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Panasonic/ Panasonic F-VXM70-K air purifier disinfection machine deodorant formaldehyde haze without supplies

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Panasonic/ Panasonic F-VXM70-K/TM/W air purifier

Removal of PM2.5 anti haze September 7, 2016 latest flagship

Six powerful sensors, to achieve various functions, to ensure family health

The most toxic polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) in PM2.5 were removed to remove planktonic bacteria and viruses in the air

The latest technology, without replacing the filter (available for 10 years, ultra long life) and filter element

Japanese new products

Remind you, you must use the transformer!! Can not directly plug in the domestic power, one plug on 100% burned.

Recommended to buy a new British 212A (please Taobao looking for "new British 212A"), stable and reliable, I bought my parents to buy a Japanese purifier with this transformer for three years. 

Panasonic purifier listed in 2013 is VXJ series, has long been discontinued.
14 years in September is the VXK series, 15 years in September is VXL, 16 years in September, the latest is VXM series
The more high-end models, the bigger the number. VXK90, for example, is the best flagship in 14 years.
14 years of machine grades ranging from low to high are VXK40, VXK55, VXK70, VXK90
15 years of machines ranking from low to high are VXL40, VXL55, VXL70, VXL90
The newest machine in 16 yearsThe order from low to high is VXM40, VXM55, VXM70, VXM90
Panasonic also has two names, such as F-VXL55, also known as F-VC55XL, VXL70, also called VC70XL, the same commodity

The precision is up to 0.3 microns, and all micro particles can be removed accurately

Six kinds of sensors, to achieve various functions, to ensure family health

As long as people move, they bring pollen / dust. When the purifier monitors the pollen, dust spreads throughout the room!

So the sensor can be cleaned before the pollen goes on, reducing the amount of inhaled dust

The lighting sensor can sense the brightness of the room, automatically reduce brightness and operate sound, so that sleep can be avoided

Odor sensor, automatic detection of various flavors, to ensure that the family fresh air

Including cigarette flavor, pet odor, body odor, chemical gas, cooking fumes, kitchen garbage and so on

Humidity sensor, automatically adjust room humidity (also can choose to like standard humidity, or high / low humidity)

PM2.5 parser. 0.1 micron -2.5 micron particles can capture 99% effectively!

Automatically determine whether there is a large number of particles, if the concentration is high, will automatically adopt different air flow, air flow corresponding

Automatic operation can reduce the bacteria and dust on the bed (more than 70%)

4 kinds of air flow control mode, according to the model or computer automatic judgment, effective against different dust bacteria

Dust collector, electrostatic HEPA filter, and super Nano deodorant screen with activated carbon are 10 years free of change

The most toxic polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) in PM2.5 were removed to remove planktonic bacteria and viruses in the air

To prevent the proliferation of 8 molds, so that the home from mildew


When humidification, the ion sterilization, mildew proof, does not cause the two pollution.

The ion generator is not required to be replaced (recommended for cleaning once a month)


Keep close to the wall (1cm) and make room more comfortable

Intelligent operation, powerful power saving


Four intelligent modes, 1. regular operation 2. automatic memory cleaning time, 3. people inductor 4. sleep monitoring

60% more than ordinary purifier

The installation, disassembly and regular cleaning of various filters are very simple!Deodorizing screen need not be cleaned

The dust collecting screen can be sucked directly by the dust collector, and the humidifying screen can be washed directly

The water tank is easy to install, unload and add water. Large openings can be cleaned by hand

Nano Ni PANASONICF-VXM70-TM pulp to assess fries in commodity, fries in
For of him
The bed area of air cleaner purification: 31 Die (55m2)
- set: Zhuo on bed for rail set
The appearance of "Law (* * for the Austrian national high amplitude): 640 x 398 x 238 (containing 279 mm + is better)
Quality: 10.3kg
Standby power: 0.5W
The 8 Die of Qing purification time: about 9 points
- air: Graduate School of 6.7m3/, 2.7m3/, 1.1m3/ mute
The noise sound: 54dB, 33dB,, silent 18dB
- power consumption:, 60.0W, 10.0W, 5.5W mute
[] - deodorization in cancer
- set on
In's way: mechanical (static HEPA)
Exchange: about 10 years
So, Graduate School of communication, Noyes: body
Deodorization, so,,,,, and pulp, nanorod deodorization in te
Exchange: about 10 years
- Die number: 12 Die humidifying wood (20m2) / communication: 19 Die Harbin Noyes (32m2)
The humidifying air cleaning Die number: 29 Die (48m2)
The 8 Die of Qing purification humidification time: about 10 points
- air: Graduate School of 6.3m3/, 3.1m3/, 1.9m3/ mute
The amount of humidification,: 700mL/h, 400mL/h, 250mL/h mute
The noise sound: 53dB, 36dB,, silent 26dB
The consumption of electric power engineering, 53.0W, 14.0W, mute 9.0W
The Institute, in capacity: about 3.2L
The continuous working time: about 4.6 hours
Exchange: about 10 years
The form of the second unit into the anti fries: 2003
Ohio, sterilization,:

Store promise and precautions:

1.100% genuine goods, support counter inspection, consumer protection sellers, invalid reparations!

2. some domestic cameras are still sold after replacing some of the domestic counterfeit batteries and lenses, and that is to say, refurbished machines or new machines. And we promise you to buy things from Japan is very pure original products, regardless of camera or lens, are Japan regular large counter purchase, and then direct mail you.

3.Everyone must have heard about, Japanese products are first sold in Japan, two or three of exports sold. I think it is not discrimination, just because their customers are picky, things will be very dissatisfied with the problem, no longer trust the business.
So, the shop sells the products which are sold in Japan, and there is no worry about the quality. My home is the original Japanese quality.

4. because the international express from Japan direct mail you, so it may produce tariff, you need to go to the customs sign the goods. We can't accept the buyer who refuses to pay customs duties and requests refunds and returns. If the buyer refuses to pay the duty and causes the goods to return to Japan, the buyer will have to pay the international freight for the goods to be sent and returned. Please forgive me for that.

Tariff is generally 300 yuan, up to 30% of the value of the goods, customs checks, so look at your luck. The store cost is too low, even if the tariff is not expensive, you have to know.

5. as a Japanese purchasing agent, we must remind you that the electronic products sold in Japan enjoy free maintenance only in Japan, and there is no warranty in china. In case of problems in use, you need to spend money on the local maintenance, or you pay the shipping costs, I find after sale in Japan to repair you.