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British brand anhydrous citric acid food grade Sour Beverage, flavoring agent and preservative 1000g

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Anhydrous citric acid

Specification: 1000g packing (food sealing bag)

Properties: colorless crystal or white crystalline powder

Content: 99.5%;

Density: 1.542g/cm3;

Number: 12 - 40 and 30 - 100;

Molecular formula: C6H8O7

Molecular weight: 192.12;

Implementation criteria: GB1987-2007; BP98;


Main application: citric acid is the first organic acid in organic acids. Because of its physical, chemical and derivative properties, citric acid is the most important organic acid widely used in food, medicine, daily chemical and other industries.
1. Used in food industry. Because citric acid has a mild and refreshing acidity, it is widely used in the manufacture of beverages, soda, wine, candy, snacks, biscuits, canned fruit juice, dairy products and so on.

2Used in chemical, pharmaceutical and textile industries. citric acidIt can be used as a reagent for chemical analysis in chemical technology, as an experimental reagent, chromatographic analysis reagent and biochemical reagent, and as a complexing agentA masking agent; used to prepare buffer solutions

3For environmental protectionCitric acid sodium citrateApplication of buffer in flue gas desulfurization

4、For livestock productionAdding citric acid in piglet feed can early weaning, improve feed utilization rate 5% ~ 10%, increase sow litter size. Adding 1% - 2% citric acid in the diet of growing finishing pigs can increase daily gain, reduce feed to meat ratio, increase protein digestibility, reduce back fat thickness, and improve meat quality and carcass characteristics.

5, for cosmetics. Citric acid belongs to a kind of acid, the main role is to accelerate the horny renewal, commonly used in emulsion, cream, shampoo, whitening products, anti-aging products, acne supplies.

6. Used for sterilization. The combination of citric acid and 80 temperature can kill bacteria spores and kill bacteria spores in the pipeline of hemodialysis machine effectively.


Anhydrous citric acid is widely used as an acid and drug additive in food and drink. Can also be used for cosmetics, metal cleaning agent, mordant, non-toxic plasticizer and anti incrustator raw materials and additives. The main salt products are sodium citrate, calcium citrate and ammonium citrate, etc. sodium citrate is a blood anticoagulant, and ferric citrate can be used as a supplement of xue.