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OTP 12V17AH6FM-17APCUPS battery power battery warranty for one year

discount 70% in 2018-10-15 to 2018-10-17
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The manager stated: the shops as business entities, the Silicon Valley in Beijing city with a computer shop, the main salesSantak,APC, EmersonDelta, KSTARBrands such as UPS and power, Santak, Matsushita, Tang Qian, Germany, Germany, Germany APD sun, Jin Bo, hebeike Seth, Shengyang, leoch brand ups and brand power battery!Please contact with the manager before the shoot!


Invoice sample:

OTP battery with high performance, high quality, high reliability and special for UPS application of specialized design characteristics by the United States APC company, a global manufacturer of UPS, selected as the "APC channel for battery". OTP battery has been exported to Asia, Europe, North America and other countries and regions.

OTP battery - reserve float use ordinary goods
Use: large, medium and small UPS, communications, medical equipment, security system etc.
Features: floating 6 years life expectancy (25 C) /10 (20 C);
The more high energy;
Using high quality ABS flame retardant material shell, conforms to the UL94V-0 standard, low shell combustion;
The unique production technology of high-quality alloy grid, grid enhanced corrosion resistance, prolong the service life of the product.

Model Voltage (V) Capacity (Ah)
20 hour rate 20HR
Size (mm) Terminal type Single
(about Kg)
Long (L) Width (W) High (H) The total height (TH)
6FM-7 12 7 151 65 94 98 F1、F2 2.64
6FM-17 12 17 181 77 167 167 B1 6.2
6FM-24 12 24 166 126 174 174 M1 8.5
6FM-38 12 38 198 166 175 175 M1 13.2
6FM-65 12 65 330 174 168 174 M3 22
6FM-100 12 100 330 174 220 226 M3 31
6FM-150 12 150 530 209 219 225 M3 48.5
6FM-200 12 200 520 240 220 226 M3 65

The scope of application

UPS uninterruptible power supply and emergency lighting system
The railway, shipping, transportation
Nuclear power plant, power plant, substation
Fire safety alarm system
Wireless communication system, program-controlled switches, mobile communication
Solar energy storage energy conversion device
Control equipment and emergency protection system, personal computer

Product description

The original OTP battery is the European market for products, with its high quality has become the recommended battery APC company

The characteristics of OTPUPS battery:

1, OTP battery design for USP applications

2, OTP battery life is long (25 degrees Celsius float, the design life of up to 5~8 years)

3, OTP battery (shell using flame retardant materials, products through the UL safety certification)

4, OTP battery self discharge (storage time of up to 1~2 years)

5, OTP battery (good sealing sealing reaction efficiency is as high as 99.9)

6, OTP battery 3 years warranty.

Use and maintenance

A. OTP battery electrolyte, with dry clean, timely overflow of dirt and dust; pole pile and wiring chuck should be kept clean and in good contact, and vaseline or butter, prevent oxidation; ventilation holes on the battery cover to maintain smooth, prevent dirt
B. OTP keep the battery is insufficient, put on a fully charged battery, and then start the engine. Prohibited the use of batteries in parallel mix OTP keep the battery and the lack of adequate electricity, which not only affect the life of OTP battery, but also not conducive to the engine starting.
C. eliminate the short circuit, to prevent damage to the battery OTP. Disassemble the battery, to avoid the conductive objects placed on the tools of OTP battery, to prevent short-circuit; do not complete lines, don't put the wire head carelessly ride, to avoid short circuit; in a timely manner with insulating rubber wrapped on broken wire.
D. OTP keep the battery to maintain adequate, but not excessive charging current. If the battery is long-term in the state power loss, easy to cause the electrode oxidation, shorten the service life of the battery.
Buyers. Delivery / return rules specify:
  1. As the goods is relatively heavy, and the goods in the shop with lead-acid batteries are hazardous materials, so our products sold by shipping are only required to pick up the logistics company.
  2. If buyers need door-to-door logistics companies are required to pay the cost of delivery costs, according to the quantity of goods, address, have not the same, buyers need to communicate with the customer service staff.
  3. Buyer if more convenient goods logistics company and customer service staff can communicate, if not, the staff will try to arrange to the logistics company, logistics in order to avoid the forwarding process lost phenomenon of goods.
  4. The payment before 5, the staff will be shipped on the same day, if not timely delivery, customer service staff will inform the buyer to ship the next day. 5 after the payment of the buyer, for next day delivery.
  5. Items within the warranty period. If the quality of the products. In order to change. Each bear the freight. For we sent. And good debugging is to transport. If buyers improper operation, after inspection without quality problems from the cost of the buyer,
  6. Buyers after the receipt. Due to various reasons. To return. The buyer should bear the return freight. And cost. Secondly. Ensure the return is prohibited disassemble intact.
  7. Buyers for the express company (such as SF, tact,,,), buyers need to communicate with the customer service staff.
  8. The above conditions such as receiver, do not shoot, so as to avoid unnecessary trouble!