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The imported YAMAWA left tooth spiral screw tap 2-5668-3210-24-231/4-20

discount 70% in 2018-09-18 to 2018-09-20
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Product nameImport: YAMAWA silk attack

Product type: N+SP - HLN-SP-HL

 Product introduction

- screw precision grade: YAMAWAP

- tap material: HSS-E

And eat into the cutting edge of tooth tooth number: 2.5

- surface treatment: acid treatment

Applicable materials: cut - tensile strength 600 - 900/mm2 high carbon steel, alloy steel, bronze, etc..

The tensile strength below 750N/mm2 low carbon steel, copper, aluminum, magnesium alloy

Tap:As a kind of processingInternal threadThe tool, according to the shape can be divided into straight edge and screw tap tap, in accordance with the use of the environment can be divided into hand taps and machine taps, made in accordance with the specifications, and can be divided into metric, British tap, according to the origin can be divided into domestic and imported tap tap. The tap is the main tool of the manufacturing operator processing thread.An internal processingThreadThetoolHaving grooves along the axial direction. Also calledScrewAttack. According to its shape is divided into tapStraight fluted tap,Spiral fluted tapandScrew tap(tip tap). Straight fluted tap easy processing,accuracySlightly lower, larger output. For ordinaryLathedrilling machineandtappingThread cutting machine for cutting speed.Spiral fluted tapFor CNC machining center for drilling blind holes fast processing speed, high precision, and good chip removal of the neutral good.Screw tapThe volume cutting groove, used for machining holes. Now the tool factory offers mostly tapcoatingThe tap is not, the service life of the coating and cutting performance of tap are greatly improved. Tap the cutting load distribution of different diameter design reasonable, high processing quality, but the manufacturing cost is high. Trapezoidal thread tap is often used with different diameter design.

 Machine andHand tapsIs the standard tap ordinary thread cutting. Accustomed to the manufacturing of high precisionhigh speed steelMolar called tapMachine tapThe carbon tool steel or.Alloy tool steelThe rolling teeth (or incisor) called tap tap, structure and working principle of the two are basically the same in fact. Usually, the tap by working part and the handle part of the form. The work includesCutting partAnd the calibration part, the former is responsible for cutting cone grinding, cutting work, the latter is used to calibration of thread size and shape.For processing or other parts of the ordinary nut internal thread with (i.e. tapping). Machine taps usually refers to high speed steel geared tap applied in.Machine toolOn tapping; hand taps meansCarbon tool steelOr alloy tool steel rolling (or incisor) tap, suitable for manual tapping cone is tool processing all kinds of medium and small size internal thread, it has the advantages of simple structure, convenient use, can be manually operated, can also work on the machine tool, is widely applied in production.The thread of the small size of the fibers, is almost the only tool. The types of fibers: hand taps, machine taps,Nut tapExtrusion tap.

 To process tapping is difficult, because the tap is almost buried in cutting the workpiece, the processing load of each tooth is larger than the other tool, and contact with the workpiece surface along the screw tap is very large, cutting thread when it must accommodate and remove the chip, therefore, can be said that the tap is working in very harsh conditions. In order to make tapping smoothly, should first consider the various issues that may arise. Such as performance, workpiece material selection tool and whatMachine toolChoose how highcutting speedFeedEtc..

 CharacteristicEdit:The tap is usually single or group. Small and medium size thread through hole by a single tap into an attack. When the blind hole or large size holes commonly used group tap, tap processing that is more than 2 in order to complete a hole. The group set an isometric and unequal diameter two design. The design path of the tap, the only cutting conelengthDifferent taps; unequal diameter design, each thread sizes are not the same, only the last one is a complete tooth. Tap the cutting load distribution of different diameter design reasonable, high processing quality, but the manufacturing cost is high. Trapezoidal thread tap is often used with different diameter design.

 Usage method:

 (1)When tapping, insert the nose to tap the center line and the center line of drilling.

(2)Both uniform rotation and slightly pressure to tap feed, need not feedAdd pressure.

(3) each turn tap a reversal of about 45 DEG to cut chip, so as to avoid blocking.

(4)If the increase in rotational force can not rotate or tap tap difficulties, will break