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Panasonic 12V17AHLC-PD1217ST maintenance free lead-acid batteries UPS special Panasonic

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Name of commodity: Panasonic 12V17AH LC-PD1217ST maintenance free storage battery

Warranty: warranty, warranty for one year

Company name: Beijing Heng Lite Technology Development Co. Ltd.

Company address: Beijing City, Changping District Development Road No. 8

Shenyang Matsushita Battery Co., Ltd.(PSBS) is Matsushita group are the only medium VRLA battery production base. Founded in October 18, 1994, by Panasonic Corporation and Limited by Share Ltd (formerly Shenyang Shenyang northeast battery battery factory) joint venture. The company introduced a comprehensive Panasonic Corp of Japan advanced technology, equipment and testing system, provides 40 kinds of "Panasonic" brand of small and medium sized sealed lead-acid battery for the rest of the world, mainly used in the field of UPS power supply, emergency lights, electric tools, electric bicycles and financial and communication system etc.. The backup power supply for battery because the product has the characteristics of good consistency, high specific energy, long life, safe and reliable without leakage has been widely recognized.

1, safety performance is good: under normal use no electrolyte leakage, no cell expansion and rupture.
2, discharge performance is good, stable discharge voltage, discharge platform.
3, good shock resistance: the state of the fully charged battery is completely fixed, the amplitude of 4mm, 16.7Hz frequency vibration for 1 hours, no leakage, no cell expansion and rupture, the normal open circuit voltage.
4, good impact resistance: the state of the fully charged battery from 20cm high natural fall to 1cm thick hard wooden boards 3 times. No leakage, no cell expansion and rupture, the normal open circuit voltage.
5, high discharge: 25 degrees Celsius, the state of the fully charged battery constant resistance discharge 3 weeks (the resistance value is equivalent to the battery 1CA discharge requirement), recovery capacity above 75%.
6, anti overcharge is good: 25 degrees Celsius, the state of the fully charged battery 0.1CA charge 48 hours, no leakage, no cell expansion and rupture, the open circuit voltage is normal, the capacity to maintain at a rate above 95%.
7, high current is good: 2CA full battery charge discharge state for 5 minutes or 5 seconds 10CA discharge. No part of conductive fuse, no distortion.
Design life
LC-P series - reserve float use long life
Use: large, medium and small UPS, communications, medical equipment, security system etc.
Features: floating 6 years life expectancy (25 C) /10 (20 DEG C); higher specific energy;
Using high quality ABS flame retardant material shell, conforms to the UL94V-0 standard, low shell combustion;
The unique production technology of high-quality alloy grid, grid enhanced corrosion resistance, prolong the service life of the product.
Security description

The characteristics of code anti-counterfeiting technology:
·The unforgeability: security code identifies concentrated number of high-tech means, has a unique security mechanism. Even the forger mastered the method of manufacturing the anti-counterfeit labels, but not forge the correct security password corresponding to the real thing, but can not send fake password information stored in the center database. Therefore, fundamentally eliminate the industrialized fraud.
- marking

Uniqueness:Unique, one encoding a product, by computer generated random encryption, no repeat.
The password.

Confidentiality:Each security password is hidden in the code security labels, only scrape coating damage or open label, to see the password. When the password was first query after the center database and automatically record the query time and the product password files automatically eliminate to exclude the possibility of repeated use of security password.
- Identification

Simple:Consumers only need to dial the phone or the Internet, then we can see the truth.

Query method
Open the top, visible16A set of digital bits, the old label for the original system query, new label with a new query system. Please according to the method of the query tag surface query.

Be careful:

  • Don't put the battery positive and negative terminals such as short circuit, short circuit, battery leakage has occurred, the danger of fire.
  • The battery into the machine, do not use the machine sealing structure, such as the use of sealing structure, risk of damage to the machine and cause personal injury.
  • The temperature range of the battery are as follows, such as the use of outside this range, will cause the battery performance, reduce the life, damage and deformation.discharge-15-50 DEG C, charging 0 DEG -40 DEG -40 DEG C, keeping -15
  • Please do not use insulated wire containing plasticizer. In addition, please do not use banana water, gasoline, volatile oil, oil, grease and other organic solvents and cleaning agents. Such as the use of these substances in contact with the battery shell, use pool shell cracked or cracked, battery leakage, fire etc..
  • Used batteries should be recycled, please do not throw away. Please contact my company or service company.
  • The internal battery retains the dilute sulfuric acid. The battery leakage touch the skin and clothes, please rinse with plenty of water.
  • Don't decomposition, transformation and damage the battery.
  • Please replace the period according to the instructions stated on the machine or replace the battery.