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Changhong Honda gold treasure intelligent electronic pressure controller Germany special pump switch selling

On the basis of the original has been improved, more stable performance. The pressure gauge than the conventional section of a larger size, more clearly.

discount 70% in 2018-10-23 to 2018-10-25
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Teachers' day of Thanksgiving


Thank you for your visit, according to the feedback before the market reaction, we launched the new improved version of the electronic switch!!!


Automatic pump controller


The first electronic switch: the electronic switch is automatic control switch installed in the pump, its basic principle is to control the water pump through the water pressure induction switch, eliminating the need to manually start artificially.

In the past, people have developed a mechanical switch, a mechanical switch with small cheap and convenient functions, but for the pipeline water flow less but also because of the frequent start and lead to life only 10 thousand months break switch. Compared with mechanical switch, electronic switch more humane, function structureLong life and other characteristics, which is reflected in the small flow through the pipeline to the maximum pressure running without frequent take-off.






product8Major characteristics:

1, high temperature resistant. High temperature 100 degrees below the other, with a 60 degree temperature controller;

2, the protection of water shortage. After the water stop automatically to protect the motor and prevent idling;

 3、(newThe adjustable threshold pressure). From the start to start the induction pressure accurately, the initial value is in the range of0.5~3.5BARAnd can adjust the initial pressure in the controller at the top of each storey convenient customer use;

4, after the start of intelligent protection. The first auto stop after 8 minutes after the water automatically restart; second times an hour, automatic restart.Save you climb the stairs to "reset" button and the time of trouble, make water pumps used in water will not idle, enhance the service life of the water pump;

 5、(new)Start without frequent. Traditional mechanical switch, when the water is already frequently when the controller in the water jump, also very small and can guarantee no frequent jump, running smoothly;

6, the pressure increased from 10bar to 15bar, the pressure from the pressure can be adjusted to;

 7、(newThe use of large pressure gauge), the data at a glance, don't bother

 8、The price advantage. This shop belongs to direct manufacturers, wholesalers and buy you a price, for better promotion of electricity market, a low wholesale price.

9, digital control chip. Convenient operation, you only need to plug it in, the rest is from the chip to automatic control.


This is the front view of the product, you have not felt that this product is exquisite!!!

The top can be adjusted manually



I put on the comparison chart below and in the old section of the market, what is the intuitive feeling pro at a glance.

On the left is the old LIP-8,The right for the new LIP-8A


I was installed in the pump will be the product of the photos for everyone


Electronic pressure switch products waterproof sunscreen (rain) shower, because it is the circuit board control panel, electronic screw screwed, to prevent water seepage into the panel (if you put in the open environment, not covered by the switch, the pressure switch burned, which belongs to the personal operation when not, we are not responsible for).

You receive the products may not be consistent with color pictures, this is due to the different production batches, with a different colour.

About shipping this thing, because the store is already upset, so I can't post, so very feel shy. If the shop if shipping, all the products price will rise up, prices may be higher, so the store does not earn moneyAnd the price of the real lie