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High pressure steam cooker sterilization bag, folding stereo sterilization bag vacuum disinfection bag 300mm*100m*80mm

High pressure steam cooker sterilization bag, folding stereo sterilization bag vacuum disinfection bag 300mm*100m*80mm

discount 70% in 2018-09-20 to 2018-09-22
price: USD$ 201.60
freight :USD$18.00,(Express)
freight :USD$7.00,(Postal parcel)
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Double nagging -- a letter to a new buyer

About the sterilization bag price related reply, buyers please seriously read,A lot of new buyers on the line before consulting a few words is:
(1) I'm going to buy a sterile bag. Give me a special price.
(2) I'll take 1 boxes for each size. It's cheaper.
(3) can freight be exempt?
(4) how your home is more expensive than other homes, and if you buy it, I'll buy it from your house!


Sellers helpless, just want to say to you, please read all of our products introduced, you compare with other store productsAnd quality.

First of all tell you, look at the price at the same time, but also pay attention to quality. A price one point goods, cheap no good goods, good goods is not cheap.Sales of good products and good service, is our purpose of opening shop.

Are there any bad reviews in our store? Yes, but I can't help it.The buyer bought the color change adhesive tape of the shop, went back to use, said the logo does not change color, confirmed that Jia goods, no doubt, gave a bad review, by our customer service telephone communication learned that he just used ordinary disinfection, and he was only used for disinfectionNot high temperature steam sterilization, (oh, you use the food cupboard disinfection cabinet to disinfection, tape is of course not change the temperature, but also reach ah), we feel helpless, repeatedly to contact the explanation, buyers are not accepted, based on the principle we are not to blame, so not to make any compensation change as buyers evaluation of the condition, only to give up! Although there is a bad review experience, our praise rate has been ranked first in the industry!Especially sterilizationThe bag has not been evaluated by a buyer so far. I believe this is in addition to the buyers' recognition of our products and our service at the same time! Thank you very much for your old customers! Thank you for your understanding!

Factory direct sales, should it be cheap?

Although manufacturers sell, but we are also on the scale, with the country's all qualified formal manufacturers, the production process of the product has a series of quality standards, cost control, which are restricting the price. Compared with small factories and small workshops, it can not be compared with the random production. Please buyers do not disturb the price of the market disorder to compare reasonable compliance product prices.

We will also do product promotions irregularly, old customers often pay attention to, we can all experience the products and services of good quality and low price.

We say no to bargaining!

First of all, we have reduced all the channel links and reduced the additional costs. The current price is on a stable price of nearly 5 years, familiar with the industry buyers friends should know that the cost of our products is also affected by the upstream channel control and limit, costs continue to rise, to adhere to the price, is to continue to reduce our personnel costs, operating costs and management costs. This is commendable, the current price, we can't promise time, still hope that old buyers often patronize the store can attention at any time, if there is any change, is also the last ditch.

Why is our price not the lowest, and sales are still at the forefront of Taobao?

Because we are Taobao only a qualified enterprise, is also the only one in the form of factory direct sales opened Taobao shop, and in Taobao sales has been in the sales first position, ranking is also the top, all the transaction data enough proof
All, most buyers are not low price to choose non guaranteed products, the first choice is to buy products with guaranteed, qualified partners.

You may be a hospital, a dental clinic, a beauty salon, a nail shop, and I'm sure you're afraid of buying no warranty products.In addition, the Health Supervision Bureau or the relevant departments to check your shop, you are not so easy to pass the audit. Moreover, this product is closely related to the safety and health of consumers, and you should choose to buy from regular channels!

Say so much, a little discount can not give, at least give a small gift, I also have some comfort?

Dear buyers, I wouldn't be so stingy, the shop is to put the brand product to send, send, hee hee (*^__^*)......

When a new buyer buys a product, he will give you a bag of sterile bag samples for your choice!Convenient as a reference in the days after the purchase, but also as a complete product can be returned unopened guarantee. The trial product can be used at will, if the size is not suitable, the trial is not satisfactory, the main product packaging integrity can be returned to the full.

In addition, according to the amount of purchase and the amount of the transaction, give you other products.

If you think is still not understood, please communicate with us Wangwang, perennial Wangwang online.

In case of special problems can be contacted: 18656152372 Taobao double clean, please explain through Taobao contact

The price of the product for the volume, please refer to the number of film packaging FCL purchase volume number accordingly, thank you for your cooperation!

The manufacturer of this product is the earliest and largest manufacturer in the medical sterilization and packaging industry in China. All of them are export commodities,Medical sterilization packaging products sold in the international market, are exported to Europe, the Middle East, America and other more than 60 countries, a registered trademark of Perfection has been recognized in the global market, international industry has a high visibility, many governments designated medical sterilization packaging brand!

Standard: the production standard of this product is ISO13485 standard, and the product quality standard is ISO11607 standard

Color: Blue

Material: medical dialysis paper + film

Detailed specifications:

The production quality control center of this product has the most perfect testing instrument in China. It adopts the international standard ISO11607 of medical industry and the international medical equipment quality control system ISO13485, and monitors the quality information of each product in 24 hours during the production process. From raw materials to production and sales, the whole process adopts ERP system control.


Product description:
1. medical paper and film were made by high temperature and high pressure process;
2. similar to the flat roll bag, each roll length of 100 meters, unique folding edge makes the space inside the bag to increase in size, can be installed relatively large items;
3. printed with sterilization discoloration instructions, clear sterilization status;
4. use explosion proof edge design to ensure sterilization safety;

Suitable sterilization methods: ethylene oxide (ETO), pressure steam (STEAM)

Suitable for all kinds of medical dressing, instruments, catheters, cotton sticks sterilization packaging

Application scope: hospital and outpatient sterilization package; disinfection of beauty products before use; sterilization packaging of laboratory supplies; household high-temperature sterilization packaging

Product specification: 300mm*100m*80mm
Packing specifications: 4 rolls / box
Outer box specification: 40*40*32cm
Net weight: 18kg
Gross weight: 19kg

Price: 288 yuan / volume