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The old elm landscape double high box double wooden bed of classical Chinese of Ming and Qing Dynasties

The old elm, real wood, wood furniture, factory direct sales, size and color can be customized, shipping across the country, a large commodity furniture shipping details, consult the owner

discount 70% in 2018-07-19 to 2018-07-21
price: USD$ 4199.30
freight :USD$18.00,(Express)
freight :USD$7.00,(Postal parcel)
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Name: old elm landscape double bed(Fortune landscape)

Material: old elm wood accessories

Color: pale brown, red walnut, light walnut(customizable)

Specifications: 180*200*40 cm

(bed height is 50cm, bed height is 100cm)

The bed box is 40cm high, suitable for the use of coir mats

Bedside table; 45cm*40cm*45cm height

This shop is the production of antique furniture factory shop, demolition of the old elm featured products as raw materials,

Traditional mortise and tenon structure technology, computer engraving, hand polishing, decoration, polyester environmental protection varnish

Spray painting process. Our factory can also provide customized service according to your needs, the price is reasonable. Hope

Looking forward to the vast number of classical furniture enthusiasts came to the factory site visits and orders, thank you!

Contact telephone; 13146307589 WeChat opened together






Since there are many kinds of products in our factory, please contact ahead of time so as not to order directly

Timely delivery and give you trouble, this product generally use the logistics distribution, buyers bear the freight

The price of goods and freight, by a specific distance and, as found in the inspection bump, please take

Please contact with the seller in time, please do not sign the bill, thank you for your cooperation!


Buyers must read

[1] the shop sold products, all the old elm, at the same time, some local furniture

Paulownia wood was used as the supplementary material (neither the main structure nor the appearance was found): case study

Such as clapboard, drawer plate, backboard and so on. This is due to process requirements, (simultaneous cost)

The price will be reduced), the public can accept, can also be made according to customer requirements of the whole elm.

The old elm furniture is the demolition of old material down, itself has acquired the pillars (by eye processing

After repair) scarring and natural, does not recognize the wood knot, scar of the buyers do not buy, the pursuit of.

Please don't buy it for the americans! Thank you


Please buyers before buying to communicate with us, do not cause unnecessary misunderstanding;


[2] all the pictures of our store are taken in real life, because of light or display

The resolution is different, the display on the computer will not be a little bit of color difference, the product color to

The object received is the standard;


[3] all our products are delivered by the logistics express company, buyers need to go to the logistics freight station

Pick up goods, buyers bear the freight, freight for cash on delivery. The buyer wins the bid for the web page

Fee ", in order to facilitate the operation of alipay. If you need to deliver it, the local freight company will accept it

Take delivery cost. (downstairs, no upstairs);


4. Please check the goods carefully when you pick up the goods in the freight company. If the number of goods is not found

Enough or damaged, the product may be damaged in the process of transportation, please pick up the goods

Face to face inspection (inspection is the buyer's rights and obligations), and refused to sign, immediately call

Know us, communicate with our company and freight company and buyer. Sign for no inspection

Buyer, we will consider that you have approved the goods, no problem and safe delivery

The store does not bear any compensation liability. If the goods are found at home, they are damaged

The shipping company is no longer responsible, and our company can not decide whether it is freight or customer

If the goods are damaged during the process of transportation, it is necessary to replace or supplement the parts

Family commitment;


[5] once sold, the furniture is not returned in principle. In case of special circumstances, it should be timely and

We will discuss the reasons for the return, and we will handle the situation. The return will come back and forth

Cost loss, return travel risk, and the loss caused by the two sale, please

Home think clearly.


[about evaluation]:


1, after each transaction, buyers have a chance to evaluate our store, the store attaches great importance to

Your evaluation, strive to do all praise!



2, not according to their own feelings to our shop to make a comment, bad review, after receiving goods, such as

Any dissatisfaction, must contact the owner, the owner will properly solve, must solve

Post reevaluation!


[furniture maintenance]


1, daily maintenance, should always keep the furniture clean. Never use hard objects to wipe surfaces.

Avoid contact surfaces such as high temperature goods. Protect the paint film from bruising and scald.


2, regular maintenance every quarter, wipe the furniture surface with clean soft cloth

Green or walnut oil spray the surface, and then use a clean soft cloth can be polished.


3, mobile furniture, should take the articles in the cabinet, light light shift, not shenglayingzhuai to

Avoid loosening and splitting the leg and mortise and tenon structures.


4, put furniture position should avoid direct sunlight, away from the heat source.


5, furniture allowance shrinkage seam becomes bigger, seasonal change environment humidity is not enough, but does not affect

Furniture use. Environmental humidity can be appropriately increased.


6, door, drawer switch is not flexible, no furniture pad, or seasonal expansion. Flat home

With or decreasing air humidity.


7, the panel may have come in contact with the local white paint, high temperature object. Use hot and damp towels to cover the pan

White to white.


8, if we give you a bump, with primer, cotton swab dipped in a little, apply to

Finish knocking.


I wish you a happy shopping Yuxing Gelao elm! May all your wishes come true!