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LED light emitting words, metal wiredrawing stainless steel backlight characters, metal high foot back color, titanium rose pyramid

discount 70% in 2018-10-22 to 2018-10-24
price: USD$ 1.96
freight :USD$18.00,(Express)
freight :USD$7.00,(Postal parcel)
Minimum Order Quantity:5
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setProduct first, you have to do what the word size and the number of types is not clear, can send pictures CDR format or other methods, or file. Click on the picture and want to contact customer service or Cheung said that can call our phone13814957774                                 [services]

  • Metal type:
    According to the word of metal material and process classification, including stainless steel mirror, stainless steel wire drawing stainless steel word word, word, word, stainless steel flat spherical stainless steel, stainless steel spray paint word words, words, words of solid stainless steel stainless steel plating, stainless steel, stainless steel, gold spherical word word word, Jinggong stainless steel titanium and titanium ball surface plane word word, Seiko titanium, plane and spherical Tongzi Tongzi, word, word, antique copper copper aluminum characters, tin paint word.
    LED luminous words:

    Luminous characters mainly LED as light source, including LED back light source luminous characters, LED luminous characters, LED stainless steel punching exposed LED luminous characters, Aluminum Alloy luminous characters, LED luminous characters, acrylic paint tin LED planar LED luminous characters, acrylic plastic light.

    Indicating system:
    The classification indicator system according to the use, including residential signs, parking lot entrance signs, signs, business signs, street signs, campus signs, floor signs, door signs, guide signs traffic signs, safety exit signs, park signs, flowers, cards etc. indication sign.

    Pre purchase notice
    A store, all products for customized products,Do not imagine the purchase of goods, before buying carefully to see the product description and display pictures, if there is no clear place, please ask more about, what are the special requirements, please in advance, the owner must truthfully inform beforehand, ask clear problems caused will not serve as a basis for the assessment and bad review the.

    Two,The goods due to their different display settings, shooting light and other factors, there may be color, this is also the owner cannot control, to exist by domestic materials tolerances (3 mm in 2 materials. Between 5 to 3 mm, 5 mm, 5 mm in between 4.5 to 8 mm in between 7 to 8, 10 between 9 to 10 mm, 12 mm in between 11 to 12) so there is no quality problems in the factory, if ordered in batches of imported materials with specific price higher than the original price. Three points like fruit at all can not accept the color or material tolerances of Amoy friends, please consider carefully before buying! No color or material problems as tolerance assessment and negative basis.

    Three,The owner before shipment, each product has to carefully check the goods seized, as far as possible to ensure the quality of products, but there may be a slight defect is not worth mentioning, does not affect the appearance and use, perfectionist and take a magnifying glass inspection Amoy friends please bypass!! If there is a major problem, please contact with the owner! Certain to solve properly, thank you very much!

    Four,Each commodity has its own price, the owner is as far as possible to ensure to provide high quality and inexpensive goods, but the personal values, a penny goods! This factory is optimistic about the long-term cooperation.

    Calculation method: one meter by the meter, such as the word 60CM is 0.6 meters, the non Affirmative font is calculated according to the long side: such as the calculation of 100*70CM words in 1 meters; more than one meter per square calculation such as: length 1.2* width 1.2 m word that the total =1.2 =1.44 square meters *1.2 meters.

    The customer must provide orders:

    1. door materials: such as aluminum plate, glass, colour steel buckle, or other special materials
    2. light installation height: if it is a large font, hollowed out behind the formwork welding installation requires it, please advance statement, we will make the master told attention and need to be equipped with the installation materials
    If the client to design, please provide the background color and advertising content word size
    Customers design their own good file please provide CorelDRAW or PLT files
    Customers can according to their own business and love, choose any literal, word, font

    The cost of packaging:

    We are all light wooden packaging. Wooden packing fee of 50 yuan, according to the word size with cost-effective packaging costs, please contact customer service. (in fact, the packaging fee is wood costs money, and even the workers basic wages are not enough, we are workers free of charge to the customer production, mainly in order to ensure the safety of the goods)

    Buyer tips:

    Dear, thank you for your trust and support of the store, in order to better our cooperation, I implore you before the baby photographed to spend a few minutes to read the following content:

    All our baby are customized products, because of the particularity of the baby, take payment will not be refund! After the final version cannot be changed! Please take the customer to accept.
    We will do our best to make each customer customized products, but the product is not a work of art is not fine, you want to enjoy the art quality standards to our products, I'm sorry, we really can not do.
    Making plans for the light / view / display and other reasons there will be color, specific to the entity as the standard, causes luminous characters or dynamic words capture time / light will have different color or color transform, paint products, computer renderings will be color with the physical map, in order to prevail in kind, can not accept the color of the customer please take!
    A sign for confirmation.
    Most of us choose express delivery, or sign before the sign please be sure to check whether the goods in good condition, such as to give the first sign of the stock, please help to check the carrier, the scene, if you have any questions, please call our telephone contact with us, we will actively help you solve. Once the goods are removed, we will not be liable for loss in transit. Relevant situation and corresponding processing methods:
    A) damaged or soiled. Please reject it on the spot and contact us by telephone. Our company will resend it promptly;
    (B) lack of goods, please call me, our company will promptly reissue the corresponding goods;
    C) send out the wrong product, please call us, we will exchange it in time.
    Solemn declaration:
    1. please buyers personally sign, if the buyer designated to sign, the seller will be regarded as the buyer himself sign;
    2. please buyers before receipt must first check after receipt;
    3. after the buyer sign, the seller of logistics losses, including but not limited to damage, fracture, lack of parts, etc., no longer bear any responsibility and obligation;
    4. installation class and customized products after completion of more than 1 months, buyers only require me to send or install the need to charge storage costs 5 yuan / day, more than half a year did not contact us as non main goods processing;
    This statement is an integral part of the offer of the goods. Whether the buyer has read it or not, it will be agreed upon after the buyer has photographed the goods.

    Two. Return the goods
    A) subjective factors: due to the special nature of online shopping, there is not personally feeling physical defects, as expected to receive goods and other subjective reasons, not the quality of the products or our errors, in does not affect the two sales - including but not limited to, the goods in good condition, packing case can contact and we need to return, the return postage borne by you
    B): if the quality problems of product quality problems, our company will provide you free, positive return, and bear the return shipping back and forth and a small gift for compensation, it is recommended that you will issue shot into digital images through the Internet came to us, to prove that the product quality problems, to avoid unnecessary trouble thank you for your cooperation!
    C) color: many factors display different parameters and photographic techniques, physical and pictures more or less color is difficult to avoid, we will try to show you the kind of color, the color is very sensitive please buy carefully friends Oh, please at the relevant shop again after our purchase confirmation card.
    (E) customized products are not accepted unless they are returned. The so-called custom product refers to the specified production including, but not limited to size, content and style!
    F) all design products will be accepted without payment refund!

    Three. Evaluation
    Bad communication is usually because they have not misunderstand, is very important for our evaluation, each friend so you have any complaints or problems after the receipt of goods, please contact the Secretary for me to communicate, so that we understand the situation, to communicate with you to seek to solve the problem, if unsuccessful communication. I reserve the right of complaint! I hope our cooperation will be long and pleasant!

    Four. Delivery
    It is hoped that the buyer will leave the correct and detailed receipt address and telephone number so that the goods can not be delivered to your hand or returned on time. Therefore, the loss will be borne by the buyer in principle. Also if you when the baby photographed leaving the phone or the wrong address, the recipient information, please as soon as possible to remake the baby, because we use the software to collect data, unable to identify the relevant address information in the location of the note you left. Even if you want to inform us or otherwise, you may still have a bias. Please confirm the remote area available express company name, and the statement at the time of purchase, otherwise we will be changed to deliver or express parcels and return the extra freight.
    A: please please on the day the order before 12 in the afternoon to play, (see Alipay trading) after the 3-7 working days of delivery, if the number is more, the two sides negotiate the delivery time.

    Because of the uncertainty of transportation, we only promise delivery time, do not promise the arrival time, the time of arrival of our reply to the customer is the normal case