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60s very cool silky double naked four sets of reactive printing of Tencel linen quilt bedding Millennium porcelain rhyme

Golden sun, tschirnhausen, jiayusi, dongdixing companies such as fabric. Lead you to a 8 hour sleep oxygen bar to give you a comfortable, high sleep experience! 60s Tencel fabric feels silky soft and smooth, with good skin, especially in spring and summer, no stuffiness, good gloss, softness, hygroscopicity and antibacterial properties, its noble quality, naked bed products, is a leading textile products inside!

discount 70% in 2018-09-21 to 2018-09-23
price: USD$ 313.60
freight :USD$18.00,(Express)
freight :USD$7.00,(Postal parcel)
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Product Name: 60sThe activity of Tencel printing four pieces

trumpetSpecification: fit1.5 meters wide (or 1.8 meters wide)Bed useSpecial price 428 yuan

200 x 230cm quilt cover
245 x 250cm sheets (European style fillet)
48 x 74cm pillowcase two pieces

TubaSpecification: fit1.8 meters wide (or 2 meters wide)Bed useSpecial price 448 yuan

220 x 240cm quilt cover
245 x 270cm sheets (European style fillet)
48 x 74cm pillowcase two pieces

Packing instructions:PVC simple packageMake sure you don't get dirty(for gift box plus 20 yuan)

Tips [tips]Many MM do not know is to buy European bed skirt or bedspread, bed skirt, bedspread and bed skirt style difference, bedspread can be fixed on the mattress is not moving, European style bed skirt was laid on the mattress on the 1.5 and 1.8 bed and mattress size can not universal, if 1.5 and 1.8 the bed at home any proposal to buy European.

[Characteristics] Tencel
   Tencel fabric with cotton and polyester "comfort" strength "," luxury wool fabric and silk "unique beauty" and "soft touch" Pendant ", either in dry or wet state, are very tough. In wet state, it is the first cellulose fiber that is much stronger in wet strength than in cotton. One hundred percent natural materials, coupled with environmentally friendly manufacturing processes, so that the way of life to protect the natural environment based, fully cater to the needs of modern consumers, and green environmental protection. General Tencel with: 1, soft cotton, 2 polyester high tenacity, 3 hairy warm.

Products: Tencel Tencel fiber is mainly coniferous wood pulp, water and solvent mixed amine oxide, heating to dissolve completely, any derivatives and chemical effects will not occur in the dissolution process, the impurity and direct spinning, its molecular structure is simple carbohydrates.

Tencel fiber can be completely decomposed in the soil, no pollution to the environment; in addition, used in the production of amine oxide solvent completely harmless to the human body, almost complete recovery can be used repeatedly, in the production of raw materials of pulp cellulose molecules contained no chemical change, no by-products, no waste discharged outside the factory, environmental protection green fiber.

    Tencel fiber is currently the world's set of natural fibers and synthetic fibers in one of the advantages of a new generation of fiber. The fabric feel smooth, good air permeability, drapability, with silk luster, texture both cotton and silk feeling, feeling, high strength, good dimensional stability, good washability, unique touch, graceful and dynamic, breathable, elegant luster, give a person comfortable, full of texture and noble generous feeling. Anti mite anti static and has strong durability, good elasticity, easy to wrinkle, easy care and washing, feel very comfortable

[identification] Tencel
1, feel soft: Tencel fabric reflecting soft, gentle color Hikaruzawa Yumi. Rather than reflecting dim or non pure Tencel Tencel, or no reflective. Some imitation reflection is strong, not pure Tencel like soft and elegant light.
2, such as silk like feel: Tencel fabric is soft, smooth, and close to the silk, hanging straight, elegant and good. Non Tencel or non pure Tencel fabric is obviously too hard, all in fabric, Tencel fabric softness only can be comparable with silk.

3, the fabric strength: the strength of Tencel fabric is higher than cellulose fiber strength of all, better wear resistance, and small shrinkage. It is very ductile in dry and wet state. Especially in wet state, it is the first cellulose fiber that is much stronger than cotton in wet strength. More intuitively, pure Tencel fabric is very strong, not easy to damage, extremely wear-resistant.

 Reactive printing and dyeing]

1, also known as reactive dyes, reactive dyes, which contain active genes can react with fiber molecules, dyeing and printing process, the activity of genes and fiber dyes combine, making dyes and fibers to form a whole, so that the fabric dust, excellent performance, high cleanness, long washing does not fade.
2, the chemical composition of reactive dyes basically do not contain harmful substances, especially azo and formaldehyde content is zero, so active dyes to ensure environmental protection, harmless to the human body.
3, reactive printing and dyeing process is a chemical printing method, by printing, steaming, washing, dye and fiber covalent cross-linking chemical reaction.
4, reactive dye printing process is more complex, printing after steaming, fixing color, and then desizing soap wash, open format. Generally used only for cotton fabrics.
5. Reactive printing has bright color, good color fastness, strong printing force, soft handle, and dark color on the back of cloth.

[high count and high density]

1, the branch refers to the fabric of yarn thickness, textile professional called yarn count, the higher the number, the finer the yarn, woven fabric is more delicate, more solid. It must be more than 40 yarns to be called high counts.
2, dense refers to the density of the fabric, textile professional is called warp and weft density, that is, per square inch of fabric arranged in the warp and weft the sum of the root number, the more the number of roots, the higher the density. Only 200 or more fabrics per square inch can be called high density.

Washing, maintenance and collection

1, please use neutral detergent, can not use bleach, washing ability of the stronger washing powder, the stronger the chemical, will certainly aggravate the phenomenon of floating color, it is recommended to use liquid detergent cleaning.
2, wash water temperature should not exceed 35 degrees, soaking time can not be too long, generally do not need more than 15 minutes. Please adjust the washing machine program to gentle washing.
3, bought back with cold water soak time after use, can be washed off the pulp and printing and dyeing floating color surface, so it would be relatively soft, but also can make the color solid.
4, after washing, please drip dry, moderate temperature ironing, not in the sun exposure.
5, after drying, fold neatly, put into the wardrobe, and put in the right amount of camphor bags.


1, dark fabric washing will have normal float color phenomenon, and this is a completely different concept of fading, is a normal phenomenon, if not accepted, please buy carefully!
2. The pattern of the pillowcase is randomly cut by the computer, that is to say, the position of the flower is not necessarily consistent with the picture.There is a slight error in color and detail. Please refer to the material object! It must be stressed that the kind with the pictures do not rule out the details, such as sheets, pillowcases, quilt edge color collocation with the picture is not exactly the same, but will not affect the appearance, in fact more often than real pictures with the beautiful, good-looking, so on this point, please do not read read the buyer to the seller, so bad oh.

3, because the photography environment and different light, different display resolution and other objective reasons, so the goods you see color and kind may exist difference, different locations!

Seven days no reason to return

The shops commitment from the date of receipt of the goods the customer within 7 days, if the goods and packaging to keep the shops sell original damage and accessories complete, we will provide return service. In order to ensure the interests of buyers to ensure that buyers with confidence no worries in the network transactions, we promise based on our reason, resulting in the buyer is not satisfied with the goods from the time of receipt is calculated within 7 days, can enjoy the return service within 7 days. In addition, if the buyer receives the goods found that he is not like the style is not his own want or other reasons, you can apply.

Other shopping instructions

1, in order to better protect the interests of buyers, please buyers receive the parcel in the sign before, should carefully check whether the packaging is damaged, at the same time, face to face with the delivery personnel out of the box (package) check the goods, if you sign, as your identity to the goods without other problems. So the goods you return must be equally intact. Quality issues unconditional refund, replacement (seller assumes round-trip freight);
2, flower type problem unconditional refund, exchange (buyers bear back and forth postage and must ensure that goods do not affect the two sales);
3, because the computer indicates the existence of objective color difference between images and real color, in this range the company do not accept returns; beyond the scope of color, can accept returns (the buyer return postage and must ensure that the product does not affect the two sales)
4, special specifications will not be returned!
5, if the buyers need to return, please contact us to confirm before return, return, shop refused to pay back, mail postage shall pay, in case the Seller shall bear the freight, please advance settlement.

[mailing instructions] 

  Postage note: Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Shanghai, Guangdong, Fujian, Shandong, Anhui, Jiangxi, Beijing, Tianjin, Henan, Hebei, Hubei, Hunan, the Republic of china! More than fourteen provinces express to express, not to send E Po, the rest 10 yuan express company or E Po, Tibet, Xinjiang, Taiwan, Hongkong, Macao, and other remote areas overseas nopostage! Thanks!!!

We need to send our customer service notes and note in the notes. If not explained clearly, the store will be sent randomly

If you need gift packaging, plus 20 yuan cost, gift weight is relatively large, which generated postage buyers assume themselves

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