, and a telephone contact with us, to ensure your interest! If you leave the address of company, business unit or school, please contact the company reception, colleagues or mail room like to inform you in advance to explain, personally sign, if not personally sign, please inform the people necessary to unpacking inspection, if you failed to unpacking inspection (note as the sign: generation package), and sign with the loss of machinery and accessories, the number of discrepancies, such serious damage, so sorry, we claim to the third party logistics is also your deprivation, so please your responsibility, we are unable to offer any help!No freight transport100%The safety of each person is responsible for their own should do, what happens is well resolved, the loss can also be avoided.Due to the particularity of the product (glass products), it is important to remember whether the goods are damaged or not, and if there is any breakage, the seller must contact the seller for the first time,

About after saleThe general quality problems Baotuibaohuan (customized product rebate does not change), a cost the buyer, in order to avoid the comic spoof, back freight buyers need temporary advance to the seller after the receipt of the goods will be paid directly to the buyer through Alipay, do not accept returns to pay!

No reason to return within 7 days.(exemption clause: the merchandise has been removed, no matter what the reason is not returned).
Return premise:1. the start time is the express delivery time.
2. maintain the integrity of the packaging, unopened, unpacking means that we can't sell for second times, we have removed the packaging products to you, I think you don't want, after unpacking the products, non quality problems will not be refunds, keep packing neat, not dirty, no surface dirt, paint etc..
3. return cost:Because buyers reason to return, the buyer product return freight, the seller does not refund freight only refund (according to the actual purchase price of the product), the sellers, buyers bear all expenses of this shop, freight prepaid, goods receipt, the seller to the buyer designated account prepaid expenses.
We can open the ordinary machine invoice 17% invoice.

200 yuan to invoice, need additional tax increase point. If necessary, please contact customer service.

We have the spirit of mutual understanding, mutual benefit and customer service service dept. to solve various objections. In the store shopping orders, once the order is deemed to have read and agree to the above said.

Thanks to new and old customers for a long time for our support, we will redouble our efforts to perfect our services can bring you satisfied, happy shopping!