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UPS uninterruptible power supply JBT Scarlett BOT 12V100AH maintenance free lead-acid battery for battery

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Product Name: JBT Scarlett BOT 12V100AH6-GMF-100 maintenance free lead-acid batteryFor the solar power generation system

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Installation and maintenance

Battery connection:

The actual capacity of the battery or the battery of the same formula can be used in series;

The actual voltage of battery or battery of the same formula can be used in series;

The connecting part should be close to prevent sparks. If the connection is bad, available soda water to clean the contact surface;

No reverse polarity or short circuit;

Between the battery interval should be more than 10MM, and heat.

Battery charging:

Float (limit voltage, current control): charging voltage of 2.275 2.30V/ cells (25 C);

Temperature compensation, temperature compensation coefficient per monomer is 3MV/ DEG C (20 DEG based);

Trickle floating current battery use, adjusted to less than 2MA/AH;

Recycling (full stop, put the electric charge): charging voltage of 2.35 2.45V/ cells;

The maximum current of not more than 25% of nominal capacity;

Note: the battery can not be used in a closed or high temperature environment, should be far away from fire.

Storage and installation:

1, the battery is not put into use should remove the connecting line, cover pole sheath and wipe clean;

2, every three months for a maintenance storage battery charging, charging method for limiting current constant voltage method, the initial charge is 0.1CA, charging voltage of 2.4V/ cells (25 C);

3, the battery should be stored in dry and ventilated place, avoid direct sunlight and away from heat;

4, handling the battery should be uniform force, force at the shell part of the battery to avoid damage the pole;

5, the installation should use insulated tools to prevent click.

Matters needing attention:

1, the battery charged with liquid delivery, shall not attempt to remove the battery, to avoid danger. If the battery shell is damaged, contact with sulfuric acid, please rinse with plenty of water and seek medical treatment immediately when necessary;

2, can not be mixed with old and new batteries;

3, can not use the battery in a sealed container;

4, the battery should be a complete resume, including the date, date of installation, operation records;

5, regularly (once a year) to check the connection is loose, if loose, should tighten;

6, regularly (every three months) with a soft fabric to wipe the battery, the battery is kept clean;

7, do not use organic solvent to clean the battery;

8, pay attention to the battery isolation, to prevent salt production.