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Toyo battery, 6GFM200JAPATOYO battery, 12V200AHUPS power supply, EPS DC Panel Battery

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Toyo battery price

Sino foreign joint venture Panyu Hengda power supplyTOYOToyo Industrial Co., Ltd. was founded in1988Annual cover area80,000More than square meters, located in Guangzhou, Panyu District, with a total investment of nearly2Billion yuan, annual output reached60KVAh, the company has"TOYO"Internationally famous trademarks. The products are produced by international advanced technology, includingFMSeries valve controlled sealed lead-acid batteries,GFM6GFMA series of fixed valve controlled sealed lead-acid batteries and starter typeNSeries,MFSeries of lead-acid batteries three series, nearly two hundred specifications model.

My company isToyo accumulatorSenior agents authorized by limited company enjoySpot supply, gold priceThe privilege of North China is the only privilege mechanism, not only to enjoy the preferential price, and long-term cash supply, and manufacturers have carefully cultivated all in one service team, therefore, has hundreds of domestic and foreign well-known large-scale enterprises alike, to establish a long-term cooperative relations,TOYOToyo accumulatorThe agent is your ideal choice.

Characteristics of Toyo battery and battery:

1Free of water, simple maintenance

The special design has overcome the phenomenon that the battery loses water during the charging process. The volume and the proportion of the electric liquid have almost no change during the use of the battery. Therefore, the battery does not need water supply during the service life, and the maintenance is simple.

2The sealing is safe and the installation is simple

No electricity liquid flowing in the battery, the battery can be installed using the vertical, lateral, no electric leakage of patients, but not in the normal battery charging process of acid fog. Therefore, the battery can be installed in the office or ancillary equipment room, without the need to build a special battery room, reduce the project cost.

3Long service life

A lead calcium alloy grid with good corrosion resistance was used25℃The ambient temperature can reach normal floating life10Above year.

4High power discharge performance is good

The high quality plate and glass fiber separator with small internal resistance are adopted, and the assembly is tight, which makes the inner resistance of the battery extremely small. stay-40℃~60℃High current discharge in the temperature range, the output power is higher than the conventional battery15%About。

5It is easy to install and use

The battery has been fully charged and can be installed and put into use after the user has got the battery.

Toyo battery is widely used in:

(1) UPSUninterruptible power supply, emergency lighting, fire alarm system, warning signs

(2) Telecommunication system and DC switch cabinet

(3) Power system, power station, diesel locomotive start, lighting

(4) Solar street lamp storage system, wind energy storage system, highway, railway signal lamp, ship system

(5) Cars, electric bikes, motorcycles, lawn cars, golf carts

(6) Petroleum, marine and Meteorological Fields


Toyo accumulatorTOYOBattery type parameter table:

Model Voltage (VCapacity AH Ruler (length)*wide*High) weight

6GFM24 12 24 176 166 128 8.5

6GFM40 12 40 198 166 170 14.5

6GFM50 12 50 264 171 224 19.5

6GFM65 12 65 350 167 185 25.5

6GFM90 12 90 415 175 233 31.5

6GFM100 12 100 415 175 228 32.0

6GFM150 12 150 496 205 241 54.0

6GFM200 12 200 497 260 241 67.5

Toyo battery features:

Completely sealed type maintenance free design

Design life up to10year

It meets the requirements of high frequency and deep level discharge, and greatly improves the endurance of discharge and the ability of deep cycle discharge

Immersion plate formation (unique)FTFPlate formation process

Analysis of pure sulfuric acid electrolyte

The electrolyte is not layered, and the charging is not required

Non corrosive gas leakage

Valve control type maximum opening pressure is5Psi1Psi≈7KPA

Use in any direction

Battery cover and cover adoptABSMaterial Science

Reinforced flame retardant materialsUL94V-0Grade) can be used by users

Low self discharge

adoptIATAHarmless product certification

accord withIEC896-2D/N43534And,BS6290 Pt4, EUROBATstandard

Factors affecting battery life:

The effect of overcharging

The water is consumed because of the oxygen evolution reaction in the long period of overcharge,h+Increasing the acidity near the cathode leads to the accelerated corrosion of the grid, the thinning of the grid, the corrosion of the battery, and the reduction of the battery capacity;At the same time, because of the increase of water loss, the battery will be dried up and the battery life will be affected.

Effect of excessive discharge

Battery over discharge mainly occurs after the AC power failure, the battery for a long time load power supply. When the battery voltage is too low to be excessive discharge or even zero, will cause the battery internal lead sulfate is a large amount of adsorption to the cathode surface of the battery by the battery cathodeSulfation. Lead sulfate is an insulator, resulting in a great negative impact on the battery charge and discharge performance, it will, thus formed on the cathode of the battery's internal resistance of sulfate is more, the greater the charge and discharge performance of the battery is poor, battery life is short.

Use and maintenance of Toyo battery:

16GFM6FMThe series of lead-acid batteries can be installed and used as normal batteries, and can be used horizontally.

2The battery should leave the heat, and spark. And avoid direct sunlight and a large amount of organic solvent gas and corrosive gas environment. The safe distance should be greater than the safe distance0.5m

3The battery room shall have necessary ventilation and lighting facilities to avoid installation in closed equipment or containers. Battery spacing is the best15mmAbove。

4The battery is charged to the factory, in the transportation and installation process to guard against short circuit; not touch the pole when handling.

5The installation of storage battery, because the component voltage is higher, in handling, installation, maintenance, should use insulation tools, wear insulation gloves, to prevent electric shock.

6Before installing and connecting the battery, brush the pole terminal with a fine wire brush to appear the metallic luster, and keep the connection clean. The bolt should be tightened when connecting to prevent the battery from sparking due to poor contact. Torque specified value:

50AHThe following batteries are4.4N.M

50AHThe battery is above10.9N.M

7When the battery is connected, the connecting cable should be as short as possible in order to avoid excessive pressure drop.

8Please do not mix the batteries which are different in old and new, different in capacity and different in performance. Before installing the terminal connector and conducting the battery system, the total voltage of the battery system and the positive and negative electrodes are carefully checked. To make sure the installation is correct.

9When the battery is connected with the charger or the load, the circuit switch should be located"To break off"The positive electrode of the battery is connected with the positive pole of the charger, and the negative electrode is connected with the negative electrode.

10Please don't wipe the organic solvent in the battery. In case of fire, fire extinguishers such as carbon tetrachloride can be used.

11Before battery installation, it is better to be in the battery installation0-30℃Storage in a dry, clean and ventilated environment. Storage period shall not exceed the production period of the battery6For months, otherwise, supplementary power should be provided.

12The battery can be used at ambient temperature-20-+50℃ Under the condition of use, but the environmental temperature is10-30℃ A longer service life can be obtained.

13Do not increase or reduce the load of a few batteries in the battery, such as the middle tap used in series for other power supply.

14When the battery is used, overcharge and over discharge should be avoided, otherwise, the service life of the battery will be affected.

15The battery should be recharged or charged evenly before installation and put into use before the battery is put into use. The battery should be charged immediately after discharging. When the battery voltage is lower than the float2.20V/Single, with battery charge equalization. The charge current limiting value is best adopted0.1-0.2C10(A)

16The installation of storage battery should consider the loading capacity and load capacity of the installation floor, floor (according to the requirements of building drawings).

17And the battery float voltage refers to the ambient temperature25℃ Under the charge voltage, when the temperature difference exceeds10℃ When must fix the float voltage, otherwise it will damage the battery. Elevated ambient temperature1℃ That should reduce the float voltage0.003V/On the contrary, it increases cell; float voltage0.003V/Table.

18When the load change range is0-100%Charging equipment should be reached1%Regulated precision.

19At least once a year to check whether the battery connection parts loose phenomenon, and timely adjustment. The battery (Group) in operation shall not be disassembled, installed and adjusted, and the battery connection shall be loose to prevent sparking.

20It is suggested to carry out a full load operation of the battery every year, and to do well the operation record of the battery.

21If the abnormal phenomena are found in the operation of the battery, the cause of the fault should be found in time and replaced immediately.

The floating voltage abnormality, crack, leakage or deformation, such as abnormal temperature

Toyo battery quality assurance:

1.Strictly comply with the requirements of the contract to meet the design requirements, the quality of qualified products

2.Strictly control and check the quality of incoming raw materials and fittings

3.To ensure that the battery is provided with perfect technology, complete detection means, no defect products

4.Full responsibility for battery performance, packaging, transportation, technical support, services and so on

5.Provide the installation drawings and quality standards according to the contract, and provide convenience for installation and use

6.Detection found that the battery has quality defects, to ensure that when informed to the client, never conceal. In the installation and operation of the failure to ensure the normal use of users as the premise, first solve the existing problems, restore system operation, and then analyze the attribution of responsibility

7.When the customer receives the defects and accessories missing, our factory will be responsible for the free repair of missing parts and replace defective batteries as soon as possible

8.On the premise of ensuring the quality of the battery, to ensure the provision of perfect after-sales service, technical support and customer training

UPSBecause of the long-term connection with the city power, in the power supply quality is high, very few power outages in the use of the environment, the battery will be in long-term floating charge state, long time will cause the battery chemical and electrical energy conversion activity decreased, accelerated aging and shorten service life. Therefore, generally every other day23The discharge time of the battery should be fully discharged once a month, and the discharge time can be determined according to the capacity and load of the battery. After a full load discharge is completed, the charge is re charged according to the regulations8Hours above. Use communication function. At present, the vast majority of large and medium-sizedUPSIt has the functions of communication with computer and program control. The corresponding software is installed on the microcomputer through the string/Parallel port connectionUPSThe computer can be operated by using this programUPSTo communicate. It has the functions of information query, parameter setting, timing setting, automatic shutdown and alarm. Through the information inquiry, the city electric input voltage can be obtained,UPSThe output voltage, load utilization rate, battery capacity utilization, the temperature inside the machine and the frequency of electricity, etc., can be set by parameter settingUPSBasic characteristics, battery maintenance time and battery depletion alarm, etc.. Through these intelligent operation, it is very convenientUPSUse and management of batteries

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Because the battery products are more, so the online price is for reference only! Please ask buyers to contact the customer service before confirming the order and confirm the price and quantity! If you think the battery description is not complete, please contact us for detailed information.