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Gerrit battery 6-FM-712V7AHEPS/UPS DC screen special battery power supply

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Application field of Gerrit battery:

Widely used in the communication system, power system, emergency lighting system, automatic control system, fire and security alarm systems, solar and wind power system, computer standby power supply, portable instrument, instrument, medical equipment, electric tools, electric vehicle system.

Manufacturers provideHigh quality and high performance series of lead acid sealed non maintenance battery products,

Gerrit battery has the following main features:

The corrosion of lead calcium tin alloyHigh rate discharge is excellentThe self discharge rate is very low  

The superfine glass fiber membrane absorptionNo harmful gas overflowLow temperature performance is superior  

The high strengthA B SResin caseInstallation with equipmentWill not pollute the environment

The seal no leakage without adding waterAutomatic opening and closing of safety valveNo built storage battery room

FMApplicable range of series battery products

1.Reserve power supply and switching control power supply for power system

2.Standby power supply for communication system

3.Power supply for office automation system

4.Power supply for fire protection, safety and alarm device


6.Various emergency lighting systems

7.Solar energy and wind energy storage

8.Driving power supply for electric vehicle

GFMSeries product features

1.Fully sealed structure

2.Gas recombination

3.Maintenance free operation

4.High discharge capacity

5.Low self discharge rate

6.Suitable temperature range

7.Strong recovery ability

8.Long service life


Basic characteristics of Gerrit batteries:

1. high storage capacity.

2. charge and discharge without mist. It can charge a large current0.8C-1C

3 charging ability is strong.8Seconds30CDischarge current,

4. high current discharge. No current damage. Multiple discharge,

5. ultra deep discharge. The battery doesn't hurt. In50~60Use at the temperature of centigrade.

6. suitable temperature is very strong. Totally free of maintenance,

7. self discharge small. After full charge, stored at room temperature for one year can still be used normally. Double for lead-acid batteries.

8. long service life. Renewable materials are recycled after scrap,

9. green environmental protection without pollution. Electrolyte free. It can be used safely in all kinds of bad environments.

10. good seismic performance. It can be placed in any direction when using.

11. free from space restrictions.

Technical support services provided by the company:
The company provides technical services including telephone support and on-site support two, to help the user equipment failure be resolved in a timely manner, to ensure reliable and stable operation of equipment.
1. Telephone support service
A, users in the maintenance process, due to technical failure caused by the equipment, which lead to the normal work, can request to the company by telephone.
B, maintenance engineers call a support group, with the fastest time in response to user service requirements, answer user questions, help and guide users to formulate solutions.
2. Field support services
A, in the case of telephone support can not properly solve the problem, we will send technicians to the scene within 48 hours to assist users troubleshooting.
B, in the warranty period, the warranty period, we will replace free of charge as raw materials, design and manufacturing processes and other technical problems and quality problems and failure of the product, the main problems and unable to deal with the buyer, to provide free replacement service, timely solutions to various problems and repair products will the existence of the product.
C, for the product warranty period, we still provide maintenance services required by the buyer for any failure of the equipment, repair bad products in a timely manner to the most preferential price change.