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Sutai pig
Variety characteristics
(1) Su Tai pig has more litter
Sutai pig
It can be used as the female parent of three lean meat pig.
(2) Sutai pig body hair black, medium ear earlobe move the bottom of a clear head, wrinkles, mouth long and straight, stout limbs, waist straight, abdomen small, plump hindquarters, has obvious characteristics of lean type pig.
(3) Su Tai pig 9 month old weight 116.31 kg, boar 10 month old weight 126.56 kg; fattening pig weight 25-90 kg stage, daily gain 623.12 grams, feed utilization rate 3.18, up to 90 kg body weight, age 178.90 days.
(4) Su Tai pig body weighs 90 kilograms, slaughter rate is 72.88%, average back fat thickness is 2.33 centimeters, eye muscle area is 29.03 square centimeter, carcass lean meat rate is 55.98%.
(5) Sutai pig sows average more than 7 pairs of nipples, fit the age of 6~7 months, the boar is 7~8 months; the average litter size of 11.68 primiparous sows, weaned at 35 days of incubation 10.06 piglets, 60 day old piglet weight 184.31 kg, the average litter size of sows 14.45, 35 day old weaned bred 11.80 piglets, 60 day old piglet weight 216.25 kg.
(6) the cross weight of the offspring was 90 kg, and the lean percentage of the carcass could reach above 60%, and the average yield of lean meat reached 487.08% in 164.43 days.
(7) Sutai pigs can be raised in most areas of our country, the appropriate scale of pig farms, breeding specialized households, farmers.
Sutai pig
Population distribution
China. Most areas can be raised
production performance
1. Growth and development
The average daily gain was 570 + 25.6 grams during weaning to 50 kg, and the daily gain was 710 + 28.8 grams in 50~90 kg phase.
2. Reproductive performance
The average litter size of sows was 14.5 + 1.06, 13.78 + 0.98 number born alive, 35 days weaning weight was 7.85 + 0.56 kg.
3. Fattening performance
The daily gain of 90 kg was 178 + 3.45 days, and the feed conversion rate was 3.11 in fattening period.
4, Carcass Quality
Lean rate of 56.10% + 1.32, intramuscular fat up to 3%, bright red color, delicious, tender and juicy, FeiShou moderate, suitable for Chinese cooking habits and tastes.
By using hybrid
It is a good model that the crossbred pigs are female parent and crossbred with large white boars or Landrace boars. The lean meat percentage of the Crossbred Pigs ranged from 59 to 60%, reaching 90 kg body weight, 160~165 days per day, and 700~750 kg of daily gain in 25--90 kg stage, and the feed conversion rate was 1:2.98.
Feeding management characteristics
1. Breeding of Su Tai pig
Boars can start breeding at 7~8 months of age and weighing more than 80~90 kg, and sows are suitable for mating at 6~7 months old and weighing more than 70 kilograms. The average estrous cycle of sows was 20.3 days, and the estrous duration was 3.95 days. For the characteristics of oestrus of sow stood around, vulva swelling or slightly swollen, moist, and thin mucus outflow, some sows also reduced appetite, climbing across other pigs or jump behavior or tweet on the back when the signs of estrus, motionless, vulva swelling subsided when is the best time for mating with. Have natural mating and artificial insemination.
2. Breeding of Su Tai pig
Sutai pig does not have high requirements on the resistance of crude feed, good performance, can make full use of bran, dregs, vines and other agricultural and sideline products. The crude fiber feed in sows can be as high as about 20%, which is a kind of roughage tolerant pig breed.