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New energy SUNEOM battery SH65-12UPS special battery 12V65AH lead acid free maintenance battery

discount 70% in 2018-10-21 to 2018-10-23
price: USD$ 245.00
freight :USD$18.00,(Express)
freight :USD$7.00,(Postal parcel)
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This shop for business, sales of Santak, APC, Emerson, Delta, KSTAR and other brands of UPS power and Matsushita, Tang Qian, Santak, champion, Germany sunshine, Germany APD, Germany, hebeike Jin Bo and Chait, Xianfeng, hongbei. Phoenix, Fuhua, KELONG, BB.OTP.CSB. and other brands of ups leoch power and the battery brand! Product features: long life 1) manufacturing grid with lead alloy with rare earth elements, 25%2 higher than general lead calcium alloy battery life) positive grid using vertical reinforcement design (no transverse reinforcement), the corrosion resistance of the battery positive grid than the traditional grid structure is improved 15% green 1) environmental protection application into the battery technology, the battery acid released in the process of using the reduced 25%2) using layered sealing technology, 100% battery acid leakage and eliminate acid leakage, effectively prevent mist on equipment and environmental corrosion of high reliability 1) using cast welding and assembling technology advanced, to improve the seismic performance of the battery, effectively avoid the battery and false welding and weld failure in transport and use caused by the vibration of 2) battery internal resistance and high homogeneity, greatly improve the parallel battery use does not appear the phenomenon of uniform small resistance 1 By adding special superfine fiber separator), increase the positive and negative plates reaction surface, the internal resistance of the battery is reduced greatly, and can be used in the process does not appear due to diaphragm fatigue resistance decreased and the resistance increase of 2 square meters) using 50-60KG/ assembly pressure, effectively improve the group after acid injection pressure to reduce lead battery the use of internal resistance in the abnormal increase of the phenomenon of excellent charge discharge performance 1) positive grid with vertical reinforcement design (no transverse reinforcement), the plate current density distribution is more uniform, suitable for different discharge performance requirements, deep discharge performance better. 2) adding CK-98 conductive medium to the positive plate can increase the discharge performance at low temperature by 15%, and the battery can recover more fully. Small self discharge using advanced batteries into technology, analysis of pure sulfuric acid electrolytic liquid into raw plate group into the battery, no impurities mixed plate into manufacturing, lower self discharge. The shell is made of high strength plastic strength of ABS, and according to the products made of ABS materials of flame retardant grade display needs: application: main field > uninterruptible power system > > telecommunications equipment power control system of Railway Equipment > system > > > solar system security alarm system of electric wheelchairs and electric vehicles, electric tools and toys > > ships and marine equipment customer service service Suneom battery, giving users high quality products, perfect service. Its purpose is: to use technology to ensure the quality of service, improve the product as a modern high-tech enterprises to produce high quality batteries, Suneom batteries have the strict quality assurance program. The scientific, practical, durability and safety of New Energy Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional engaged in battery production and marketing enterprises, has been adhering to technology to ensure quality, perfect service products aim to serve the users. Agency company in the country to provide comprehensive services for the selection of Suneom battery users, more high-tech, more comprehensive professional services, allowing users to have more confidence. Under the premise of ensuring the international quality, New Energy Technology Co., Ltd. has completely formed the integration of development, production, sales and service. The warranty guarantee for new energy science and technology limited company (hereinafter referred to as Suneom) production and sales of China directly in the mainland area of valve regulated lead-acid battery (seal). Suneom has full responsibility for users to purchase or use the company's products shall, whether contractual liability, tort liability, or other responsibilities, shall not exceed the stipulated documents users purchase products payment. 1, the product packaging factory battery packaging are attached to product quality assurance. 2, our factory is responsible for the transport of the battery transport to the designated destination by the user, responsible for the transport of the staff and users together to handle, please check and handover procedures. 3, product after service design, installation and use of technical training services > design, installation and use of guidance and capacity within the scope of assistance