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CPI refrigeration oil CPI-4214-320 central air-conditioning screw machine dedicated refrigerant R22 refrigerant 20L domestic refrigerant

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Brand: biesel



Professional sales Bitzer biesel oil sales for many years engaged in oil price = Bitzer biesel + + + multi spot professional service!

BITZERSpecification for replacement of refrigerant oil in semi hermetic compressor
First, Pitzer frozen oil replacement conditions:
1, air conditioning unit leader time work, compressor has reached the maintenance time (unit first operation 2000 hours, after the operation accumulated three years or running time more than 10000~12000 hours);
2, replace the compressor because of the burning of the motor; after the replacement of the press, continuous operation of 100 hours of fluoride system;
3, for the unit assembled in the field or the unit running under the limit of the working condition, to replace the frozen oil after 100 hours of operation;
4. According to the cleanliness of the fluorine system, as appropriate.
Two, types of frozen oil
1, semi hermetic piston compressor BITZER6F - 50.2
Allow refrigerant (R12 - R22 - R502) with BITZERB5.2 type refrigerant oil
Allowed refrigerant (R134A - R404A - R507A)
TC < 55, BITZERBSE321tc > 55, BITZERBSE55
(TC: condensing temperature)
2, semi hermetic screw compressor BITZERCSH7571-90 or CSH8571-140 allows refrigerant (R22) to use B320H. Allow refrigerant (R134A - R407C - R404A) to use BSE170.
Three, the standard injection volume; piston 6F-50.2 injection 4.75dm3,
The screw type CSH7571-90 is injected into 14dm3 and GSH8571-140 is injected into 18dm3
Four. Operating procedures of freezing oil replacement
1. Turn off the high pressure exhaust and low pressure suction stop valve, use the process valve needle on the compressor to release the refrigerant inside the compressor, so as to make the compressor crankcase communicate with the atmosphere;
2. Unscrew the oil drain plug at the bottom of the crankcase, clean the refrigerant oil in the crankcase and remove the strainer cleaning;
3, nitrogen can be injected from the low-pressure charging valve needle, with the hand to stop the oil outlet to increase the pressure inside the body, further remove the residual oil in the body, the cleaning filter net dry into the machine body, and tighten the oil plug, frozen oil injection.
1: unscrew the process port side of the compressor crankcase side, as the filling port, the frozen oil through the appropriate tool into the crankcase;
Scheme 2: (for piston machine) will be low fluorine filling pipe is connected in low-pressure compressor valve cavity needle, using vacuum pump to pump crankcase is negative and the other one fluorine filling tube individually removed, one end is inserted into the container of oil, the other end is connected to the pump low pressure suction side the valve needle, the use of negative pressure in the crankcase will freeze oil suction in the crankcase.
Refueling note:
1, because the original system may have a certain amount of residual oil, oil change can be a little less, generally add to the visual oil mirror marking lower limit slightly higher position;
2, after the completion of the refrigerant oil charging, tighten the process plunger or remove the fluoride tube, and then connect the fluorine compressor to vacuum the compressor;
3, after vacuum is opened, compressor high and low pressure stop valve check whether there is refrigerant leakage phenomenon;
4, if there is no leak, wait for 20 minutes to start the unit; after opening the unit should immediately check the compressor lubrication and oil level, if the oil level is lower than the normal range (1/4 mirror), must be supplemented with frozen oil. If necessary, the oil pressure gauge can be checked on the needle valve of the oil pump, the suction side pressure of the oil pump should be basically the same as the low pressure suction pressure, the allowable value of the oil pressure difference is 1.4 ~ 3.5bar, the screw machine is the differential pressure return oil, and the oil pump without oil pump.
Five, other matters needing attention
1, polyester oil BSE170 has strong moisture absorption, moisture in oil and oil chemical reaction, and can not be removed by vacuum, work requires special care, as far as possible to reduce the air into the system and oil storage containers, not in rainy days operation.
2, the replacement of the compressor should be noted that the original refrigeration system already has a certain amount of frozen oil, if necessary, should be stored in the system blow out, if there is a large amount of oil stored in the system, and then there is a risk of liquid hammer when the boot.

Refrigeration oilBitzerAdapter features Bitzer compressor:

1, Pitzer BIZER compressor application range: high temperature, medium temperature and low temperature applications; the same type of compressor can use R22, R404a, R507a, R134a, R407a refrigerant;

Pitzer 2, the BIZER compressor is equipped with electronic protection module, using PTC sensor to monitor the temperature of the motor; C1 to C4 are high quality wear-resistant parts, octagonal design, so that the compressor with the minimum space requirements; oil system adopts splash lubrication, even in extreme operating conditions, can still ensure good compressor oil;

3, Pitzer BIZER compressor options: crankcase heater, oil pressure switch, energy regulation and unloading start device, additional cylinder top fan, water-cooled cylinder head, R22 cryogenic CIC spray device and marine special oil tank.

4, Pitzer BIZER compressor supply range (0.5HP to 70HP): 2KC-05.2 to 8FC-70.

Pitzer Bitzer compressor refrigerant oil

The original Bitzer biesel piston compressor and screw compressor oil, the corresponding models are as follows:


Piston compressor:

B5.2 is specially used in R22 refrigerant

BSE32 / 55 is specially used for 404A, 134a and other environmental protection HFC refrigerants


Screw compressor:

B100, B170, B320, dedicated to R22 refrigerant


BSE170 is specially used for 404A, 134a and other environmental protection HFC refrigerants

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