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Straight fluted tap tap HSS high speed steel full grinding straight slot taps with Langya card machine.

Note: the price is a single price, the whole box 10, can sell. Suitable for processing materials: mobile phone bracket, aluminum, zinc alloy, magnesium alloy, stainless steel, copper, titanium alloy, watches and clocks, etc.

discount 70% in 2018-09-20 to 2018-09-22
price: USD$ 10.50
freight :USD$18.00,(Express)
freight :USD$7.00,(Postal parcel)
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Brand: Langya full grinding machine tapping for surface treatment: white

Screw length: 36mm blade length: 7.0mm diameter: 3.0mm material: French atieh manga cobalt (M35)

Suitable for processing materials: mobile phone bracket, aluminum, zinc alloy, magnesium alloy, titanium alloy, copperStainless steelClocks and watches and other materials.

Specification: M1.0*0.25M1.2*0.25M1.4*0.3M1.6*0.35M1.7*0.35M1.8*0.35M2*0.4M2.5*0.45M2.6*0.45M3*0.5

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Tap tapping is commonProblems and Solutions

 A Common problem


 Tap break:

The threaded hole machining of smaller diameter of chip is not good due to clogging; of barrier threads, drilling depth is not enough; thread cutting speed is too high too fast; the diameter of thread with the tap and screw tap different shaft; the grinding parameters of improper workpiece hardness instability tap; used for a long time, excessive wear.
 Tapping of tap:

The tap angle is too large; the cutting thickness of each tap is too large; the quenching hardness of tap is too high; the tap is worn too long and the wear is serious.

Tap wear too fast:

When cutting the thread, the cutting speed is too high; the selection of the grinding parameters of the tap is not appropriate; the choice of cutting fluid is improper; the cutting fluid is not sufficient; the material hardness of the workpiece is too high; when the tap is grinding, the phenomenon of burning occurs.
The thread diameter is too large:.

Tap in size precision improper selection is not reasonable; cutting; thread cutting speed is too high; the threaded hole coaxial with the difference of taps of the workpiece; improper grinding parameters tap; grinding burrs tap, tap cutting cone length too short.

The thread diameter is too small:

The selection of the accuracy of the middle diameter of the tap is improper; the selection of the grinding parameters of the tap is unreasonable; the tap is worn; the choice of the cutting fluid is not appropriate.
The surface roughness of screw thread is too large:
The selection of grinding parameters of tap is not suitable; the hardness of workpiece material is too low; the quality of tap grinding is not good; the choice of cutting fluid is not reasonable; the cutting speed is too high when tapping the thread; the tap is too long to wear; the wear is too large.

Tap break: 
The correct selection of the threaded hole diameter; grinding edge inclination or selection of spiral fluted taps; drilling bottom hole depth to meet the prescribed standards; appropriate to reduce the cutting speed, according to the selection criteria; correction of tap and bottom tapping, ensure the coaxiality requirements, and selection of floating tapping chuck; increasing the corner tap shorten the length of the cutting cone, the hardness of the workpiece; ensure to meet the requirements, the insurance holder; found the tap wear should be replaced.
Tapping of tap:

Properly reduce the rake angle of the tap, increase the length of the cutting cone properly, reduce the hardness and replace the tap in time.
Tap wear too fast:
To reduce the cutting speed properly, reduce the rake angle of the tap, lengthen the length of the cutting cone, select the lubricating cutting fluid, make proper heat treatment for the workpiece, and correctly tap the tap.
The thread diameter is too large:
Choose reasonable precision tap diameter; and reducing the cutting speed selection of cutting fluid for correction; taps and tapping thread when the coaxial degree of the floating chuck; reduce rake angle and cutting cone angle; burr grinding taps produced, and appropriately increase the length of the cutting cone..The thread diameter is too small:
The middle diameter of tap suitable for accuracy grade should be selected; the front angle and cutting cone angle of tap should be increased; the worn tap should be replaced; and the cutting fluid with good lubrication should be selected.

The surface roughness of screw thread is too large:: H7 v( m5 X% ^% Y) X B1 e' O- Y! m
Properly increase the rake angle of the tap, reduce the cutting cone angle, heat treatment, properly improve the hardness of the workpiece, ensure the lower surface roughness of the tap rake surface, select the lubricating cutting fluid, reduce the cutting speed properly, replace the worn tap.

Factors affecting tap life



Material quality:

The higher the hardness of the material, the lower the life of the tap; the better the lubrication performance of the material; the longer the life; the better the flow performance of the material, the longer the life of the tap

Tap wire speed:

Tap is the best speed for dental floss10rice/Minute~30rice/Minutes, over speed30rice/Minute, tap life decline.

Tap cooling and tap lubrication:

Tap the high-speed operation to generate heat, the product material is easily bonded to the tap groove, so that the screw hole enlargement. Good cooling and lubrication can reduce tap temperature and friction, prevent tap sticking, and prolong tap life.

Screw tooth accuracy and saturation rate:

In order to meet the quality requirements of the product, the shorter the accuracy of Kose cone life, the lower the saturation rate, the longer the tap life.


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