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CPI refrigeration oil CPI320, screw machine R22 refrigerant special refrigerant oil CPI-4214-320

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CPI (Xipiai) is currently the major supplier of international synthetic lubricants America CPI-4214-320, 20L drum, the original quality, mainly applicable to Pitzer, Hanbell, Fusheng, refcomp etc.screwtypeCompressorOriginal quality;

The United States CPI-4214-320CPI320 oil, 20L drum, the original quality, mainly applicable to Bitzer, Han Zhong, Fu Sheng, refcomp etc.screwtypeCompressorOriginal quality;

Product description:

CPI-4214 series is a synthesis of esters (POE) specially developed for R22 screw machinesRefrigeration oil

The CPI-4214 series provides products with different viscosity levels. The work of high viscosity can produce a good seal between the rotor, and in the bearings and seals which provide good lubrication at low temperature; it can provide a good solubility, and ensure the oil bath type evaporator has good oil return and better heat exchange efficiency; the low volatility provides good oil and gas separation.

CPI-4214-320Refrigeration compressor oil is a new technology. This dedicated technology provides high stability for CFC refrigerants. The solubility of R22 in very low temperature and wide viscosity range. The selection of high viscosity grade makes it have excellent performance in rotary compressor. High working viscosity can produce good sealing between rotors. And it can provide good lubrication in bearings and seals. At low temperature, it can provide good solubility and ensure good oil recovery in oil bath evaporator and better heat exchange efficiency. Very low volatility provides a good separation of oil and gas. Energy saving effect of screw compressor is being studied at present.
Product data:

Typical technical indexes


Viscosity @40oC, cSt, ASTMD445


Viscosity @100oC, cSt


Viscosity @100oF


Viscosity @210oF


Viscosity index ASTMD2270


Density 1b/gal, 60oF


Pour point oF (oC) ASTMD97


Flash point C.0.C., oF (oC) ASTMD92


Ignition temperature is C.0.C., oF (oC) ASTMD92


Specific gravity ASTMD1298


The total acid value mgKOH/g, ASTMD664



Xipiai CPI refrigeration oil



The United States Xipiai CPI refrigeration oil

CPI is currently the major supplier of international synthetic lubricants, CPI for Lubrizol (Lubrizol) subsidiary company. Lu Borun (Lubrizol) is the world's most famous fluid science and technology company, and also the largest lubricant additive company in the world.

CPI refrigerator oil mainly has the following categories:
Solest series: ester refrigerant (POE) synthetic refrigerant oil for HFC refrigerants.
CP-4214 series: esters (POE) synthetic refrigerant oils for R22 screw machines.
CP-4700 series: R134a (AB) synthetic refrigerator oil used in R22 and refrigeration compressors.
CP-1009 and CP-4600 series: semi synthetic and total synthetic refrigerant oils for ammonia (R717) refrigeration compressors.
CP-1516 series: polyether (PAG) synthetic refrigerator oil for propane (R290) refrigeration compressor.
RPAG series: polyether (PAG) synthetic refrigerator oil for R134a automotive air conditioning compressor.
CP-2932AH et al: esters (POE) synthetic refrigerator oil for refrigerator compressors.

CPI series synthetic frozen oil

Frozen oil series

Types of frozen oil

Matching refrigerant

The main use of the manufacturer or its corresponding products

Solest series

Polyol esters (POE)


Dalengwang (ThermoKing), Don Han Bush (Dunham-Bush), Carrier Carrier (Carlyle), Grasso GEA (Grasso), FES, Don Bula C (Embraco), BOCK (Maneurop), maneurop, Danfoss (Danfoss), Mike Weil (Mcquay), Xiyate (CIAT), J&EHall (APVBaker), Trane (TRANE), Fuji luxury (Frascold), GRAM, Daikin (Namirei), Daikin Rorocold, Vilter, Blissfield, Bristol, Contour.

CP-4214 series

Polyol esters (POE)

R22 screw machine

Don Han Bush (Dunham-Bush), Copeland, Carrier Carrier (Carlyle), Contour, Fuji (Frascold), Century (Century) and other brands of R22 screw unit use.

CP-4700 series

Alkyl benzene (AB)


Carrier Carrier (Carlyle), GEA (Grasso) FES, whokept, Copeland (Copeland), Don Bula C (Embraco), maneurop (Maneurop), Danforth (Danfoss), Mike Weil (Mcquay), Xiyate (CIAT), J&EHall (APVBaker), Bristow (Bristol), Comer.

CP-1009 series

Semi synthesis (HT)

R717 (ammonia)

Recently GEA (Grasso) and Mike Weil (Mcquay), J&EHall (APVBaker), Praxair (Praxair), Linde (Linde), Meisel (Messer), Air Liquide (AirLiquide), Mycom, Vilter, FES, Toromont.

CP-1516 series

Polyether (PAG)

R290 (Bing Wan)

Guo (FES), Howden, Mycom, GEA (Grasso), Ariel Grasso (Ariel), Suhl shou (Sulzer), Linde (Linde), (Compair) Vilter, CommScope love, Kolb (Cooper), DresserRand (NuovoPignone), Toromont, new.

PRAG series

Polyether (PAG)


Ford (Ford), general (GM), MITSUBISHI (Mitsubishi), Denso (Denso), Matsushita (Panasonic), three (Sanden), Nissan (Nissan), Seiko, Jack Purcell (Zexel).


Synthetic esters (POE)


The refrigerator, freezer, water machine compressor factory: Wheelp (Whirlpool), Don Bula C (Embraco), Danforth (Danfoss), General Electric (GE), elekes (Electrolux) etc..

Packing: 5 gallons (18.9L/ barrels), 55 gallons (208L/ barrels).


CP-4214 series synthetic refrigeration oil typical technical indexes of refrigeration oil viscosity model CP-4214-85CP-4214-150CP-4214-320 40 C, cSt, ASTMD44583.73168298 cSt ASTMD44512.5020.232, the viscosity of 100 DEG C, the viscosity index of ASTMD2270146150149 density lb/gal, 60 8.238.418.75 pour point C, ASTMD97


Typical technical indexes of CP-4214 series synthetic refrigerator oil

Refrigerator oil type




The viscosity was 40, cSt, ASTMD445




The viscosity was 100, cSt, ASTMD445




Viscosity index ASTMD2270




The density of lb/gal, 60




Pour point C, ASTMD97




Flash point C.0.C., temperature ASTMD92




Ignition temperature C.0.C., temperature ASTMD92




Specific gravity ASTMD1298




The total acid value mgKOH/g, ASTMD664






Store monopoly: imports of domestic frozen oil, solid shop sales, original authentic, can provide test reports;
The United States CPI Xipiai oil: CPI-4214-320, CPI-4214-150;
CPI Solest frozen oil: Solest120, Solest170, Solest220;
Solar SUNOCO frozen oil: 3GS, 4GS, 5GS; 3GSD, 4GSD, 5GSD;
Pitzer Bitzer frozen oil: B5.2, BSE55, BSE32, BSE170, B100, B320SH;
EmkarateRL Bingxiong refrigeration oil: RL32H, RL68H, RL100H, RL120HRL170HRL220H;
Carrier Carrier frozen oil: PPZ3BZ101005, PPZ3BZ103005, PPZ3BZ110005;
Danfoss Danfoss frozen oil: 160P, 160SZ, 320SZ;
York YORK frozen oil: S, L, K, E, C, H, F, W oil;
Fu Sheng FUSHENG frozen oil: FS100M, FS120R, FS150R, FS220R, FS300R;
Out of light DAPHNE frozen oil: FVC-32DFVC-68D;
Hanbell HANBELL refrigeration oil: A01, B01, B02, B03, B04;
McQuay McQuay refrigeration oil: A, B, C, E oil;


After sale service: each product has the manufacturer to provide test report and certificate.
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