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Sant /StrSanter12V24AH lead-acid battery UPS power supply

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Technical parameter:


ModelStandard voltagecapacityinternal resistanceOutline size (mm)Reference weight
MODEL(V)(Ah)Long (L)Width (W)High (H)Total height (TH)(KG)


Voltage: 12(V) 


Type:Accumulator for energy storage

State of charge: maintenance free battery

Chemical type: lead acid

Battery cover and exhaust pin structure: valve controlled sealed battery

Model: 100AH

Scope of application: UPSSolar energy, power systems

Brand: Sant

Product certification: UL/CEMcIntyre, sun.

Range of use:

UPSUninterruptible power supply, alarm systems, emergency lighting systems, telecommunications, electric power system, power station switch control and accident handling, bank system, uninterrupted telephone and telecommunications equipment, electric toys, fire protection, security systems, medical equipment, solar system, ship equipment, control equipment, electronic equipment and other standby power supply.



And the polarity of the battery can not be short circuited, the shell is strictly prohibited impact, the charge and discharge process is best kept placed

Please use constant current and constant pressure battery charger

Battery can not overcharge (12V/6V battery charging voltage can not be greater than 15V/7.5V)

Battery can not be over discharged (discharge voltage of 12V/6V battery can not be less than 9.6V/4.8V)

The battery should be charged in time. No matter whether it has been used up or not, it is possible that the inner plate is vulcanized so that it can not be recharged

The battery is static for three months to replenish the power. Keeping the battery full is the best way to save the battery

The sales of the company products are fragile and easily deformed products, to avoid crushing or deformation occurs in the transportation, express receipt before you can open the inspection, after receipt of the courier and together apart inspection, if the product is found to have broken or missing parts can be rejected on the spot, let the courier delivery return at the same time, contact us as soon as possible, so that operation can avoid the possibility of loss of freight and therefore bring disputes. To minimize the loss, also ensure the interests of the seller and the buyer. On the other part of the warranty period of freight, goods received within a week we are all responsible for shipping problems, after the end of the warranty period problems of the buyer and the seller is responsible for half of each, which both sides pay freight. Excessive battery discharge failure caused by excessive charging is not under warranty, caused by man-made and objective reasons. The failure is not within the scope of warranty

Because the battery itself is relatively heavy, in order to prevent the deformation may occur during transportation, breaking and so on, our packing will add foam or thick skin to ensure better battery appearance. But due to the transport in battery squeezed or direction inverted condition is very difficult to avoid, if there is a little deformation of the corner the situation, as long as the case is not broken, will not affect the normal use of the battery, in addition, the internal battery lead plate and acid, covered with liquid plug hat, and reserved vent, acid adsorption on the plates, in the transport shock may have some free acid infiltration liquid plug cap and, from the gap of the upper cover in the overflow, this part does not affect the normal discharge capacity of acid battery, because the battery has the battery charge, as long as any direction wipe after placing no overflow can, and then after a few cycles after the tour will be completely from the acid Period.

1 safety precautions

Correct operation, maintenance and inspection are essential for safe use of batteries.

In this manual, for if not according to the instructions to do, it may lead to various matters personal accident, "dangerous", "warning" and "attention" said. After fully understanding the meaning of the following warning statements, read the text again.

Danger: if you ignore the content, take the wrong operation, which may lead to death or serious injury.

Warning: if you neglect this content, it is likely to lead to death, serious injury, minor injury or material loss due to misuse.

Notice: if you neglect the content and take the wrong operation, although the possibility of serious injury is less, it may suffer minor injury and material loss.

The serious injuries mentioned above refer to blindness, trauma and burns, Electric shock, fracture, poisoning and other sequelae, and hospitalization or long-term need to return injuries. Minor injuries refer to injuries, burns, electric shocks and other injuries that are not serious injuries; material loss refers to the damage to houses, property, installations, etc..

2 precautions for use

2.1Explosion and fire caused by hydrogen gas


Because the battery will produce hydrogen, such as open fire or short circuit, there is a risk of explosion and fire.

I want to carry out ventilation to ensure indoor hydrogen concentration in the0.8%Following。

The torque wrench and pliers and other tools to deal with the metal insulation insulation tape after use.

I absolutely can not let the fire flame and cigarettes to battery.

2.2 Burns and blindness caused by sulfuric acid


If the battery is in the electrolyte using dilute sulfuric acid. When you touch your eyes, skin and clothes, rinse immediately with plenty of water, especially if you enter your eyes or drink it wrongly. You should receive immediate medical treatment. Otherwise, there is a risk of blindness and burns.

2.3 Danger of electric shock in contact conductive part


The daily maintenance should wear insulated gloves, insulated shoes and other security products. If the body directly contacts the conductive part, there is danger of electric shock.

2.4Explosion caused by static electricity


The application of wet cloth to clean the battery.

The pool is the battery shell, the cover made of synthetic resin, such as with a dry cloth or clean duster, will produce static electricity, have caused the explosion danger.

Be careful:

Please do not use vinyl film and other items which easy to produce static electricity battery cover. If static electricity is produced, the risk of explosion will occur.

Usage environment and application condition

As the storage battery environment and the use conditions, please pay attention to the following points.

Be careful:

The temperature range of the battery is.-15~+45,But in+5~+30The battery life will be longer in the range of temperature.

The use of this range will lead to deterioration of the battery, resulting in freezing, abnormal heating, breakage and deformation.

Please do not use the battery in direct sunlight, otherwise may cause deterioration of parts.

Please do not use the battery in the vicinity of the heat source, otherwise may cause damage and reduce battery life.

Please don't let the battery water wet, otherwise may cause the battery damage and fire. In addition, it is possible to corrode the terminals, connecting plates and connecting wires of the batteries.

Please do not use the battery in the dusty place, otherwise it may cause the battery short circuit.

Please don't put the battery placed in the possible immersion place, otherwise it may cause electric shock, fire.

Please according to the standard of Ministry of machinery industry (JB/T8451-1996orJB/T6457.2-1992The specified charging conditions charge the battery. Charging according to other conditions may lead to insufficient charge, acid leakage, heat, ignition explosion and deterioration of performance and life.

If you press the fire for fire fighting equipment, setting method.

Please do not use the battery power in the middle as control power, such as the need to do that, please contact with our company.

(1) if you need to use the battery in the equipment, please put it in the bottom layer of the equipment.

(2) in order to ensure good heat dissipation, please keep the intervals of each row when the battery is in multi row arrangement5mm~10mmBetween。 In addition, the thermal control switch is usedTRSOr when temperature sensors are needed10mmAbove intervals.

(3) because the storage battery sometimes produces flammable hydrogen, it is not necessary to install devices (such as switches, fuses, etc.) that are easy to spark near the storage battery.

(4) FC series batteries have more heat and little heat capacity, so the temperature is easy to rise. The temperature of the battery has a great influence on the life of the battery, so when the battery box is designed, the temperature of the battery should be taken into full consideration.

(5) the parallel use of the battery is not realized, and the battery is used in parallel, in principle, within two columns. More than two columns, please contact with our company.

In addition, when parallel connection is used, the voltage at the two ends of the battery pack should be guaranteed13.65V/In order to minimize the temperature difference between the upper and lower layers, the storage and arrangement of the battery should be taken into consideration.

(6) inUPSWhen the converter is used, it should be careful not to make the converter return current into the battery.

If the circuit can not be avoided, the current value of the return current should be in the range of 00.1C(A)Below (valid value)C=10Rated capacity per hour.

If the current exceeds this value, it may reduce battery life and cause abnormal heating of the battery.

(7) it is possible to damage batteries and machines because of the different characteristics of batteries, mixing different batteries, and mixing batteries from different manufacturers. In addition, batteries with different sizes (e.g. XT and XL) can not be mixed.