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JALONUPS lead-acid battery free maintenance NP65-1212V65AHUPS dedicated for uninterruptible power supply

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     becomeStandIn 1997yearTheGuangzhou Jielong Electronic Equipment Co., Ltd is UPS/EPS power supply and maintenance free batteryThemajorlivingyieldTaking! Not only have the independent brand jalon (JALON), Austria (eFOX) power supply and battery two brands, is also supporting the production of battery cabinet manufacturers,as well asyesmountainSpecial UPS, APC-UPSelectricsourceChinasouthareagenerationDaniel,AlsopineUnder the,soupShallow,Yanglightetc.Cooperation of well-known batteriesgoodsTaking.

1、Simple maintenance

When charging, the gas generated inside the battery is absorbed and reduced to electrolyte, basically without electrolyte reduction

2、High liquid holdup

  The electrolyte is absorbed in a special separator to keep it in a state of no flow, so it can be used even if it falls. (not more than 90 degrees beyond)

3Excellent safety performance

  Due to extreme overcharge operation error, excessive gas can be released to prevent battery rupture.

4The self discharge electrode is small

The special lead calcium alloy is used to produce the grid, and the self discharge is controlled to the minimum.

5Long life and good economy

  The grid of the battery is made of special lead calcium alloy with good corrosion resistance. At the same time, the special clapboard can keep the electrolyte, and at the same time it can press the active material of the positive plate to prevent falling off, so it is a kind of battery with long life and economy.

6Small internal resistance

  Because of the small internal resistance, the discharge characteristics of high current are good.

7After deep discharge, it has excellent recovery ability

  In case of long-term discharge, as long as the full charge, basically no capacity reduction, can quickly recover.

Model Voltage (V) Capacity (Ah)
20 hour rate 20HR
Outline size (mm) Terminal type Single
(about Kg)
Long (L) Width (W) High (H) Total height (TH)
NP4-12 12 4 90 70 97 97 Fastening small copper sheet 1.4
NP7-12 12 7 150 65 97 97 Fastening small copper sheet 2.15
NP12-12 12 12 150 97 97 97 Fastening small copper sheet 3.4
NP17-12 12 17 181 76 166 100 L type copper sheet / copper core 5.0
NP24-12 12 24 166 125 175 175 L type lead / copper core 8.0
NP38-12 12 38 197 165 170 170 L type lead / copper core 12.0
NP65-12 12 65 350 166 174 174 L type lead / copper core 20.0
NP80-12 12 80 329 172 214 238 L type lead / copper core 25.0
NP100-12 12 100 329 172 214 238 L type lead / copper core 26.0
NP100-12 12 100 407 172.5 210 240 L type lead / copper core 30.0
NP120-12 12 120 407 172.5 210 240 L type lead / copper core 32.5
NP150-12 12 150 480 170 239 239 L type lead / copper core 42.0
NP200-12 12 200 522 239 218 244 L type lead / copper core 57.0
NP230-12 12 230 522 239 218 244 L type lead / copper core 62.0

Application scope: alarm system, emergencylightingSystem, posts and telecommunications,ElectronicsSystem, UPS and computer backupPower SupplyFire and safety defense system, medical treatmentequipmentSolar energySystem, marine equipment, control equipment andenvironmental protectionModel electric vehicle.

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  • Do not short-circuit the positive and negative terminals of the battery, such as short connection, the occurrence of battery leakage, the risk of fire.
  • When the battery is loaded into the machine, the machine does not use the sealing structure, such as the use of sealing structure, there is damage to the machine and the risk of personal injury.
  • The temperature range of the storage battery is as follows. If used outside this temperature range, the performance of the battery will be reduced, the service life will be reduced, the damage and deformation will be caused.discharge-15The temperature is -50 C, the charge is 0 -40, and the temperature is -15 -40
  • Please do not use insulated wire containing plasticizer. In addition, do not use banana water, gasoline, volatile oil, oil, grease and other organic solvent and cleaning agent. Such as the use of these substances contact the battery shell, the use of shell cracks or cracks, resulting in leakage of batteries, fire and so on.
  • The used batteries should also be recycled. Please don't discard them. Please contact your company or service company.
  • Dilute sulfuric acid inside the battery. When the liquid leaked from the battery touches the skin and clothes, rinse with plenty of water.
  • Don't decompose, transform and destroy batteries.
  • Please replace the battery according to the instructions or the replacement period stated on the machine.