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12V17AH battery, UPS battery, fire engine, security guard, DC screen, 12v17A battery, 12v15AH

discount 70% in 2018-10-15 to 2018-10-17
price: USD$ 126.00
freight :USD$18.00,(Express)
freight :USD$7.00,(Postal parcel)
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Name: 12V17AH maintenance free lead-acid battery
Model: 12V17AH
Voltage: 12V
Capacity: 17AH
Size: long 181mm*, width 76mm*, high 167mm
Weight: 5.2 kg / kg
Range of use:
Applicable to: UPS, emergency lights, fire alarm host, security access control, mobile speakers (audio), DC screen, ultrasonic inverter, lighting products (LED lights), Elevator emergency power supply, Medical instruments, etc..
Purchase notes:
1. is the battery new?
  Our factory Taobao shop, all batteries guarantee new, production date near, foot capacity, old one penalty ten, The reason why the price is cheaper than the other shop, because the factory Taobao shop, mainly to batch customers. The bulk price are the subject of the shipping price. Welcome to our factory batch customers.
2. battery matters needing attention
    The battery is electric when you leave the factory. You can use it first. Please use the constant current and constant voltage battery charger, the battery must not be exhausted after all electric recharging, the battery after use should be promptly charged, or not run out of power, otherwise there may be caused by internal plate curing not rechargeable battery, three months to add static electricity, maintain full battery is the best preservation methods.
3: is it possible to invoice?
All batteries in our shop do not contain tax, if need to invoice, contact customer service.
  4: charge and discharge instructions
    The battery will not overcharge, over discharge, short circuit, charging process to maintain the best placed upright
  The battery can not overcharge (12V/6V battery charging voltage can not be greater than 15V/7.5V)
The battery can not be over discharged (the discharge voltage of 12V/6V battery can not be less than 9.6V/4.8V)
Buyers must see:
Usage: after the battery is received directly, the new battery has been charged and can be used directly.
Charging: second charging no specific requirements, according to the remaining battery charge can be used in the short time, charging time is short, with a long time remaining power is relatively less, the charging time is longer, the charging time is a relatively vague concept, according to the charger indicator change as a reference.
Maintenance: Battery no memory, please use the battery must not be used too clean again charge. Otherwise, the light will shorten the battery life. Heavy, will be damaged on a one-time basis. Long enough to maintain enough electricity, can extend the battery life. Remember, do not use thoroughly clean, and then recharge oh. For a long time not to use, every 1,2 months to charge the battery, otherwise it will damage.
Applicability: as long as the same model is general, can replace the 12V15AH12V16AH capacity, the more durable
Charging instructions: charging not wrong, positive and negative, red terminal is positive, black is negative, wrong connection is easy to burn the charger.
Freight: because of the battery product is heavy, freight freight template can not be unified, just a reference, because of the different regions may also be relatively cheap, it far more friends to pay attention to, so please confirm the transaction in question, you can first take payment in no hurry to discuss it again thank you! We will provide you with the best service at the end! The postage charge is fully complied with the actual amount!
1, buyers when you from the courier company or logistics staff to receive parcels, must pay attention to check the package on the spot is intact;
  2, confirm the packaging without obvious flattening, hole, spread, damp and opened marks etc. after the receipt;
3, in case of the above, please open a spot check, whether the goods are intact can be used normally, the number of varieties are complete;
4, if there are any problems, please refuse to sign and contact with the staff in front of us to solve.
After sale:
  There are quality problems within seven days can be returned or strip, freight back and forth, I am responsible for, within a year, there are quality problems, you can change the new (on the battery warranty standards please consult customer service), round-trip freight buyers assume. Check before delivery, there will be no problem, if damaged, please contact us for the first time, please do not sign, refused on the spot, such as your signature, said the default intact, unpacking battery damage, according to warranty treatment, except for special cases!

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