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Imported material transfer stretcher bed for medical transfer bed intensive care bed to high-quality ICU

Imported materials, special processing, high quality and effect, the price is the same grade lowest, conventional type: through the sliding friction between the bed and the bed board and the coat over the bed coat rolling cycle, which lay in bed for the patients easily transferred to another bed (or the operating table, cart CT, bed, desk bed). At present, each basic medical rehabilitation agencies have used, can be folded,

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price: USD$ 455.00
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freight :USD$7.00,(Postal parcel)
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The medical bed is the best tool for the patient from the operating table, cart, bed, desk, bed CT shift, nursing, the patient is stable and safe before bed, and reduce the generated is handling the pain. Both to avoid unnecessary damage caused by the patient in the handling process, and improve the quality of nursing, completely solve the resulting disputes and risks, to greatly reduces the labor intensity of nursing staff,Mainly used in obstetrics, X light room, wards and intensive use to transfer the patient roomFirst, the use of specific methods

1, first of all, the height of the lifting trolley to bed, table height (gap between not more than 15cm), close to the bed on both sides of the cart, stand a person. 2, the patient from the bed to the cart on the side of the bed, hands each support patient's shoulders and hips, the patient will move 30 side light
°About the other side of the bed will easily slide into the patient body below 1/3 or 1/4 at the side of the bed, people hold the patient's shoulders and hips to 45°About slowly forcibly push forward, to force, then forward jog, the person on the other side to hold the patient's shoulder and hips, gently pull the patient. When the patient completely over the bed to the cart, patients do not need to be removed in bed on the cart, put the cart on both sides of guardrail, transporting the patient to another bed or Taiwan. If there is a gap between the bed and the patient or the heavy cart, or need special care for patients before bed can be used under the patient's body in the sheets, and before the operation steps are roughly the same. Side to move the patient, picked up in bed in bed for two. A bed, two people in the four corner pull sheets at the same time, to force the other side and front side, gently pull. When the patient completely over the bed to the cart, and before the operation of the same.

3, patient transport carts and other surgical bed or Taiwan, and Qi, on both sides of the push and pull down the bed to the patient, (Taiwan), the side of the nursing staff should gently care patients (palm up), to ensure that the patient to bed (Taiwan) in the proper position. 4, the patient to bed (Taiwan), too easy to bed on one side only 1/3 or 1/4 patients, slightly lift patients, out of bed too easy.

A note

1, nursing staff are required to master the operation through the use of methods and techniques to the bed, in order to play the effect of bed.

Not 2, bed and cart with large gap, the distance is not less than 15cm.

3, bed to cart four wheel lock, cart shift so as to bed.

4, pay attention to the patient's catheter, infusion tube, clothes etc..

5, uniform force, ban violent, overexert, to care for patients.

6, push up or down a patient, the patient should pay attention to head and feet in bed too easily, to ensure smooth bed patients.

7, push or drag down the side of the patient, nursing staff should be mainly to patients and hospital care, less friction and moved to the appropriate location.

8, easy bed only for level shift when using the stretcher bed, ban.


Two, cleaning and maintenance

This product can be used wet cleaning, please try not to use hard brush used in grey material, if the blood or other pollution, the cover can be water, detergent at room temperature (32 degrees Celsius) or clean with a damp cloth wipe wash. Cover not machine wash, not high temperature cleaning.

Four, disinfection

The bed is too easy for cleaning and disinfection. First use of water wash or wipe with a damp cloth to dry after washing, Jianzhisu solution by dilution or other disinfectant wiping disinfection, gray can be used as the material with cleaning and disinfection washing method. And it can be sterilized by any conventional disinfection method, similar to the operating table or bed disinfection method.


Five, medical bed in a cart without taking, in the X stage do not have to find. Because the bed can be easily X light penetration does not affect the radiological examination.

Technical parameters:
Product size (length * width * height):170*48*2 cm
Folding size (length * width * height):84*48*4
Net weight:4.5 kgGross weight.:5 kg

Bearing: less than 159KG