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Daikin Air conditioner remote monitoring board room for 3 Daikin 5 horsepower P plate with DRCH-R5 protocol monitoring board

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DRCH-R5 The air conditioner interface module is to achieve the DaikinVRV ⅢAir conditioning equipment、SUPER VRV ⅢAir conditioning system,Two stage compression VRVAnd the specialized module design of VRV-CMS air conditioning system and remote monitoring, the module provides a standardRS232/RS485Serial interface. With the help of the user module, the air conditioner can be upgraded to intelligent equipment, so that these products can meet the requirements of air conditioning industry standard, easily through the serial port of computer remote monitoring air conditioner, realizeTelemetry, remote communication, remote control, remote controlThe remote control function, enhance the market competitiveness.


By increasing the air conditioner DRCH-R5 Daikin air-conditioning remote monitoring interface module LINK, the air conditioner has the following functions:

1、ThroughRS232/RS485Easily communicate with computer. 
2Remote reading and operation parameters of the air conditioner, and some parameters of the air conditioner for remote settings; 
3The running state, remote reading of the air conditioner, including working, fan speed; air conditioner remote read alarm information. 4Local and remote operation, operation, maintenance personnel can operate through the remote control of air conditioner in the local, but also by the computer remote control air conditioner.

Applicable models: Daikin ceiling air-conditioning, central air conditioning series, VRV series, the Daikin Daikin post Guiji (Communication ark) etc. The Daikin Air conditioning series

Show interface board use



A,Version of history









Two,Outline drawing

1. The shape and structure of aluminum shell structure, with reed screws 9, 5.08 and Phoenix terminal;

2. The following figure



Three,performance parameter

1. Input power: the hardware version of the 2 version of the input power is 8-12VAC/DC; for the hardware version 3 after the input power is 8-24VAC/DC[recommend the use of 9V, 800MA]

2. Communication interface: select the RS485 mode and RS232 mode, through the jumper or dial settings, see the installation instructions.


Four,Installation instructions

1. Terminal definition

1 supporting the picture above 1 on the "air 1" and "Air 2" will seal off an interface. 2 of the 1 supporting two ports are open, i.e. 1 up to 2 units can be connected to the air conditioning and a distribution module 2 address to PC 2

2. wiring method

The power end is VIN1 and VIN2, regardless of the polarity;

The RS485 RXD/B and TXD/A (end is a communication mode to be set to RS485 mode);

The RS232 end is RXD/B, TXD/A and GND (communication mode to be set to RS485 mode);

The air conditioning connecting end as the corresponding P1, P2.

3. Communication mode

RS485 mode

① Version 2 and 3 setting methods: facing the terminal J4, J5 shorted left (J4, J5 two jumps are 3 needle skipping, middle needle for public needle);

② Version 5 setting methods: K1 off, S2 485, S1 (blue self-locking switch) bounce;

③ Version 5.1: S1 - TB, setting method of S2 - RS485.

RS232 mode

① Version 2 and 3 setting methods: facing the terminal, J4, J5 on the right side of two short jumper (J4, J5 are 3 needle needle needle skipping, middle public);

② Version 5: K1 setting method of short circuit, S2 S232, S1 (blue self-locking switch) under pressure;

③ Version 5.1: S1 - TA, setting method of S2 - RS232.


4. Matters needing attention:

① The power supply for VIN1 and VIN2 access terminal (regardless of the polarityThe input power shall not use the GND terminal, GND terminal and the host communication way for RS232 use

② To ensure the correct wiring (terminal and define the connection between terminals, not short, not the terminal virtual connection to power test);

③ The communication mode must be set properly, the factory default settings for RS485;

④ The equipment installed a dry and ventilated place, shall not be installed in wet or water position.