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OTP battery 12V24AHOTP6FM-24APCUPS power supply special battery warranty for three years

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Manager statement: the store is an entity business, in Beijing Silicon Valley computer city with shops, the main salesSantak,APC, EmersonDelta, KSTARBrands such as UPS and power, Santak, Matsushita, Tang Qian, Germany, Germany, Germany APD sun, Jin Bo, hebeike Seth, Shengyang, leoch brand ups and brand power battery!Please contact the manager before shooting!


Invoice sample:

OTP batteries are designed for "high performance, high quality, high reliability" and specialized design features for UPS applications. They are selected as "APC channels for batteries" by APC company, global UPS manufacturer". OTP batteries have been exported to Asia, Europe, North America and many other countries and regions.

OTP battery - reserve float use ordinary goods
Applications: large, medium and small UPS, communications, medical equipment, security systems, etc.
Features: floating 6 years life expectancy (25 C) /10 (20 C);
Higher specific energy;
High quality flame retardant ABS shell is adopted, which meets the UL94V-0 standard and reduces the possibility of shell burning;
High quality grid alloy, unique production process, enhance the grid corrosion resistance, extend the service life of the product.

Model Voltage (V) Capacity (Ah)
20 hour rate 20HR
Outline size (mm) Terminal type Single
(about Kg)
Long (L) Width (W) High (H) Total height (TH)
6FM-7 12 7 151 65 94 98 F1、F2 2.64
6FM-17 12 17 181 77 167 167 B1 6.2
6FM-24 12 24 166 126 174 174 M1 8.5
6FM-38 12 38 198 166 175 175 M1 13.2
6FM-65 12 65 330 174 168 174 M3 22
6FM-100 12 100 330 174 220 226 M3 31
6FM-150 12 150 530 209 219 225 M3 48.5
6FM-200 12 200 520 240 220 226 M3 65

Application range

UPS uninterruptible power supply emergency lighting system
Railway, shipping and traffic
Power plants, substations, nuclear power plants
Fire safety alarm system
Wireless communication system, program controlled switch, mobile communication
Solar energy storage energy conversion equipment
Control equipment and its emergency protection system, personal computer

Product description

OTP batteries were originally made for the European market, and their high quality became the recommended battery for APC

Characteristics of OTPUPS batteries:

1, OTP battery for USP application design

2, OTP battery life is long (25 degrees Celsius float, the design life of up to 5~8 years)

3, OTP battery is safer (shell using flame retardant material, product safety certification through UL)

4 、 OTP battery self discharge is small (storage time up to 1~2 years)

5, OTP battery sealing is good (sealing reaction efficiency as high as 99.9)

6, OTP battery 3 years warranty

Use and maintenance

A. keep the OTP battery clean, wipe out the overflow electrolyte, dirt and dust in time, keep the pole and the connection clamp clean and in good contact, and apply Vaseline or grease to prevent oxidation. The ventilation holes on the battery cover should be kept unblocked and prevent dirt
B. found that when the OTP battery was insufficient, it replaced the battery with enough electricity and then started the engine. It is forbidden to mix the OTP battery with sufficient power and the battery in parallel, which not only affects the service life of OTP battery, but also is unfavorable to the starting of the engine.
C. prevent short circuit and prevent damage to OTP battery. When assembling and disassembling the battery, it is necessary to avoid the tools such as electric conduction to be placed on the OTP battery in order to prevent short circuit; pay attention to the incomplete line, do not make the wiring head arbitrarily lap, in order to avoid short circuit; to the damaged wires should be wrapped with insulating glue in time.
D. should maintain sufficient storage of OTP batteries, but not overcharge too often. If the battery is in the state of loss for a long time, it is easy to cause the oxidation of the plate and shorten the service life of the battery.
Buyers, delivery / return rules specify:
  1. Because the goods are relatively heavy, and our store products contain lead-acid batteries are dangerous goods, so the sale of our products can only send mail logistics company, all need to take their own goods.
  2. If the buyer needs the delivery of goods by the logistics company, it is necessary to pay the cost of door-to-door delivery, the cost according to the quantity and address of the goods are not the same, the buyer needs to communicate with the customer service staff.
  3. If the buyer has a relatively convenient logistics company can carry out communication with the customer service staff, if not, the staff will try to arrange the logistics company directly to the place, so as to avoid the loss of goods in the process of forwarding logistics.
  4. Buyers pay before 5, the staff will deliver goods on the same day, if not timely delivery, customer service personnel will notify buyers in advance the next day delivery. The buyers who pay after 5 will deliver the goods on the next day.
  5. Goods in the shelf life. If there is quality problems. To change this product. Each bear the freight. Because we debug good and sent. Most of the transport to. If the buyer improper operation, inspection without quality problems. Buyers bear the cost of round-trip,
  6. Buyers after the receipt. Due to various reasons. To return. The buyer should bear the return freight. And cost. Secondly. Ensure the return is prohibited disassemble intact.
  7. Buyers need to send courier companies (such as SF, tact, and), buyers need to communicate with the customer service staff.
  8. If the above conditions can not be received, please do not shoot, so as not to cause unnecessary trouble!