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New SANYO scroll heat pump \ "hot water \" GREE compressor C-SC753H8H10HP\

discount 70% in 2018-10-21 to 2018-10-23
price: USD$ 2310.00
freight :USD$18.00,(Express)
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SANYO scroll compressor product characteristics



1, high energy efficiency, save energy consumption;

2, low noise, quiet operation;

3, use environmental friendly refrigerants to protect the environment;

4, high reliability, long term reliable operation.


SANYO scroll compressor products series


Installation compressor process and matters needing attention
One.System cleaning                                  
System contamination is one of the main factors that affect the reliability of parts and the service life of compressors, so it is important to ensure the system in the refrigeration system Unified cleaning. In the preparation process, the system pollution can be caused by the following:    
Brazing and welding oxide    
Raspings and particle removal of burr left line  
Brazed flux    
Only clean copper tubes and silver tubes are permitted for use in clean and dry cooling systems Gold brazing materials comply with the requirements of the parameter list, leak test, system pressure test and moisture removal requirements                                

Two.System pressure test                                

 It is recommended to use pure dry nitrogen for pressure test, the treated dry air can also be used, but should be careful, because Anhua only compressor When lubricating oil is used to form a flammable mixture, various fittings should not exceed the maximum allowable pressure during the pressure test    

Three.Leak hunting                                 
Pure dry nitrogen or nitrogen and refrigerant used must be used for leak detection. Do not use oxygen, dry air or acetylene gas Gas, because these gases form flammable mixtures, designed for use in gasesHFCThe refrigerant system is not availableCFCorHCFCRefrigerant leak detection  
Four.Vacuum removes moisture
Moisture hinders the normal operation of the compressor and refrigeration system, air and water A reduced service life and increase the condensing pressure, the exhaust temperature is high, it can destroy the properties of lubricating oil, air and water also increased the risk of acid formation, resulting in copper plating. All of these images can cause The most common way to avoid these problems is to use a vacuum pump to vacuum the minimum vacuum500Micron0.67mbar). Warning: never use a euro watch or The compressor is in vacuum when energized, because it will make the old machine winding damage. Never run when the compressor is in vacuum because it may cause the compressor motor to burn out.  
After the initial start or after a long shutdown, the crankcase heater (if equipped) is energized before starting12Hours, or pairs The single phase compressor of trickle circuit is energized.

Six.Charge of refrigerant                                

 such asR407Cand R404ANon azeotropic and near azeotropic refrigeration The agent mixture must always be charged in liquid phase. When the initial charge occurs, the compressor must not operate, and the work valve must be closed. The system charge can be rated as much as possible before starting the compressor. Then slowly run from the liquid phase to the low pressure side Adding refrigerant to compressor. Refrigerant charge must be suitable for operation in winter and summer.   

Seven.Fuel quantity and oil level                                
The fuel quantity must be checked before the test run1/4-3 /4). Operation at rated condition at least2Recheck oil surface after hour. In most units, the initial refueling capacity of the compressor is adequate. Over the pipeline20mOr there are many oil wells or an oil separator You may need extra oil. Generally, the amount of oil added should not exceed the total refrigerating charge2%(this percentage does not consider the presence of oil in attachments such as oil separators or oil traps). If you have added this amount, The oil surface of the compressor is decreasing, and the oil return in the device is insufficient. It is recommended to install an oil separator when the oil return is slow in a device such as multiple evaporators or multiple condensers.
Eight.Inspiratory superheat                                  
The optimum inspiratory superheat is8K. Lower superheat will provide better system performance (higher mass flow rate is more efficient) Using heat transfer area of evaporator. However, low superheat will increase the risk of unwanted liquids returning to the compressor. For very low superheat values, an electronically controlled expansion valve is recommended. Note: high superheat will reduce pressure Application limits and system performance of compressor