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No. five furnace barbecue furnace mud Hot pot buffei tea soup stove burning cement charcoal furnace furnace

Better workmanship, better quality; mud pot hot pot, mud oven barbecue, taste more pure, hot pot barbecue can be. Samples sent by courier, bulk logistics. Welcome to customize and wholesale agent, big wholesale is logistics, private custom can contact 13407041616.

discount 70% in 2018-10-23 to 2018-10-25
price: USD$ 60.90
freight :USD$18.00,(Express)
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Can be customized according to customer needs of various furnaces (stoves can provide pictures and specifications), the stove can also be added on the name, LOGO name, etc., need to please contact telephone 13407041616 (custom cycle is very long, at least 1 months or more)!


Baby description

Model: hot pot 5

Specifications: outer diameter (caliber): 21cm; height: 15.5cm;

Because the clay stove is made by hand, so the actual specifications of each furnace have some errors, hope to understand!

About the color: the color of each furnace mud furnace are not the same (mainly partial red and white two kinds of partial), color obsessive customers before goods photographed please contact customer service, the default random delivery!!!

Product display

Notice of mud furnace operation

1 the first use of mud or mud furnace furnace is wet, the fire a little bit better, let the mud furnace have a process of adaptation, so that the mud oven service life will be longer, more durable.

The 2 part is the internal black mud furnace refractory clay, fired kiln is added, is not after firing, so the new furnace refractory mud is easy to loose, in the transport in the individual will shake out a seam, this can be a little water to refractory mud wet, then a gap is. No; not even deal with the gap, but also does not affect the use.

3 new scrubbing process, pay attention to the protection of the furnace refractory clay, refractory clay is relatively easy to fall in the furnace furnace before use, after use, will be very strong refractory mud

The 4 mud stove is best placed in the ventilation after a successful fire

5, the use of mud furnace can not be placed in the water bubble, you can take plates, thick pieces of paper, heat insulation tray.

6The mud surface of furnace residual soup or tea water, without cleaning, this will produce a natural patina effect, very simple makeup mud oven with the birth of time.

7 usually family use, if careful use and proper maintenance, can use for 2 years.

8 restaurant frequency is more frequent, and the degree of care is far less than the family use, so the general restaurant service life is about 3~12 months. The specific circumstances refer entirely to the owner's method of use, which cannot be referenced in detail and the absolute value of a service life.

Charcoal fire method

First, put the mechanism carbon on the gas stove and burn it, then put it into the stove.

Two, with solid alcohol to start the fire, the carbon in solid alcohol around, pay attention to the overhead, it is easier to ignite, this method is suitable for the original charcoal and carbon mixed mechanism, because the mechanism of carbon is difficult to burn.