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Beijing manual electric shutter door custom made European double layer insulation aluminum alloy coil door, the city home installation and maintenance

Where in the store single customers enjoy service, long warranty period of 3 years. The first year we free customer service maintenance and repair costs, two years after the product of any quality problems need to change and maintenance of our company for each customer only charge the cost of parts, free time and cost. Another: manual and electric rolling door series are sent to the original locks or original remote control set of sales Telephone: 1352292289013521181201

discount 70% in 2018-10-15 to 2018-10-17
price: USD$ 35.00
freight :USD$18.00,(Express)
freight :USD$7.00,(Postal parcel)
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Product introduction:

The hot dip galvanized steel plate or aluminum paint painted painted paint plate, the use of sophisticated production technology of rolling and molding, filled with free hydrocarbon fluorinated compounds of polyurethane foam materials, light weight, high strength, beautiful appearance, anti pry, noise isolation, thermal insulation, heat insulation, corrosion resistance and other advantages are widely used; in shops, garages, supermarkets, warehouses and industrial buildings etc..

According to can choose interior, exterior, with different installation way of the different characteristics of the building, after opening the shutter in the upper door of rewinding, economical garage internal space, and will not put mud, snow, and other debris into the garage, the appearance of fashion.

    Our products are inexpensive and homogeneous, and guarantee for 2 years. We have formal qualification certificate and professional installation team, as well as perfect after-sales service guarantee. Choose our products so that you buy the rest assured that the use of comfort.Ordering hotline: Mr. 13522922890 edge

Company profile:

Our company mainly manages

1Hand,Movable and electric rolling shutter door and accessories

2, automatic garage door, turn over garage door, European style insulation door, fire door, burglarproof door, entrance door, industrial lifting door, telescopic door, stainless steel pipe rolling shutter door, crystal door, glass door and so on

3, professional maintenance, all kinds of manual and electric rolling door, rolling door motor, continuous and so on

Installation case:

Easy to enjoy at home: free access to Beijing area; design; measurement; installation business!!
All the products purchased in this shop are free of charge for three packs for one year;
Note: if the product is improperly used by customers, damaged by external force, damaged by impact, not within the scope of this warranty, the company will charge the cost as much as possible to the customer.
handArea and price of dynamic electric rolling shutter door;
Add 10 cm wide [left], [x] = 1.6 meters high total area X price = total amount.
Ordinary manual rolling door color has white and blue two paragraph.
Area and price of electric rolling shutter door;
Width about 10 centimeters, x [total height need to add 1.6 meters, plug-in motor type needs 2.0 meters) = area X square meters price = total amount, plus motor price.

The color of electric rolling shutter door can be chosen by customers at will. The cost of electroplating, painting and spraying fee is added to every square meter.

Buyers notice:

Rolling shutter belongs to customized products, the price is per square meter price. The product is customized according to the actual size of the customer requirements and the specifications of the accessories used, so the size of each door is different, and the price is different. Before the product is photographed, please contact the customer service. We can calculate the area and the total price according to the size of the door and the materials we need.

Beijing local customers free door design, measurement and installation.Foreign customers, this product is generally larger, basically to send logistics, freight according to the destination and weight of the goods by the logistics company, the foreign customers are not responsible for installation, such as the need to install customers need to pay the corresponding installation fees and travel expenses.

About after sale:

All the products ordered in our company are guaranteed for 2 years (except for man-made damage). Please show the valid certificate issued by our company during the warranty, and guarantee with the documents (arrive within 24 hours)

After sales hotline: 1352292289013521181201