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RO membrane, 50G/75G/100G gallon reverse osmosis membrane, 200/400G pure water machine, water purifier, filter brand, general purpose

Factory direct sales, only 1 mail, more than 2 hit 1% off, a large amount of preferential! Send shipping insurance, remote areas need to fill the freight price, 75G film default hair wet film to dry film, please note (old customers default hair dry film) 1 genuine original RO film dry film, easy to save 2 regular RO film manufacturers, through the NSF certification 3 desalination rate reached more than 96%, the fluid volume of membrane technology. Import diaphragm 4 general RO film for Angel Royalstar brand general originwater Langmu

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Product specification: ULP-1812-75

Salt removal rate: more than 96%

Daily output: 75 gallons (280 liters)

Replacement time: depending on the local water quality and water consumption, generally 2-3 years.

Function of RO reverse osmosis membrane:
The use of ultra static pressure pump generates high pressure permeability, the mineral water molecules and ions through a layer of reverse osmosis membrane, dissolved in water and most organic compounds and heavy metals, such as bacteria and viruses are not through the reverse osmosis membrane interception (reverse osmosis membrane pore size on the only 0.0001um, and the diameter of the virus general 0.02-0.4um, common bacteria has a diameter of 0.4-1um), can effectively remove the organic matter in water, bacteria, virus, protein, pyrogen, microorganism, colloid and heavy metals and other impurities, filtered water drinking water in line with national standards, can be directly drunk!

Factory direct sales, only 1 mail, more than 2 dozen 1% off, quantity

Large favorably! Freight insurance, Xinjiang, Inner Mongolia, Qinghai, Tibet, Ning

Freight price difference in summer area.

75GRO film has dry film and wet film, 75G film defaults wet film, want to send wet film

Dry film, please note (old customers do not need to note, default hair dry

Thank you very much for the film, the other specifications of the film or the dry film.

Dry film A. wet film TDS drop fast dry film; wet film storage time.proposalEnd users buy wet film, it is recommended wholesalers or distributors buy dry film

B. dry film factory ventilation test, wet membrane factory water test and add protective liquid (food grade). So you might find that there are drops in the wet film, which is normal, no surprise. Guarantee product quality. No matter dry film or wet film, the machine must be washed for a while, after the water can be normal drinking.

1.1812-75 special TODOROM dry film

2.2012-100G (imported diaphragm)Dry film

3.2812-200GRO film(imported membrane) dry film

4.3012-300GRO film(imported membrane) dry film

5.3012-400GRO film(imported membrane) dry film

6.3013-400GRO film(imported membrane) dry film



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