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CHIGO sport TCL for water purifier filter water purifier filter /10 123 inch universal filter

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Product Name:

12345 stage filter element

The first stage: the filter precision of 5 micron, filtering sand, rust and other large particles and impurities in the water tank floating roof, sediment, flocculation. 5 micron PP cotton filter, the removal of more than 5 microns of suspended solids and other substances.

Second class: granular activated carbon filtration, granular high adsorption activated carbon, can effectively absorb chlorine, odor, color and other substances in water. Granular activated carbon adsorption of raw water odor, chlorine and chlorine by-products and other organic compounds.

Level third: filter sintering activated carbon: the effective absorption of water, color, odor, chlorine, mesh structure of long-life compressed activated carbon and high dirt holding capacity, so that the filter with dual function.

Article 4: the reverse osmosis membrane due to the reverse osmosis membrane pore size is 0.0001 micron, a bacterium to reduce 4000 times, infectious virus must be shrunk by more than 200 times to get through, so all the water micro impure impurity, soluble solids, bacteria and virus can not reverse osmosis membrane permeability high precision. Reverse osmosis membrane to separate water from other impurities and pollutants, harmful substances automatically discharged by the concentration nozzle, pure water into the pressure tank standby. The use of ultra static pressure pump generates high pressure permeability, the mineral water molecules and ions through a layer of reverse osmosis membrane, dissolved in water and most organic compounds and heavy metals, such as bacteria and viruses are not through the reverse osmosis membrane interception (reverse osmosis membrane pore size on the only 0.0001um, and the diameter of the virus general 0.02-0.4um, common bacteria has a diameter of 0.4-1um), can effectively remove the organic matter in water, bacteria, virus, protein, pyrogen, microorganism, colloid and heavy metals of all impurities, filtered water quality meet the national drinking water standards, can be directly drunk.

Fifth level: rear antibacterial activated carbon automatic outflow can be safe drinking.

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