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Emerson UPS power HipulseU200KVA stock three long delay 6P pulse motor 180KW

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HipulseU series UPS three type three (three-phase input, three-phase output) online intelligent AC uninterruptible power supply systems, there are five kinds of specifications, single rated output power were: 80kVA, 100kVA, 120kVA, 160kVA, 200kVA, 300kVA, 400kVA, 500kVA, 6 machine direct parallel operation. It is mainly suitable for large IDC computer room, bank / Securities Settlement Center, communication network management center, semiconductor production line, large scale automatic production and its control system.

The on-line double conversion design can completely isolate the possible pollution of the grid and the influence of the power grid fault on the load.

The output power factor is increased to 0.9, which is more suitable for server computer and network center of large-scale power factor correction technology, and the load capacity is increased by more than 10% than the traditional UPS;

With advanced sixth generation DSP and all digital control technology, the system stability is higher;

A variety of input harmonic suppression technology, improve the utilization rate of electric energy; when full load current harmonic distortion is less than 5%, 50% load, harmonic distortion is less than 7%;

Zero phase shift output isolation transformer to reduce the influence of zero earth voltage and load harmonic current on inverter;

Super output overload and short circuit ability to ensure system stability and system safety of limit state;

Advanced decentralized self parallel technology, without centralized bypass cabinet, can achieve 6 parallel;

Ultra wide input voltage, frequency range, adapted to harsh grid environment;

Standard input and output filter, enhance the electromagnetic compatibility of the system;

Intelligent battery management, automatic maintenance of batteries, extended service life;

6 inches large LCD display, Chinese and English display interface, convenient for users;

The design of separate enclosed air duct and redundant fan, the circuit board three proofing paint protection, built-in dust screen, with efficient heat dissipation and effective protection under harsh environment.

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