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The beauty of a water purifier water purifier filter M8 series MU103-4MU103A-4 ultrafiltration filter set

Macro original authentic M8 beauty M8 Filter Ultrafiltration suit series MU103-4, MU103a-4, MU136-4 old suit general filter section

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Macro original authentic M8 ultrafiltration filter set


Application: M8 series MU103-4, United States MU103a-4, MU136-4 old suit general filter section


[introduction] filter


The first level M8 Korean PP cotton

Do use coarse filter, filter water sediment, suspended solids, rust and other filter replacement cycle is not visible to the naked eye, the period of quality guarantee, is to water.

Second M8 Korean pre activated carbon

The removal of Harmonia odor, chlorine and some organic compounds and heavy metals.

Third Korean M8 RO reverse osmosis membrane

Remove bacteria, viruses, Escherichia coli, heavy metals, organic matter and salt; salt removal rate of more than 96% sterilization rate of more than 99.99%.

Fourth Korean M8 activated carbon

To improve the taste, make water sweet and delicious.





[change] guidelines

M8Methods to replace the filter.MRO103-4take as an example

MRO103-4The activated carbon filter cleaning and installation: M8 reverse osmosis water purifier

1、   Turn off the power switch, water pressure tank

2、   Open the machine: the shell from down to up

3、   M8 washing joint wash respectively pre carbon and activated carbon new. The water outlet end is connected with the PE pipe, with a pot then water, open water, rinse for 2-3 minutes.

4、   The filter will rush to good according to the installation sequence of the original installation in place. The first second pre PP cotton, activated carbon, third RO reverse osmosis membrane (yellow label), fourth grade activated carbon (red label). Turn on the power switch, water pressure tank, can be used normally.

5、   In general the first barrel release, second barrels of water can be used normally.

[tip] water purifier for daily use

1The new filter replacement filter before the first wash5(minutesPPThe cotton soaking wet granule compression on the line, no black carbon).

2Change must first turn on the water15Min (activated carbon black, water, toner particles are normal, the new element have some drink, similar plastic taste, after washing will not open the tap)5-10Minutes, you can normally use. Second, the morning of the third day began to use. To drain2-3Minutes, because overnight. Deep protection liquid come out. This protection is the use of liquid glycerin and alcohol extract, harmless to the body.

3To close the valve pressure tank, water purifier for the core before replacement after flushing is completed and then open the switch

4According to the filter cycle, appropriate ahead of time to changePPCotton filter, not only can effectively protect water quality, and water purifier can prolong the service life of the filter element (the core of ultrafiltration andROMembrane filtration: bacteria, viruses), so instead of saving money, because in addition to other filter core of the filter are very cheap.


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