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Electrical battery KD6FM6512V65AH UPS maintenance free storage battery power battery 12zp-5b

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A detailed description of the battery electrical electronic:

Battery characteristics of KD series lead-acid batteries
The good sealing performance, no need of maintenance free fluid
It can ensure the safety and tightness of battery during service life, no pollution and no corrosion. The battery can be placed horizontally and used vertically. Battery tightness

The sealing structure can re produce the gas to synthesize water, and in the process of using, no water supply is needed, and no maintenance is needed.
The wide temperature range.
The battery can be used in the temperature range from -35 to 55 degrees centigrade.
KD series of lead-acid batteries with unique alloy formula and paste formula, under low temperature discharge still has excellent performance, strong resistance at high temperature

Corrosion property.

The safety explosion-proof
Battery explosion-proof exhaust system is safe and reliable, can make the battery in non normal use, eliminating the pressure and produced by big burst risk.

It is no free electrolyte
The small resistance, good high current discharge characteristics
The small self discharge
They charged the factory, it is convenient to use a unique formula, good performance of deep discharge recovery

12V specification for KD series lead-acid batteries

Battery type, rated voltage, rated capacity, outline size (L * W * TH) reference weight KG
KD 6FM412490×70×1071.65
KD 6FM7127151×65×97.52.2
KD 6FM121212151×98×1003.8
KD 6FM171217181×76×1675.5
KD 6FM201220181×76×1676.5
KD 6FM241224165×125×1758.2
KD 6FM261226165×125×1758.65
KD 6FM301230197×165×17011.2
KD 6FM331233197×165×17012.6
KD 6FM381238197×165×17013.2
KD 6FM401240197×165×17013.8
KD 6FM501250230×166×17417
KD 6FM551255230×166×17418
KD 6FM651265350×166×17421
KD 6FM701270350×166×17422
KD 6FM751275350×166×17423
KD 6FM801280407×173×24027.8
KD 6FM881288407×173×24028.6
KD 6FM901290407×173×24030
KD 6FM10012100407×173×24032
KD 6FM20012200520×240×24562
KD 6FM25012250520×268×24975
KD 6FM30012300650×268×24985
2V specification for KD series lead-acid batteries
Battery type, rated voltage, rated capacity, outline size (L * W * TH) reference weight KG
KD 6FM1.3121.398×45×590.64
KD 6FM2.2122.2178×35×661.05
KD 6FM3.3123.3134×67×651.39
KD 3FM1.361.396×24×560.31
KD 3FM2.862.866×33×1030.59
KD 3FM3.263.2126×34×650.68
KD 3FM46470×47×1060.82
KD 3FM565170×35×750.99
KD 3FM767151×35×981.31
KD 3FM10610151×50×991.91
KD FM1002100170×73×2128
KD FM2002200172×111×35014.5
KD FM3002300170×150×35020.2
KD FM4002400210×175×35029
KD FM5002500241×172×35733
KD FM6002600301×175×33140
KD FM8002800410×175×35958
KD FM100021000474×174×35668
KD FM150021500400×354×381110
KD FM200022000489×350×381150
KD FM300023000712×351×395220
KD series gelled sealed lead-acid batteries

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C natural disasters, earthquakes, lightning and human irresistible natural factors


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